Out to the Black Rock Desert for Burning Man, and dealing with a hesitant, frustrated woman

My wife and I are off for a few days, out to the Nevada Desert and the annual Burning Man Celebration in the Black Rock Desert. We’ll be hanging out some folks from the School of Gaia and their admittedly quite vocal group of proud devotees.

The School of Gaia is one of many groups around the country that are focused on putting women into the forefront of society. As a fan of all-things female, I’ve been in contact with them for awhile and was delighted to receive an invitation to join them as they kick up the palaya dust and party under the stars. Should be an excellent time, and a great way to celebrate our Earth Mother and all that She has given us.

I had a conversation this week that, while unplanned, is about the most perfect set-up for entering the meat of my book that I just have to share the event with you.

In the excitement of getting ready for my upcoming book’s release, as I was out this week running errands, I ran into a friend of my wife’s I hadn’t seen in some time. After chatting, she mentioned that she’d heard my book was about to be published and that she thought it might be successful, “…but it’s probably not something for me.” What follows is an abbreviated transcription of our conversation:

Me: Wait a minute, a book that promises to make your husband treat you in the manner you should be treated? A book that actually liberates women and places them on the pedestal they deserve? You don’t want to read that?

Her: Well, I don’t know if that’s even possible, and besides, why would my husband want to read it? We’re finally doing better anyway.

Me: Forgive me but you were pretty open about your affair last year and how it nearly destroyed him and your marriage, right? How are things now?

Her: It’s…we’re better, yeah…I’m still kinda waiting for him to be fully recovered, though…

Me: He’s having a hard time getting over what happened?

Her: No, uh…well, yes, I guess he still can’t get over it, but I think he will…he won’t go to counseling and he just seems angry, maybe too angry, and I just wish he’d forget it, because I have.

Me: But why wouldn’t you want him to read my book, something that I wrote specifically for men in this situation? We talked about this last year, remember? (we’d had a long conversation on my book awhile back and she had been enthusiastic, if a bit cynical) This is exactly what he needs, in my view, hell, what you both need! Don’t you want him to, as you say, get over this and return to being himself? And the bonus is, he’ll start treating you like the Queen you are, what’s wrong with that?

Her: (laughing) Oh, I just don’t see Ren (her husband) really changing his ways or putting me on any pedestal, he’s so…set in his ways…

Me: But he’s miserable and he keeps throwing the affair in your face, right?

Her: Well, he’s not miserable, he’s…finding it hard to forgive me, that’s all, but he’s not a man who would put any woman above him and truthfully, maybe I don’t deserve to be there.

Me: (becoming indignant) You don’t deserve to be there? I can’t believe I’m hearing this! You’re a successful professional, attractive, intelligent, you have it all and your husband…look, while Ren’s a nice guy, he’s spinning his wheels now in his life and I know my book would set him on the right course!

Her: But it’s a joke book, it’s not really…serious.

Me: No, now wait a minute, it’s not a joke book, it’s satirical and satire is based on truths, truths that get magnified to make certain points but this is no joke book, I assure you, and I think he should read this, hell, every guy should read this and every woman should, too! This is your time now, woman’s time, and we men are recognizing it and learning to assist you to have it all. I’m not trying to create wimps and sissies, of course, just enlightened men.

Her: No? It kinda sounds like it…

Me: No, I’m poking fun at the whole sexuality-mess and showing how men have to change their ways and how women have to step up and accept who they really are. Hell, I’m looking for women to lead us now, I even want a woman president!

She was quiet for a moment before hitting me with the essence of her doubts.

Her: But do you really believe this ‘elevating women’ stuff? I mean, it seems/

I became indignant.

Me: Hell yes I believe it! Men have fucked the place up pretty damn good and we’ve run out of options, our fucking thinking has brought us to the problems we’re now facing and I sincerely believe that women have to step up and lead us out of this mess! Yes you should be placed on pedestals and yes, men gotta do everything in their power now to do everything they can to please their women!

Her: I think you’re a little crazy, though it does sound good…do you think Ren would really read it?

Me: Well, if you read it first, and you actually liked it, why not? I have no illusions that every man is gonna race out and buy this, but if enough women start to take an interest…

We ended our talk on a pleasant note, with her relenting and promising to at least come to my website when it’s up and look around. That’s all I can ask of anyone, actually: just check it out.

On that note, I haven’t yet determined when the book will be out or when my site will be launched. I’m hoping to know more by the time I get back. Stay tuned!

One last short note:

I got an email from Surena L. asking if I knew of any plays from the Classical era that dealt with ‘liberated women’. Wow, do I! One need only go as far as Aristophanes and his excellent ‘Lysistrata‘ for a vision of how the Masters of Antiquity viewed ‘liberated women’. Now, his portrait stands in stark contrast to that of his contemporary, Euripides, who had extremely poor luck in women and became quite bitter over his wives fleecing him repeatedly. You’ll find quite different views of women by studying both authors, so my advice? Dive into both!

Surena, Aristophanes is the first but certainly not the last to comment extensively on ‘liberated women’. You may be interested to note that his favorite poet, according to Theophrastus, was none other than Sappho, the legendary beauty and wit who I quoted in last week’s entry.

Oh, the Classical Period is chock-full of the most astounding relationship-relevant material, and it is my purpose to bring these lost works forward, for the betterment of humanity.

And with that, I gotta pack and hit the road, the desert await! Enjoy, friends, and should anyone have any questions or comments, please log them here on the Comments board or drop me a private email:


2 Responses to “Out to the Black Rock Desert for Burning Man, and dealing with a hesitant, frustrated woman”
  1. Hey Milt…..Have a blast at Burning Man and see you when you get back! I will be telling all my friends, men and women, to read How High Should I Jump!
    Love, Susan W

  2. Mark Montaigne says:

    I just found this blog I got to say, its pretty cool a guy coming out in defense of women. You got alot of balls, dude, so I can’t wait to read what your book is about. My g-friend just burned me good with my boss, so may be you’re book will get me not so pissed off, or something! Anyway,, very cool. Mark M.

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