The book slowly comes-to-Be, and other essential musings

Welcome again to my blog, friends! Lots to get to, so here we go:

My publisher, Seaburn Books in New York City, has suggested that I should be looking at having the book released officially some time in October. How exciting! They plan to hold the actual release in my hometown of San Francisco, then heading east as the promotional machine gears up. Of course, you’ll learn here when and which book stores we’ll be opening with, but I’m quite happy we’re launching on the West Coast.

I’ve yet to see ‘the galleys’, however, the electronic mock-up of the actual book, but I don’t expect any great surprises, as one of my strengths is in copy-editing and I am certain I sent them ‘clean cop’y, thus I don’t expect too many changes to deal with. Once I have the cover designed as I want it, I’ll be posting it everywhere, my calling card if you will.

Been reading quite a few recent books within my niche, and can report there are many fine and adventurous writers pushing the relationship boundaries. I would be remiss, though, if I didn’t mention the pioneering work of Helen Gurley Brown, the longtime editor of Cosmopolitan who died recently. Gurley Brown was one of the first publicly-identified feminists, though she accumulated a helluva lot of criticism for her perhaps contrary combination of feminist principles with advice on how to attract and satisfy men.

I see no contradiction and am happy to say I think she was far ahead of her time. Here was a woman who understood female power and how to cultivate it, wherever the woman chose. Her advice and techniques were not for every woman, but for those who wished to combine the drive for more personal freedoms while remaining sexually vibrant and attractive to men, she set the standard by which so many modern women are now operating under. What’s wrong with a sexy, independent and vivacious woman who understands what she wants and how to get it? What’s immoral about an attractive women being clear about her expectations, needs and desires while maintaining and not compromising what she believes in?

To my mind, there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has freed herself to explore the world she finds open before her. Personally, I love to be around strong, clear and confident women, I never feel threatened and in truth, I admire and applaud them. In my own relationship with my wife, I have done -and continue to do- all I can to assist her in her exploration of all that she desires, and I never shirk from doing whatever I can whenever she asks.

And, no, I am not some freak, some isolated man struggling against the flow, I am, rather, at the leading edge of a great change in our society. Oh, I may be more articulate and passionate than most, but there are so many men today who are throwing off the shackles of the old paradigms for how men and women should be, and replacing them with new and freeing understandings, reshaping themselves boldly. To these men, I say, “Right on, brothers, and follow me!”

I am disturbed by the growing amount of criticism we see splashed in the news for the many women, particularly teachers, who have been accused and even arrested for having sexual relations with their male students. While some feign shock and awe, I take the view that these women are simply acting upon that which they feel, and should be allowed to experience and share their sexual interests with these young men. Of course, in the clear case of obvious minors, I do not advocate illegal relations, but in the more widespread case of a female teacher expressing attraction for a male student, usually and by all indications a physical man if not yet emotionally, I see no issue. The student benefits from the wise, experienced and loving caresses of his teacher, and the women receives the vibrant, unfettered sexual enthusiasm of a young, hot man. As long as the age discrepancy isn’t too great, or illegal, I encourage these combinations and frown on those who ignorantly criticize such far-seeing, generous unions.

On a personal note, I’ve been translating a certain edition of the works of Sappho, and can report I’ve made what I feel are some amazing and, from what I gather, previously unknown discoveries. Very exciting stuff, though I’m aways away from actually offering it for publication; still, I’m heartened to read in Sappho so many instances where she clearly understood both her female power, and the struggles that men face in dealing with independent women. It is as if she peered forward 2500 years and saw us today in all our schizophrenic glory. I’d like to suggest to anyone who isn’t yet familiar with this, one of the world’s great poets, to investigate her work, where you may come to find her voice speaking to you as if there before you.

One instance I’ll note: her ability to capture the feelings of lust and desire are extraordinary, and profound. Witness Poem 39:

“…if I meet
you suddenly, I can’t
speak- my tongue is broken;
a thin flame runs under
my skin; seeing nothing,
hearing only my own ears
drumming, I drip with sweat;
trembling shakes my body
and I turn paler than
dry grass. At such times
death isn’t far from me.”

This is the poetry of passion!

Alright, I’ll leave off for now and return to some articles I’ve been drafting. I’m gonna take a week off soon and enjoy what remains of the summer, and I’d advise you do the same. Time passes so quickly and if we don’t seize each moment, they pass of themselves unnoticed, ignored and neglected.

Drink from the Cup of Life, friends, and regret nothing!

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