TEOTWAWKI: 12-21-2012 thoughts, and promoting my new book

Though it is raining so hard right now that I literally cannot see out my window, I am having an excellent day and week, thank you! Yes, now that my book, How High Should I Jump? The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman, has been released on-line, I am ecstatic to see it finally getting into the hands of people I’ve been promising would very soon have this miraculous manuscript…well, it’s finally here! Whew!

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I’m told by author friends that my journey from signing the contract to seeing the book released has been remarkably fast, though not fast enough for me! Still, I appreciate the effort my publisher, Seaburn Books in New York City, has done on my behalf; they busted their humps to get my book prepared and out for the Christmas season, and I owe them my gratitude for doing so.

Now comes the harder part: the book’s promotion. Once the high of seeing my book published wears off, I know I’ll be faced with some sort of post-book-release-orgasmic crash, but that’s ok, too, as I’m not aiming at some in-and-out, flash-in-the-pan and gone success but for the long term. Sorry, folks, not gonna get rid of me so quickly…

No, I’m feeling great, despite my burn wound limiting my movement. I’m toying with accepting an invitation up to Tahoe this week for some R&R; while I want to, not sure if I should, nor if I can even get there, with the recent snowfall. No issues, Christmas will soon be here, and before that, an event which has been a long time in coming, and which I would like to now touch upon:

I wanted to share some thoughts on the upcoming, long-awaited December 21st Day of Great Changes, the Shift, The Procession of the Equinoxes (a 25,800 year cycle through the twelve signs of the zodiac), The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI), and whatever other titles, from bland to outrageous, it’s been given.

While for some people, the Mayan Calendar and its eschatological event on the 21st is a new, titillating idea, something that has become something of a fad, I became aware of its significance back in the late 1980’s, while up on Mt. Shasta at the 1987 Harmonic Convergence. Yeah, me and a group of friends ventured up the hill at dawn and sat around smoking herbs, meditating and variously enjoying ourselves while believing we were experiencing some significant spiritual event. Much of the day was spent discussing with some of the older people we’d hooked up with on the mountain, including a shaman from Central America, and I became fascinated to learn not only about the Convergence but all sorts of prophecy and apocalyptic mythology which instantly appealed to my imagination.

I remember trying to get my hands on as many books as I could which related to the 2012 Doomsday, and over the years, that date kept almost magically beckoning me. I’d often laugh to myself, ‘Yeah, but that’s so far off, it isn’t even realistic to think about!’

…Well, here I am 25 years later and it’s December, 2012. What the…? You mean, I’ve made it to 2012, December 2012? This can’t be!

But it is and in less than 3 weeks, our planet will…well, just what will happen, no one really knows, and I’ll not speculate other than to suggest that this great Equinoctial Shift is very much a real physical event, though its affects are as yet uncertain. Still, I have read enough on the subject to note that for some scholars, December 21st, 2012 marks the end of the Period of Men, and on the very next day, the Period of Women begins.

Yes, the Golden Age of Aquarius, the dawning of a new consciousness, perhaps the Apocalypse or even the Rapture as some Christians believe, though again, none can be certain and we’ll get there soon enough for ourselves to find out first-hand. For me, I am taking this event for all its metaphysical import, and I believe that we are entering the time when Women shall step forward across all of life and begin to take their places at the forefront of their societies.

This change is inevitable, and in truth has been occurring for decades now, increasingly so as we approach 2012. Yet the signs of this change are all about us, bringing, to many of my male friends, great consternation, as well. Men have been rapidly losing their power, from their employment to politics to their social standing, especially -if I may- white men, long the sole holders of power and authority here in the United States. No longer, for the change has been taking place subtly and is about to explode, if my hunch is right. No, I can’t say the place’ll get rocked with earthquakes, I can’t and won’t predict a thing other than that the exchange from a male-dominated to a female-dominated society will accelerate, leaving many people gasping in its wake.

I have been charting and studying the affects for decades, friends, and I have long ago come to conclude that the vast majority of our men are simply lost, especially our young men. They are drifting from one sensation to the next, direction-less, purpose-less, blinded by short-term, selfish impulses with no real thoughts of building and constructing their lives as their forefathers traditionally did. There seems to be a widespread sense of discouragement and even despair amongst our men, and not only have I done what I could in my work to throw men a satirical lifeline, but I am essentially powerless, like any man, to do anything other than participate in this change. Stop it, evade it, hide from it? Impossible, the Waters of Change have risen and it’s into everything, how can you stop it now?

All is not lost, though it may continue to feel that way for a lot of guys, but soon, as women step forward and shed their reluctance to express themselves and lead, soon, more and more men will accept and even understand what is taking place and come to terms with it. Most, not all, of course, for there are always those who can’t come along as society progresses, or at least moves; some always get left behind, but for those able and/or willing to keep pace, to try to change their behaviours and actions and long-standing selfish habits, I and others like me are offering what we can, guidance and laughter and some tools to return one’s self respect. The real work of personal evolution no one can do but you.

So, with three weeks to go, we shall see, eh? Where will you be Friday December 21st? I’ll be with my wife, and we may or may not be participating in any number of celebrations and events that are scheduled for that day and evening. Hell, we may just stay home, what if the DoomsDayers are right and…

Nah, whatever happens will happen and it will be good, for Life is good, always, even when we can’t understand or penetrate its mysterious veil. No, Goodness always awaits those with patience and the eyes to see it. We shall all be fine, this I believe, as I believe The Period of Woman is just days away…

I hope everyone gets a chance to come by the website and take a deeper look at the book and what it’s all about. Plenty of articles and a message or two from me, so take a moment and wander around:

And you can always reach me at my email address:


Alright, I got a Forty Niner game on in a few minutes, and their gonna need me to sort out this quarterback controversy, so I appreciate you coming by the blog, hope you all get a chance to pick up the book, and in the meantime, I’m outta here!

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