Milt faces off with Sergio in Brasil, His ‘Authentic You Radio’ appearance, and outrage over “Rape On” t-shirts

Hey everybody, Spring is here and that feeling of wanting to get out and travel has hit me hard. Something about Spring’s ambitious energy, that zeal to see and feel and taste all of Life, has again welled up in me and my upcoming trip to Brasil is just the ticket to explore these mad desires. The seminar where I’ll be speaking, hosted by Clinica Nova Sexualogica de Santa Catarina, is shaping up to be quite the event, and I’ve agreed to sit down and, along with my speech on ‘The Problems of Self-Identity facing Modern Men,’ engage in a debate-like thing with a guy who calls himself a ‘Serial Monogamist‘ and who is offended at my insistence women be freed to explore their sexuality beyond their marriages.

Now, I generally do not engage in debates and situations where I am instantly put on the defensive and made to explain my views; I find that type of thinking archaic and, in most instances, counter-productive, in that it leads to finger-pointing, name-calling and a sense of combativeness, where mutual cooperation and a shared understanding is what I like to aim for. I have agreed, however, in this rare case because my antagonist, Sergio B, has resorted to calling me out and vilifying me from afar, and since I will be in Brasil, it is the perfect opportunity to defend myself publicly and spread some awareness both about what I believe in and why, and a chance to shoot down this dinosaur and his anti-freedom, macho opinions.

For yes, what he stands for, from what I have learned so far, is the idea that women should never break their marital bonds under any circumstances and should endure whatever their superiors, the husband, decide to do in and outside of their marriages. If a man wants a mistress, as men historically have, then there is nothing wrong with continuing the practice, but should a woman choose this road, why, she is the ruin and shame of both herself and her family.

I am, of course, paraphrasing his message, which he sent in a crude English/Portuguese mix that I am sure he designed to inflame me. In short, this guy wants to fight it out with yours truly, and publicly. Thus, for the sake of what I believe in, and because I know that this philosophy is right for our times, I will step into the ring and wage verbal battle with my opponent. I am planning on posting the exchange here when I return; oh yeah, I shall let YOU be the judge on well -or not- I performed.

Got a couple upcoming discussion posts over at my Goodreads group that are absolute can’t-miss events, and I urge all you readers to head over and get involved in our discoveries. This text, Livy’s War With Hannibal, has so many moments that just cry out for exploration and lengthy lingering that I can barely list them, but we have paused now after the crushing defeat of Flaminius’ legions at Lake Trasimene and have heard Manluis’ report before the steps of the Forum to the assembled masses, “We have been beaten in a great battle” and the streets are filled with the shouts of anguish, the panic over Hannibal’s impending approach on everyone’s lips, “Hannibal Ad Portas!”

Yes, Rome is only days away from falling, but a savior suddenly emerges in the unlikely form of Q. Fabius, who initiates a strategy which…well, head over to the reading group and find out, man, what else is going on more important than this, TV, the Internet, porno? Geez, you’re wasting time, let’s get going!

Hey, a very cool event will take place at 5pm Pacific time this Wednesday the 6th:

Ellen Rathbone, the noted Sensuality Consultant and radio host of Authentic You Radio, has invited me to participate on her Wednesday March 6th show, Your Pleasure Radio, to discuss a theme of great personal interest and timely importance, “How To Become A Don Juan Lover.”

Yes, I am thrilled to be given the chance to expound on such a fun and potentially lively theme, and I’ve been sharpening my metaphysical sword for the event. No, I will not give away the nuggets of my intended discourse, but I will be tying my work in with the legend and attributes of this fine historical figure and how he might relate to the present conditions facing modern men.

In effect, can a man become a Don Juan, and should he, and why or why not? What does a modern Don Juan even look like, and how would we know if we’d encountered one? Do women really even want a guy like that?

(To that last question, let me offer here a very firm, “Oh yes!”)

At any rate, I invite you all to tune here at the link below this upcoming Wednesday night at 5 p.m. Pacific:

Should be lots of fun, and hey, you may even learn something!

Looks like a little public shame isn’t a bad thing after all. In a recent article from CNN (linked below), a US-based company, Solid Gold Bomb, a t-shirt manufacturer, came under fire when it was revealed they were printing up shirts which read, “Keep Calm and Rape On” which were available on Amazon’s UK website.

From the article:

“Solid Gold Bomb removed the listing after it was notified of the slogan. The company also removed a shirt with the slogan ‘Keep Calm and Hit Her’. Solid Gold Bomb apologized, saying the slogans were computer-generated and the company did not deliberately create them.”

Yeah, sure, just a computer mistake, but the shirts have been removed and the company will shortly be going out of business. I don’t give a shit who does it and for whatever reasons, but making money on any aspect of rape is despicable and a moral crime against humanity. Yeah, that shit does not sit well with me, believe me, but if you think I’m an a-hole for making an uproar about a lousy t-shirt, think again, for violence against ANYONE is wrong, and encouraging rape…wow, my blood is boiling, whew! Here’s the article, see what YOU think:

Alright, and no time for emails this week, and we had some doozies, wow! I’ll just save ’em for later and hope you all…enjoy!

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