Out to the Black Rock Desert for Burning Man, and dealing with a hesitant, frustrated woman

My wife and I are off for a few days, out to the Nevada Desert and the annual Burning Man Celebration in the Black Rock Desert. We’ll be hanging out some folks from the School of Gaia and their admittedly quite vocal group of proud devotees. The School of Gaia is one of many groups … Continue reading

The book slowly comes-to-Be, and other essential musings

Welcome again to my blog, friends! Lots to get to, so here we go: My publisher, Seaburn Books in New York City, has suggested that I should be looking at having the book released officially some time in October. How exciting! They plan to hold the actual release in my hometown of San Francisco, then … Continue reading

Welcome to the blog for my book, How High Should I Jump? The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman!

My name is R. Milton Quibner, but please call me Milt! I’m a Heterosexual Relationship Specialist (HE.R.S.) of over 30 years, and I’ve written a book to show Men how to Please Today’s Woman. Yes, friends, it is possible! I’m a student of the Classical Period and all that came before it, dedicating myself to … Continue reading