Reactions to my End of the Era of Men video, and the story of Persephone and the Pomegranates

Friends, it’s been a sad, crazy and yet, beautiful week. News of the Newtown Slaughter has put everyone in a somber mood, and with the media constantly pounding us with the gory details, it’s difficult to get away from this tragedy and move forward, but move forward we must.

For my part, I’ve been posting videos and making waves as best as possible, urging men to prepare for the End of the Era of Men and the Beginning of the Era of Women, which is my takeaway from the December 21st Shift. Noticing, of course, that we’re all still here and teat no real tumult occurred on the 21st (as I speculated), I have not yielded to cynicism and said, ‘oh, those Mayans were wrong’. No, the Mayans weren’t necessarily wrong, in my view; we had the Shift, but it was one of consciousness, not earthquakes (though we may get a few of those soon, too).

Yes, I believe we have now entered a new period and a new consciousness, but my emailers (hmmmm, all men; curious…) have had a field day ripping me. I’ll pick 3 and we’ll see how my male friends have reacted to my views.

From Jacob N: “Milton, you are out of your fricking mind! There is no end of this and beginning of that, thats propaganda! Are you doing this to provoke people to get your book or do you really believe it?”

From Kevin H: “Milt, yer nuts! Men are always going to be here and in power, women are too weak and they don’t have the cut-throat nature we guys do, so they can never run anything properly. Love your voice, though!”

From Victor S: “I never heard anybody else but you talking about the end of men, everybody else is talking about earthquakes and the planet’s end, where did you come up with that? Crazy shit, man, you is wak, and I thought you was all satire and jokes but you is serious big-time!!!”

Alright, that’s a fair sample, so let’s walk through them. Jacob, yes, I am out of my mind, I’m a Lunatic With Purpose (the credo of the Pataphysical Institute, by the way) but I firmly believe in what I have said and yes, I am saying all this to sell some books, what the hell’s wrong with that? Buy my book, read it and if you still think I’m full of it, I’ll refund your money, every last cent.

Kevin, again, yes I am nuts but I think it’s YOU who are standing still while everyone else is racing passed you. Women are not ‘too weak’ and believe me, they are very capable of ‘cut- throat ‘decision making; I assume you missed the several months of History’s Most Powerful and Outrageous Women I presented here a couple month’s back, but if you have some time, go back through this blog and you’ll see PLENTY of examples of what women are capable of! Thank you, by the way, for the compliment on my voice; I enjoy studio work and have no issues before a microphone.

Victor, there are many enlightened and far-seeing people right now, and for quite some time, who are convinced we have entered the Era of Women (check out the metaphysician, Drunvalo, for his views). And again, yes I am ‘wak’, I am a madman in the Classical sense, for there is a God who wells up inside me damn often, a God who fills with me Life’s heavenly nectar: enthusiasm!

As for being ‘serious’, I will admit that the events of the last month of so, from a personal to social level, have left me feeling rather anxious and, yes, more serious-minded than I prefer. Getting my book up and out, coupled with the social news, though it’s never an excuse, has been a lot of work/stress and now I am going to take some time off so I can refresh and calm down somewhat (along with healing this damn wound, which is taking its ‘sweet ass time’, as my Dad would say).

On that theme, when I return here on Jan. 6th, you’ll see a different blog format, more widgets and shit and whatever else you’re supposed to have on a modern blog, and I’m gonna update my website, as well.

And more fun, yes, gonna take a bit different approach and I promise to be less ‘serious’, for Life is far too short to be uptight and worried. In truth, the Shift we just experienced demands we worry less and love more.

And it has been beautiful, too, a week of rejoining loved ones and holding them extra-close; a week of insane weather (and here I sit, wounded, while some of the best duck season weather is years blows passed me; ah, next year…); a week of feeling that sad melancholia, when Life has been taken from the world and we must now wander in its absence until she returns in the spring.

Ah, Persephone; I’ve been cleaning pomegranates all week, too, making jam and liqueur, reminded of how, when Persephone leaves us as she must every fall, we all feel her absence…you are familiar with the story of Persephone and the pomegranates, aren’t you? Here’s the short version:

Persephone and some friends were paling in the fields, and Hades spied the young beauty and determined to have her, placing the lovely Narcissus in front of her. She bent to pluck it when suddenly Hades swooped in on his black oxen and took the young maiden. Many have called it ‘the rape of Persephone‘ and we can assume he had his way sexually with her. At any rate, once Hades had taken her below, her mother, Demeter, who’s life force is infused in all living things, grieved for her loss and took her life force from the world, an act which plunged the world into darkness, famine and despair. Seeing how utterly barren the earth had become, Zeus the Father came to her and insisted she return this life force to the world; she agreed only if she could have her daughter returned to her, but Hades would not relent until Zeus said, ‘Brother, your fucking lust is destroying the world, let her free!’ Hades had no choice, of course, since his brother holds the real power, but when she was getting ready to return, he tricked her into eating 4 pomegranate seeds, which would ensure that she must return to him every year for 4 months, the winter months, of course. Demeter was so happy to see her daughter again she immediately spread her loving energy across the world, from which we get the idea of ‘Spring’ or Life leaping upwards in its ecstatic return to Being.

This sad yet beautiful cycle is repeated every year, and it is said there is no more sad sight to behold than to see Persephone sitting next to Hades on her glistening-black throne, wasting away and yearning to see the her mother, and the Light, again…

I will close now and prepare for the Christmas holiday and the coming New Year. I hope everyone has a peaceful, calm and loving holiday time, and yes, those interested get a chance to purchase my book. On that, when I return, I’ll be speaking weekly about one or more themes from the book and why men AND women should be reading it!

Also, for those who missed it, below is the special 12-21-12 message I posted on YouTube, something I think everyone should take a listen to.

Alright, I’ll be back on January 6th, and in the meantime, only one command, friends: enjoy!

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