A special Thanksgiving Message, and my book has been released…kinda (pre-orders)

Hey everybody, I have finally released my long-waited book, How High Should I Jump? The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman and it’s available now from my publisher, Seaburn Books in New York City. It’s like birthing a baby but I’m finally there, hooray!

I appreciate your support, and have a fantastic Thanksgiving!

My book:

My link at Seaburn:


My website:


You gotta visit the website, all sorts of things to see including background on the book along with its Table of Contents, articles and samples, ebooks, advice from Milt, some freebies, hell, it’s a nice site, the place for men in pain and the women who put up with them.


Along with announcing the arrival of my book, I want to wish everyone a relaxing and, most importantly, peaceful Thanksgiving! It is my favourite holiday, a very important family event, and a chance for all of us to heal our relationships, and our very planet.

To speak of myself, I start every day, and at every meal, with thanking our Creator for all I enjoy and all I experience, and I bless both my food and those who’ve produced it. Come Thanksgiving, why, I make sure to spew my gratitude like a fountain!

Our society is in the throes of learning to love, and it’s a painful transition after centuries of entrenched hatreds, warfares and national/personal resentments and grievances. Thanksgiving is a great time to step out of this old paradigm and practice tolerance, forgiveness and gratitude upon and with each other. I know, it’s easy to sit back on the couch and become a slug with nothing to say to each other but, ‘Nice play, pass the pumpkin pie’, but it only takes a few words from somebody willing to lead to set off a real celebration, beyond ‘who’s winning the damn game’!

Try it, reach out and offer some sincere praise or a fine memory of something a loved one or even a stranger did which showed character or principle, rather than highlighting some character-less or principle-less act, which is so easy to do but really only keeps us in criticism-mode, when we should be in gratitude-mode…and more often than just on Thanksgiving!

As one of my mentors, Demetrius Toteras, often remarked, ‘Any idiot can criticize, but it takes genius and nobility to put things together’. Let’s then be noble and rise above the status-quo we’ve created around this holiday, and instead take the lead and find common ground by which we may all share our gratitude for the wonderful and, yes, perfectly blessed lives we are leading.

And for those having trouble seeing life as a perfect blessing, why, those of us who DO believe this are mandated to step in and show them our Light and Love. Yes, show and not only tell is the way to our mutual illumination.

Happy Thanksgiving, friends! Milton

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