My desert juice cleanse, Voices of Women Worldwide, and some emails of interest

Hello everyone! Great to back at it after a very relaxing break! Lots to get to, so grab a cup of Joe and let’s get to it!

On a personal level, I had an excellent holiday break. I ventured out to the desert for a few days over Christmas and performed my annual fast: complete juice diet, no solids, lots of water and tea and medicinal herbs of course along with yoga, meditation and massage. I do this once, even twice a year to cleanse and re-balance myself. Yeah, it’s tough those first couple days not eating, especially no coffee! But, everything passes and soon the feeling of being clean is so damn good you almost vomit when you think about blindly shoving another Big Mac into the body; no no and no again!

So I’m feeling good and ready for the new year. Now, I could paint a picture here of my plans for 2013 and the things I have lined up ‘to do’, yet I am much more spontaneous than having everything mapped out before hand. Oh, I’ve got various engagements coming, which I’ll share with you, but it’s important to me to be intuitive and not tied to any agenda, other than seeing my book in as many reader’s hands as possible.

That said, I have been really enjoying participating at wonderful website devoted to women’s unheard voices across the planet, Voices of Women Worldwide ( This site has some of the most dedicated and passionate advocates for women’s freedom that I have ever run across and I am overjoyed to be able to participate in their forums. In fact, I will be participating in an upcoming radio show with some of their people, which I am greatly looking forward to. Take a look around and join in the discussions!

Yeah, I know I said I’d be returning with an all-new blog appearance, yet I, uh…haven’t got to it yet, so many things to do lately, but I will, soon, soon I’ll update but in the meantime…

I’ve been getting a lot of email from people essentially asking what makes my book different and what they may ‘get’ from reading it. In truth, and though it’s a work of satire, the underlying truths of my book will embed and impress themselves upon your mindset in ways that will change your attitude and actions. You can’t help it, really; while laughing at yourself for all your lame-brain outdated habits and slothful, selfish behaviour, you’ll ‘see’ the road rising as if from a mist before you. That road is the Road to Freedom, where you shall remove possessive, jealous and generally immature and clearly useless thoughts and deeds from your Being, learning in the process the joys inherent in supporting the woman you love and the choices she makes.

In other words, if you read and understand my book, you’ll free yourself from a life of just going through the unconscious motions and instead, you’ll be in touch of every facet of the relationship. Why, just take a look at my Table of Contents for a look at the most exhaustive list of detailed categories regarding the heterosexual relationship ever compiled…in my humble opinion of course!

Besides, you’ll begin laughing at yourself, men and women, over all your foolish and unobserved behaviour. Yes, I poke a little fun at women, too, though the bulk of my critical eye falls on you men and your stuck-in-the-past, antique ways.

Ultimately it can change how you view your relationship while giving you the keys to take your love-life a lot less seriously.

OK, enough sales pitch for now…

Hey, got an email from Eythor, for those who’ve been following his tale of woe (hot wife who’s been screwing his boss). It’s a damn long note so I’ll get right to the meat:

“…Now after reading your book, if I can only get HER to read it, we would be able to overcome all this, I really believe but she won’t talk to me after I embarrassed her (he made a scene at her work, apparently) and I don’t blame her, really. The time away has been good, I should have another job soon and yesterday was the first full day where I didn’t get sad. Maybe it will all pass away, the pain. I just hope she finally finishes with her sexual adventures and will return to me, though after reading your book, maybe I should become brave and try to JOIN her in her new freedoms. It makes me feel weak and yet a surge of strength too. I have also stopped masturbating, which is helping me…”

Eythor goes on to and on, which I appreciate, but the passage I quoted needs to be examined, if only momentarily, for some key observations:

If I could only get her to read it‘. Brother, that IS the key, so do your best to show her you are making headway and at the same time, are committed to her happiness above and beyond yours.

Maybe it will pass away, the pain‘. Yes, brother, it will and it does and while you’ll always feel a smart pinch of pain when you reflect on this period, the intensity soon fades and, especially if you’re working to support her fully, soon you won;t feel anything but pride and pleasure in your wife’s recreational activities.

I have also stopped masturbating‘. Very, very key, Eythor. By doing so, you’ve taken the first step in no longer taking the easy way out of a situation, which is what jacking off really is, right? It’s effortless, easy, available and reliable, and maybe that’s ok for occasional release but in terms of becoming your wife’s Good Partner, uh-oh, no no no, no more jacking off! Dissipates your focus and makes you a passive slug!

Great to see you’re actually maturing, Eythor.


One other email of many I should note; from Craig H.:

“Milt, this girl I met told me to get your book and at first I was like, what? Why? But I went to your site and read your thing and man you are a freaking genius!!! This shit is too much, I bought it and am planning to work out all the fantasies that are in there. Thanks!”

Craig, that is one smart girl you got there! Great news and yes, you’ll have a blast with the book, just use it in the spirit of fun and enlightenment, and you’ll soon be happier than ever.

OK, NFL playoffs have begin, so I’m gonna head over to my Dad’s and yell,scream and generally frustrate myself unnecessarily. I’d like to share you my my latest YouTube message, some thoughts on the Gen. Patreaus scandal and its sole hero, Dr. Scott Broadwell, Paula’s husband.

OK, so take care, write me if you have any thoughts, questions or issues, oh, and go Niners!

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