Chantel Rhondeau interview, Goodreads and VOWW activities, and Milt goes to the Super Bowl

Hey friends, I hope you had a great week and for those on the East Coast, you’re somehow able to stay warm! Me? Hell, I’m thinkin’ of heading south in a few weeks for some R & R on the beaches of Brasil, though we’ll see how my time constraint are then but man, I could use a little sun, fun and a tall caipirinha or two!

Still, life is good here and now and I do what I can each day to make whatever’s going on around me positive and fun. You could say I’m on the attack for serious-mindedness and those without smiles, the agalastes as Rabelais referred to them, men and women who are too serious for mirth and who are, in truth, the enemies of enlightenment, as they see everything in the fading light of the status quo and are determined to defend it to the end.

No, had a great week, books are selling and people are enjoying the read and the word is getting out. With that in mind, I want to call your attention to an interview I just did with the romance novelist, Chantel Rhondeau, for her very special blog. She’s a wonderful writer in her own right and I am proud to have taken part in the interview; I think she did a great job, but I invite you all to take a look and let me know what you think:

Way too many emails to post all or even some of my replies this week, sorry. I really appreciate everybody taking the time to write me, and as is my usual practice, I always write everyone back personally, a habit I enjoy keeping, but with over 60 emails this week, too damn time consuming. And I apologize to those who’ve left comments on the blog expecting a reply there but look, I generally don’t leave replies to comments other than talking about them on the blog, so again I apologize and please, keep posting comments but look for my responses here.

There was one email, however, that I cannot let go without offering it here for your…uh, perusal. From Tyrone the EXXXcavator:

“I started doin this book and its magic, Milton, magic!!! You got the understanding of what women are wanting, I got to hand that to you. I thought like when I first went to your site it was all for submissive pussies but it ain’t, its about ALL MEN and not just wimps learning to be devoted to women. That’s your secret, ain’t it Milton? You teach devotion. Hats off, my brother, we need this. Thanxxx!”

Tyrone, not only are you welcome but you nailed it, friend. Yes, the secret of my book, should anyone ask, is that it IS all about learning, even if the method is absurd, to be devoted to your wife or girlfriend. I agree fully, Tyrone, it is a manual on devotion, and nothing short.


Very cool reading group beginning to heat up over at Goodreads. We’ve started in on the historical masterpiece, Livy’s War With Hannibal, and will be talking our sweet time going over only the first three books of this huge tome, as those first three books are difficult enough if you’re not familiar with Roman terms and names, but I want to focus on the events leading up to and through the disaster at Cannae and into the following year. My intent is to get a feeling of what is was like building up to that terrible slaughter and the salient events and personages involved, so those early books will surely do that, and then some! It’s my feeling that we are headed once again to another world war, and I want to explore as best as possible the parallels between then and now, as I also believe that, though that war took place over 2200 years ago, its vibrations are still being felt today.

What, you never heard of the battle of Cannae? Yeah, our education system, wow…uh, ok, on a hot August day on the plains of southern Italy near the river Aufidius, 100,000 Roman troops and their allies faced off against 40,000 Carthaginians and their allies in what would become the bloodiest day in the history of humanity. By the time night fell, by some estimates over 80,000 Roman troops had been butchered in one of the most amazing tactical victories ever won by a seemingly out-matched opponent. Ah but this was Hannibal and with his ingenious use of the…

Alright, I’ll hold those thoughts for the group itself, so should you have an interest, the reading, while heavy in some ways, will be done slowly and we’ll be taking an aesthetic versus a scholastic view of the manuscript. Meaning, we’re there for the feeling and the impact upon our senses rather than to analyze and pick over detailia only anal scholastic-types have any interest in.

Here’s the link:

I’m in the early stages of a manuscript with Vinanti Castellarin from Voices of Women Worldwide on a book devoted to understanding rape. Yeah, I’m known as a smart-ass satirist, but there’s a time and a place for humor and there’s instances where full rhetorical prowess is needed, and with the recent gang rape sin India drawing the world’s attention to this disgusting issue, I just felt it time, and with Vinanti’s urging, to step in and do what I can by calling for an end to this horrific indulgence on the part of we men.

No, I am not so naïve as to expect that by my merely making a YouTube message, it will somehow ‘end rape’, BUT we must begin somewhere and it is incumbent upon us men to take the initiative and stop this blasphemous disrespect of our women, our mothers and the source of our lives, gentlemen.

For a review of my initial message, head over to VOWW:

I’ll close with a note of praise for my San Francisco Forty Niners and their 6th Super Bowl appearance this coming weekend. Now, there’s a rumour that yours truly MAY be appearing at the Big Game, courtesy of an influential booster who knows of Milt’s near adoration of the Niners, so ya may see the Kid pounding cold ones and acting like an ass from the box seats overlooking the Superdome!

At any rate, have a great week and please don’t hesitate to send me your thoughts, comments and concerns! Go Niners!

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