Milt heads to Brasil, thoughts on the Dionysian Festival, and Eythor betrays his self-respect

Greetings, friends! I hope you all had a pleasant and fulfilling week, because I sure did! Lots going on as usual, so let me get to the news and the emails.

I have been invited and will be attending a conference of sex experts in late March in South America, the state of Santa Catarina in Brasil, actually, at what is being billed as ‘The Changing Face of Sexuality‘, hosted by the Clinica Nova Sexualogica. All sorts of people from around the world will be there, and it looks to be both very exciting and ground-breaking.

Yours truly will be a keynote speaker, even with my limited and funky Portuguese, and I’ll be talking about a favourite subject of mine, ‘The Loss of Self-Confidence in Modern Men‘, and then it’s off for a few days to a quiet beach for some rest and relaxation. I accepted the invitation on a whim and now am glad I did; I’ll let you know more details as I learn them, but it should be a great week of thought-provoking work, followed by some needed down-time. Can’t wait!

Of the many emails this week, one in particular caught my eye; from Kervin E:

“I was reading one of your blogs and you was talking about the Dionysian Festival or something. I heard about that, wasn’t that like an all-out orgy for days?”

Ah, Kervin, thanks for picking that detail out (man, do I have some excellent readers, you guys don’t miss anything!).

‘Yes and no’, to your question, Kervin, so let me wax nostalgic for a moment as I slip back 3000 years…ah, yes, home again…

The Dionysian Festivals, annually held in the spring, were open, public celebrations of ecstasy, as opposed to the more hushed and secretive Rites of Demeter in the fall, an event whose details we still know very little about. Those early Dionysian Festivals were the embodiment of wine, merriment and, yes, sexual excess, and the events themselves were the origins of what became known as tragedy, ‘tragos’ being the word for goat and it was the goat and his excessive, libidinous nature that were celebrated on stage and at the beginning of the festival, usually a guy with an engorged member running around chasing scantily-clad nymphs. These sexualized rituals were enhanced by the Dithyramb, a rhythmic dance of increasing intensity that brought everyone to state of pure sexual release.

A helluva of a lot of wine certainly added to the frenzy…

In truth, the metaphysical essence of these festivals, beyond the physical release, was the idea of letting Fate move you, going with the flow, feeling the ecstasy, the euphoria sweeping you away in a joyous celebration of Life. By the 6th century B.C., the festivals had become more formal plays with very clear social messages (“break the taboos, and look what happens!”), and in Athens, the spectators would be seated, all 20,000 of them, inside a horseshoe structure, with the performance going on outside it. On Sunday afternoons, it was THE place to be!

Kervin, it is my very real hope to one day be able to hold re-creations of those festivals on some rural mountain property I have my eye on. Yes, full days and night of wine, music, dance, poetry and a general celebration of all things good in life…oh, and some unrelenting, wild sex tossed in too, right?

Wouldn’t be a Dionysian Festival without the orgy, would it?

Got an email from our lost brother, Eythor, this week, who has once again, alas, become lost. Here’s the gist:

“…But I just couldn’t do it any longer, something collapsed inside of me and I found myself begging her to take me back, on any terms. I know, it was shameful, and I think even she lost some respect for me but Milton I just reached this point where that was my only choice, I just felt such a strong NEED for her protection again, can you understand?”

While I will suppress the strong urge to slap him across the cyber-sphere for his ineptitude (no, that was not your only choice, Eythor), I did see he made a comment I just can’t let go, thus the reason I’m even relating this story here:

“I just felt such a strong NEED for her protection again.”

Now, while some of you may laugh and others say, “Uh, Milt, isn’t it usually the WOMAN seeking protection from the MAN?” actually, Eythor inadvertently stumbled on a key principle: a man’s desire for maternal protection. Witness the whole Cougar thing going on now: older women, Cougars, with young men, Cubs, a maternal relationship if I ever saw one!

Sure, these guys no doubt missed a normal upbringing with a balanced mother and are craving it now, and many men traditionally have recognized the sense of comfort being in a woman’s arms can bring; some even call it ‘protection’ as our Eythor has, so I won’t criticize him for that, though I will rip him for his noodle-like spinal column

Yes, it is perfectly fine to seek the ‘protection’ of your woman, but not, Eythor, at the expense of your self-respect. Yeah, you should be ashamed of yourself…

Lots of great comments about my recent posts including explanations of Satire, Stoicism and Self-Confidence. I hope there was value in those brief remarks, for there will be more forthcoming…

And I wanted to add another open invitation to any readers out there looking for a challenging project. Come on by my reading group at Goodreads, where we are slowly going over one of Antiquity’s great works, Livy’s War With Hannibal. We’ve just finished the first of the 3 books we’ll be reading, Book 11, and the disaster at the Trebia, and we’re now set to enter Book 12 and the buildup to Cannae, so you’re all welcome to get involved or just look things over, but there is nothing like a brisk half hour walk through THESE pages each morning to fire you for the events of your day.

Here’s the link:

And with that, I am headed over to my Dad’s for a barbecue, beer and bullshit session, take care!

3 Responses to “Milt heads to Brasil, thoughts on the Dionysian Festival, and Eythor betrays his self-respect”
  1. Susan Wooldridge says:

    WOW!!! Brazil! Keynote. GO MILT! Much love to you both. Mom has had a tooth infection and has been laid low. Elisabeth had the Noro Virus and has been laid low. I’m a bit in between. MISSING YOUSE GUYS. Will knock on your door one of these days very soon. XOOXOXo Susan

  2. You’re a gem and a Goddess and I thank you dearly, Susan! Drop on by, Milt

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