Chantel Rhondeau interview, Goodreads and VOWW activities, and Milt goes to the Super Bowl

Hey friends, I hope you had a great week and for those on the East Coast, you’re somehow able to stay warm! Me? Hell, I’m thinkin’ of heading south in a few weeks for some R & R on the beaches of Brasil, though we’ll see how my time constraint are then but man, I … Continue reading

How High Should I Jump on Kindle, VOWW and Goodreads links, and various tidbits of import plus the 49er’s great victory

Hey friends, I hope everyone had a great week! I certainly did, so let’s get to it, shall we? First off, the big news is, Seaburn Books (my publisher) just released How High Should I Jump on Kindle! Yes, now for only $4.99, you can instantly download the book to your Kindle and take your … Continue reading

Women’s Voices Worldwide, “Hannibal Ad Portas!” reading group, and Milt takes on his critics

Hey everybody, I can’t speak for any of you but I have had a wonderful week and this New Year is really shaping up to be amazing, personally and on a macro level. I’m almost healed up and soon will be ready to get out and do a little more physical promotion. I’ve been all … Continue reading

My desert juice cleanse, Voices of Women Worldwide, and some emails of interest

Hello everyone! Great to back at it after a very relaxing break! Lots to get to, so grab a cup of Joe and let’s get to it! On a personal level, I had an excellent holiday break. I ventured out to the desert for a few days over Christmas and performed my annual fast: complete … Continue reading