Welcome to the blog for my book, How High Should I Jump? The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman!

My name is R. Milton Quibner, but please call me Milt! I’m a Heterosexual Relationship Specialist (HE.R.S.) of over 30 years, and I’ve written a book to show Men how to Please Today’s Woman. Yes, friends, it is possible!

I’m a student of the Classical Period and all that came before it, dedicating myself to unraveling those profound truths which the Masters of Antiquity uncovered, but which time, neglect and conspiracy have kept from the public’s knowledge. Until now!

Gentlemen, pay no attention to that word in the sub-title, ‘satirical’, it’s an editorial mistake, for everything you’ll read in my book and here is the God-Awful Truth!

Yes, you came here seeking Truth because your wife or girlfriend has committed infidelity and betrayed you, she’s been unfaithful, she’s fucked your best friend or boss and may still be fucking him, and you’re miserable

Or maybe you just don’t have relationships with women, or those you do have all end up collapsing ugly.

Or maybe you seethe with resentment over what a woman -or all women- have done to you.

I understand, as I’ve had those feelings and more, so you are in good company.

But here, my friends, we do not blame our wives or girlfriends for anything, here we learn to praise and glorify all women, yes, here you will find relief from the pain of betrayal, a road-map back to feeling good again, and I, your humble servant, shall provide exactly that! Here, we do not indulge our anger or resentment over how women treat us, we learn to drop our anger by placing the Finger of Blame upon ourselves, we learn to serve and raise women to a pedestal so high that there, we can exalt them!

Yes, gentlemen, here we make every attempt to give women their freedom and more; everything and anything they ask, it is our jobs to do, for it is my firm belief that we men must to step out of their way and assist women to become all that they may be!

Gentlemen, as you’ll read in my soon-to-be-released book, all woman are perfect and we men have no business doing anything resembling criticizing a woman for how she feels, thinks or what she desires!

Ah, my book, you ask? Well, after more than a year and a half of searching by my tireless agent, I have signed a contract with the good people at Seaburn Books in New York City. Yes, in the coming weeks before its release, I’ll post excerpts from the book along with its cover, and then, as the initial release draws near, I’ll let you know when and where it can be purchased and of course, where I’ll be appearing publicly.

I’ll also speak more about my companion website, HowHighShouldIJump.com, soon to be launched.

Yes, there’ll be all sorts of articles and reviews and tidbits, I’ll post reader comments and questions and do my best to address them, we’ll have book giveaways and guest author appearances, the works, friends, I’ve been preparing for this day for a very long time, and I promise not to disappoint.

Look for weekly blog entries each Sunday and, once things get going, oh so much more!

As this is my initial introduction to the world, I wish to state my intention and outline my plans for the coming months and would also like to extend a warm hand of welcome to all my brothers who may be suffering from betrayal and the loss of trust. We will be systematically attacking the most bedeviling issues confronting men, and this blog will serve as an opportunity for more intimate communications and one-on-one discussions. Feel free to ask me anything that comes to mind concerning your relationship and/or my book, the Table of Contents of which will soon be appearing on the website for your review along with a sample chapter or two. If you’re uncomfortable posting your questions publicly, feel free to email me: R.MiltonQuibner@Yahoo.com.

Thank you all for coming by, and I look forward to beginning what should prove to be some very interesting inquiries into the vast, oceanic world of Pleasing Today’s Woman!

3 Responses to “Welcome to the blog for my book, How High Should I Jump? The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman!”
  1. Alexander BenMoshe says:

    I wish to speak with you Milt as I perceive that your actions and Idea’s. are doing a great deal of Harm rather than good .. You are preaching cuckoldry and turning Men & Husbands into mere sperm donors & fallbacks .. While amoral wives & woman are goddesses & being out on a pedestal , when in fact they are no more than broken people who will wventually face their indiscretions & their ill effects.. You know nothing of humanity but are preaching a broken philosophy for profit & gain.. Glorifying cheating & betrayal and wiping the floor with the idea of faithfullness, true forgiveness ..commitment & equality… I suggest you stop by surviving infidelity forum & have a long read..some moderators would have choice words for you & your pedestal ideas… The fallout of cheating is a whirlwind off suffering & I’m speaking of the females who experienced cheating & give advice to men on that forum who are experiencing infidelity first hand. E-mail me if you want to discuss alexbenmoshe25@gmail.com . Though I securely doubt you will.

  2. So disagree with Alex above, your show tonight with Ellen Rathbone Nicolas was insightful and very educational for both men and women

  3. Nephila says:

    Hmm. Woman here. If you’re talking to men who have been cheated on I think it’s absolutely wrong to take any blame for that. It is actually all on the cheater, man or woman. There are always better alternatives to cheating and there are no excuses. The parties to an affair are the only people responsible for that. We good women on the other hand are not hard to please. Love us, be faithful, talk about what’s bugging you. It’s that simple.

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