The Era of Women soon begins, and stating my creation and philosophic intentions

I probably should state some intentions here before I get too far along. My book, How High Should I Jump? The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman, from Seaburn Books, (NYC) has just been released on-line, with the actual physical bookstore release coming in January, in San Francisco and then in Chico.

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I intend to make this book a best-seller and something that illuminates and may even change lives. Now, I didn’t intend to write a book that cures people, for in truth, friends, ‘curing’ is a lot of bullshit! To think that anyone can simply follow a series of steps somebody else has outlined and at the end of the process, boom! You’re ‘all good’, well, that over-simplifies the learning process. I realize that’s how so many books and programs are sold, on the promise that, if you follow along dutifully and plug in the plug-ins, all will be well soon. Sorry but Life just doesn’t operate that way, in my experience, especially with respect to programs and formulas.

Oh, I outline a program in my book, too, and I know that any man who actually can understand what I’m pointing to then enacts those changes in his life will emerge both a visionary and truly freed from men’s worst fears, still, that ain’t curing by my definition. Curing means the problem has been surmounted and can’t return, but in the problems of men and women, nothing is ever permanent or fixed. Change is the order of the day in all relationships, as entropy takes place at some point and even the strongest relationships waver and bend and dip in their cohesiveness.

What I look to happen from reading my book is for men to take some of the deathly-seriousness from their relationships and learn to laugh at both themselves and their wives in a healthy manner. We’re far too serious when it comes to our love life, and love is meant to be playful and enjoyable, right? I want men to become personally responsible for themselves and every aspect of their relationship, that’s my aim in my book and my intention. That ain’t curing, though, that’s making you active and a participant in each stage.

There is nothing to cure, friends, you are who you are, you just need understanding which will allow you to rebuild your life on a set of foundations that actually works, and for that, my book is invaluable. Hidden within those pages, below the absurdity and mockery of all things sexual, are the very keys to self-illumination, the same keys seekers of truth of every era have used to bring understanding upon themselves. The setting we find ourselves in now, though, has changed, and this is what I call attention to throughout the book, and what I poke fun at. But the method to become aware is no different than at any time in our past: you pulling yourself upwards by your attitude and action. Not the expert, not her, not your mom or dad but you, over time, through the changes that will surely come, you guiding yourself through the minefield of modern living.

My book IS an excellent guide, as it’s designed to lighten the load so you can finally see how and where you should -and shouldn’t- go.

And we never blame women, understand? Never. We take responsibility for everything that takes place in the relationship, we put the entire load upon ourselves then we gradually throw off the fraudulent, false, hypocritical horse-shit that’s been clinging to us, revealing The Bold, New Fearless Man, a man willing and excited to accompany Modern Women as they explore the world before them.

And make no mistake, gentlemen, the world is about to change markedly! The Era of Men is about to close, and The Era of Women dawns within a few days, bringing with it a period of renewed creativity and a refreshing change to the old way of doing things. The Male Paradigm has reached its natural end, and I’ll be there to see it die and then, from its ashes, do what I can to resurrect our New Man, a vibrant and healthy, outgoing and pleasant example of a man who has learned his historical lessons, understands his failings and is ready to move into the new era alongside Women.

I intend to cut videos weekly which illustrate my philosophy and then post them everywhere, for I have a voice which must be heard now. I feel a calling, friends, to step forward and offer my philosophy in the face of so much hatefulness and separation. My book unifies men and women. I want us to laugh at ourselves, especially our exaggerated sexuality, and I intend to do so.

I also intend to take my voice to radio shows and podcasts across the country. I intend, for example, to become a regular on the Joe Rogan podcast. I love this guy’s attitude, yet his show needs an old-school infusion. Look for me to appear in 2013 with Joe, as I will wherever I can find a door that opens.

I intend to step up my efforts, once I’ve learned the new Social Media and have gotten my accounts all working, and educate and provoke both men and women, jarring them from their complacency. Oh yes, I aim at women, too, though not in a blame-casting way; my critiques of women are deeply couched in some of the opening lines of the book, but they are there and any careful reader will see how I view their present situation. In truth, though, women only need some help with understanding Thought, then they’ll be on their way.

By Thought, I don’t mean thinking or the rational process; they have that down to a science, yet historically have never been schooled in the realms of ideas and thought, the Being of our language. This, in my view, is where they may lack, and I will assist wherever possible in showing women where certain Battles of Mind have already been fought and won, so that we don’t waste time re-creating soap, understand? Women need to be brought up to speed with the advances made so long ago in thought, principle, ethics and values, then, once schooled, why, watch out what they’ll do! I have every faith that women will effectively lead us from the current age of selfish, short-term impulsiveness into a more cooperative, organic and wholesome way of living which benefits all and doesn’t destroy the planet.

I will, of course, continue to outline my thoughts in this regard, but I will challenge any woman who says, “My thought processes are fine, thank you, and I don’t need you interfering!” Well, if your thought-processes lead you to generous, harmonious cooperative creations, then I’ve nothing to say, but it appears to me we’re currently overwhelmed with women battling for this and that right, fighting and yelling and defending themselves against their perceived enemies, we men. They’ve yet to realize there is no fight and no need to fight, they’ve already won and now all they need to do is get on with it and stop looking at men to solve anything for them. Solve it all yourselves, men are now too deep into introspection and inactivity to be of any use. The onus has now fallen on women, their era begins soon, yet as long as they’re looking backwards or being selfish…

(Man, if anything, THAT is my enemy: selfishness, be it male or female. The time of ‘me me me’, friends, is rapidly coming to a fucking close, thank God!)

No, people like myself, schooled in the ancient ideas which Western Civilization has been constructed upon, will assist the coming shift, when women…shall lead!

I’ll hold off on some of the email comments and other news bits that may be of relevance. I only wanted to state a few missing intentions and let you know that I’ll be much more active now that my book is out. My wound is healing slowly, so I’ve had to push back public appearances till I can travel about, and yes, no duck hunting this season, either, as I am too compromised physically. I’ll be ramping up activity in the New Year, but in the meantime, with 2 weeks to go to the Equinoctial Shift, I’m layin’ low, preparing my materials and watching…to see…what..happens!


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