YES!!! My book is released…online, a peaceful Thanksgiving, and Eythor feels better

What a great week! Not only was Thanksgiving a peaceful, calm and generally wonderful day with my family, the whole week has been one of surprises and pleasures, starting with…

Yes, the pre-order, on-line release of my book, How High Should I Jump? The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman, published by Seaburn Books in NYC, has finally happened. My book is now available, and soon, will be showing up in bookstores everywhere!

It’s surreal, unreal and all of a sudden, but so welcome. Sam Moore at Seaburn and his people did an extraordinary job in not only rushing this into print before Christmas, but in executing the several changes and ‘nit-picks’ I insisted upon, and the product looks outstanding, doesn’t it?

I am really pleased and will now begin the marketing and promotion of my masterpiece. Now, I’m gonna have to ask for some indulgence over the next few weeks or so, as I get the word out and perhaps over-saturate everyone’s senses with my enthusiasm for my work. I’ll try not to over-sell the book, to the point of people getting turned off by just seeing it, but I do have to spread the word, for I believe in my book and its extraordinary powers…to at least entertain, if not inform!

As you can imagine, I’m just thrilled to have it out now, and I know this book will hit home with a great many people, for the truth is, this is one of the rare books on sexuality that’s entirely philosophically based, and not psychologically so. No, I usurp, disrupt and destroy all psycho-babblicisms and offer, in their stead, the ancient –if twisted slightly– maxims from our ancestors.

Now, I’ve stated elsewhere, I don’t ‘believe in’ things, causes or people, but I have faith in myself, my love and my work, and I KNOW that my work is both unique, and perfect for the times we live in now. It is the antidote to spiralling cynicism, and I hope you get the chance to enjoy it, too!

On that, head over to the website, How High Should I, for a deeper, longer look at the book and what it’s all about.

A friend on Facebook admitted to feeling great ‘aloneness‘ during Thanksgiving. I felt an immediate need to respond with something meaningful; here it is:

Kim, you are not alone in your aloneness, believe me. There is something about this time of year, when melancholia arrives, maybe due to the dwindling light, that affects all of us to varying degrees. The truth is, we are all alone in this world, in one sense, but as some friends have noted, we are truly never alone, since God accompanies us everywhere and feels, hears and sees all of our struggles and triumphs.

I take comfort, being paralysed now for 13 years and living in this weird state of abnormal separation from all things normal, in knowing that I am always connected to God, that these feelings of loneliness will pass, and in once sense, that aloneness/loneliness can be good for us. Sure, it is when we so painfully feel our essential separation form the world, from each other and even at times, our Creator, that we learn that great lesson I believe God asks of us: to feel, not to think about, but to feel the absence of connection so we can then appreciate and respect our connectedness.

It’s at these low moments, after I’ve allowed myself to experience them, that I thrust my memory into working order again and remind myself of the many blessings in my world and that my purpose in this life is to enjoy and share my joy with everyone. Doesn’t God ask this of us, to share our joy and uplift each other? What better way to prepare ourselves emotionally for doing this sacred task than occasionally having to ’empty the bag’ so it can be refilled? I’m learning to feel every emotion, to let them pass through me yet not drag me too high or low, for my aim is always joy, though like all of us, I fall below the mark more often than I care to admit.

You are alone; feel it, revere it, accept it then do whatever it takes to move that feeling upwards where it belongs, into joy.

Some December 2012 thoughts:

Is anyone experiencing headaches, irritability and/or dizziness/nausea more frequently than usual? I certainly am and, while perhaps solely a product of my paralysis and being in a wheelchair, I’m increasingly of the opinion that our upcoming December 21st planetary energy shift, or however one wishes to term in, is at least in part responsible. I’d read last year that sensitive characters would be increasingly affected as we get closer to December 21st, and it seems to be occurring, at least for me.

I’ve never really experienced headaches and dizziness quite like what’s been happening this year. Again, maybe it’s because I’m in this chair, but I don’t think so, I’ve never felt like this, alternately high and feeling deep spiritual bliss, then the next day, smacked with a vicious, debilitating migraine.

Am I alone in this or are others feeling odd, too?

Email note from Eythor:

“…And I saw your link on Twitter and went straight to it and I AM SO PLEASED TO BE ABLE TO ORDER THE BOOK!!!! I BOUGHT 5!!! I am better now, too, I’m calming down and in a better place. I will begin the reading as soon as I can, as I look for work and the start of my new 2013 life!!! I must tell you I am swept away some moments with hatred but some of the things you’ve told me keep me balanced. I am grateful, Milton, thank you.”

I wrote him back with these words:

“You’re welcome, Eythor, and I’m happy to hear you’re beginning to calm down and get some perspective. Glad to hear you got the book, too, which will shortly show you how full of shit you’re are and have been!

Seriously, the only way to rebuild oneself is to strip away the old foundation and begin again on a new one, and you gotta own up to all your egotistical horse-shit and unearned arrogance then drop it and its attendant actions, while you then start the process of constructing your new foundation. My Recommended Reading List is one good place to start, though there are others, admittedly inferior but still, there are other options to what I present. At any rate, I’m glad to hear things are better. Keep us abreast of what happens, and check in when you feel like it, Milt.”

Got a full week ahead getting the word out. I will have something of a formal on-line release day or something similar soon, and I’ll let you know when, of course. In the meantime, I hope everyone enjoyed their time this holiday with family and loved ones, as I did, and those interested have been able to purchase copies of my book.

Thank you , everyone!

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  1. Many thanks We were’nt trying to find your blog however once i found this had to go through extra articles. i like the way you compose

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