Women’s Voices Worldwide, “Hannibal Ad Portas!” reading group, and Milt takes on his critics

Hey everybody, I can’t speak for any of you but I have had a wonderful week and this New Year is really shaping up to be amazing, personally and on a macro level. I’m almost healed up and soon will be ready to get out and do a little more physical promotion. I’ve been all over the place lately as well, and have found a very progressive and powerful group of people on the Voices of Women Worldwide website, a place devoted to raising consciousness about women’s struggles across the globe:


I invite you all to check out what they are doing; there, you’ll find some of my contributions as well.

I’ve also started up a reading group over at Goodreads, which I think is going to become very interesting as the year progresses, and I’ll tell you why: I’ve decided to concentrate on only 2 books, Livy’s War with Hannibal and Thucydides’ The Peloponnesian War, and give them a thorough aesthetic thrashing, as it is my strong contention that we once again headed for world war and I’d like to draw a few visceral cautions from the pages of our greatest literature to remind and indeed prepare us for what so many hungry neo-cons and left-wing fascist warmongers are screaming for, ‘Save the Syrians, we must invade! And save the Jews, we must invade, and save the Ugandans, we must invade, and save…’

No, friends, you’ll hear no calls to war from this seasoned writer, thus my attempt to invite as many as I can to read, in short pieces, these penultimate books. We’ll be going slow and we’ll only read the first couple hundred pages in Livy, and I’ll provide some ongoing feedback so nobody will feel overwhelmed. If you’re interested in actively or passive participating here’s the link:


No timetable, no agenda other than understanding with our feelings the conditions and characters of this amazing world war…

Wow, unreal load of emails this week yet only one comment, so let’s go to the comment first, as it’s loaded with what I feel are rather shallow, knee-jerk criticisms; from Alex B:

“I wish to speak with you Milt as I perceive that your actions and Idea’s. are doing a great deal of Harm rather than good .. You are preaching cuckoldry and turning Men & Husbands into mere sperm donors & fallbacks .. While amoral wives & woman are goddesses & being out on a pedestal , when in fact they are no more than broken people who will wventually face their indiscretions & their ill effects.. You know nothing of humanity but are preaching a broken philosophy for profit & gain.. Glorifying cheating & betrayal and wiping the floor with the idea of faithfullness, true forgiveness …The fallout of cheating is a whirlwind off suffering … E-mail me if you want to discuss, Though I securely doubt you will.”

Lots there, eh? And our friend, Alex-of-the-poor-grammar, does not know me very well if he thinks I won’t stride into the middle of any dispute with all rhetorical guns blazing! No no, no fear here, Alex! Thus my response, in full:

“Thank you for your lengthy and heart-felt message, Alex. I see, however, that you don’t really understand what my book and my work is about. While you attack me for ‘preaching cuckoldry and turning Men and Husbands into mere mere sperm donors’… the truth is much more liberating than you give me credit for.

I am attempting to take a custom that has been hidden in shame and not only bring it into the light of day, but to make all the participants fully knowledgeable and aware. In other words, Alex, rather than promoting cheating, I’m suggesting honesty and respect for each other by being open about what each person wants, rather than keeping it hidden and and secret until the truth explodes, which is where the trouble lies, correct? If there is no cheating, there is nothing amoral to be offended at, since all participants and their actions are out in the open. Your argument, then, is empty if there is no betrayal, for betrayal comes about when one of the two is unaware of the other’s actions.

Alex, you’re simply stuck in the past and referring to terms and conditions which are based in fear and not love. It is loving to accept and support the choices, whatever they may be, of the women who wish to experience more from their lives. Those people, which I must assume includes you, who suffer from the ravages of infidelity ought to be supportive of what I’m doing, in that I am both ripping the lid off infidelity and making fun of an issue that often destroys people because they see no other alternative than to live their lives in shame, guilt and countless visits to the therapist’s office. I am familiar with the Surviving Infidelity forum, a place largely dedicated to collecting various tales of infidelity woe and then commiserating with them while offering stereotypical and ultimately ineffective psychological pablum to the problem. I offer philosophy and specific tools to take away the pain and suffering and replace them with love and supportive joy for the choices modern women are making while learning to take your love relationships a lot less seriously. I’m AGAINST cheating and FOR honesty. Thanks for coming by, Alex.”

There’s been a lot of criticism lately of the Obama Administration‘s decided lack of gender equity on its cabinet makeup. Now, no fan of politicians, I can’t help but reflect on the cabinet of our last prez, G. Bush, which was stocked with both women and minorities yet was slammed for being an ‘old boys’ club’. Strikes me as a bit hypocritical to go on record as being staunchly pro-woman in word, yet the deeds suggest otherwise.

I’d like to see the cabinet filled with qualified women, so if I could, I’d say to Obama, “Let’s get the best women we can into leadership roles NOW rather than later. It’s their time to lead, so what are you waiting for?”

Not that my voice has a lot of pull with anybody, hell, even my dog routinely ignores me…

OK, some emails; let’s start with a compliment, from RancidActor:

“Milton, you are either deranged or the most clairvoyant man in existence. Bought 2 copies then I bought 2 more. Priceless bathroom reading!!”

Yes, Rancid, I gotta concur, How High is fabulous bathroom reading, you can read it in small sections and still get monumental value from it. As for deranged vs. clairvoyant, in all likelihood, the jury is still out!

FreezeNik675 says, “I looked over the website and kinda want to buy it but I’m thinking it sounds too intellectual to be any fun…”

FreezeNik675, balderdash, perish your fears! While I will admit to occasional intellectual flourishes, they are couched in the simplest of terms and are shielded by the umbrella known as Spoof. Trust me, if my little brother, not known for his penetrating intellect, can come away saying, “Hey, it was funny and I even learned something,” then any chimpanzee can benefit from it, believe me!

ClearlyEleanor123 writes, “I bought it on a whim and now my husband can’t put it down and he is already doing so many little things you talk about in the book, AND he is setting up a date with a mutual friends for me!! We are finally not fighting and he is actually proposing I step out and explore my sexuality, like you suggest. I must say Thank You Milton for your clever, enlightening book. Any more of these in the works?”

ClearlyEleanor123, I really appreciate the kind words and am heartened your husband has taken to it with such gusto. You’re on the path to a wonderful, exciting and new relationship, I applaud you! As to any other offerings in the works, ooooh yeah

And with that, I will close this post while continuing to bask in the glorious afterglow of last night’s San Francisco Forty Niner victory of the Green Bay Packers. Now, as I take a clairvoyant reading, Seattle will be in town next weekend after beating Atalanta today, we’ll dispatch Seattle rather handily then it’s on to the the Har-bowl, brothers John and Jim Harbaugh and their teams facing off in the Super Bowl! Book it, bet the house and in the meantime, make sure you trounce on any fears that comes your way, step on ’em and use ’em…for fuel! Outta here!



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