Milt on the radio, leaving for Brasil, and are men and women really equal?

Friends, we’ve sprung forward and that lovely, ambitious Spring energy is here, ahhh! I’m hoping you all had a calm and peaceful week, as I did, so grab a large cup of Joe and let’s get started!

I want to thank Ellen Rathbone over at Your Pleasure Radio for her excellent interview with me this last Wednesday. We explored the possibilities of Becoming a Don Juan Lover and she was gracious, curious and did a nice job setting the table for me. Very enjoyable, and here’s the link to the archived show:

Getting ready for my trip to Brasil later this week, where I will be the keynote speaker at The Changing Face of Sexuality, hosted by the Clinica Novo Sexualogica de Santa Catarina. It should prove to be a lively event and I am gearing up as best I can. I’ll be addressing The Crisis in Self-Confidence in Modern Men and I’ve also agreed to a sit-down/face-off with Sergio B, who describes himself as a ‘serial monogamist’ and wants to duke it out -verbally, and who knows, maybe physically as well- with ‘ol Milt.

Perhaps surprisingly, I got a short email from my upcoming opponent; my Portuguese is only fair, and his English even worse but here’s the gist of his message thusly:

“You are wrong and committing evil by advocating betrayal. I believe that if a woman has sex outside of her marriage, the man has a right to kill her for violating their marriage vows. This was once our custom in Brasil and I am going to bring it back.”

Yes, that is the essence of his view point, as frightening and 7th Century as that sounds. I will be patient, kind and sweet…before I eviscerate this Neanderthal!

…Verbally, of course…

Edmond J writes in this week: “R. Milton, I have read some criticism of your book but after reviewing it, especially the fine 50 Questions to you, it is unfounded. I am certain only ignoramuses complain of “not getting it”, for I am deeply impressed by your scholastic rigor. You actually use the material from the ancients in very creative ways that support your argument, and I applaud you!”

Thank you, Edmond, but I must mention that, of the many exercises going on in that wondrous book, one of them is to spoof and even mock the scholastics and their ‘rigor’. Yeah, I can dance the same steps as them smart-ass Ivory Tower boys, AND do it with fun and a sense of dignity.

Creighton T asks, “Do you ever foresee an time when men and women will at last be considered equal?”

Friend, this is where I part company with many feminists, for no, I do not foresee that time and no, I have no interests in ever seeing that take place.

Why? you ask? Well, I do not believe that men and women ARE equal, OTHER than at their essence. Yes, every living being shares the same spark from The Creator, but we are made different by the choices we make in our lives; some rise, some fall, some achieve, some flounder.

Men and women ARE different, we think differently, we react differently, we express differently. What people are calling for here is not ‘equality’ but a sense of equal respect and treatment under the written and social laws. Our STATUS must be considered equal, all rights granted equally, but who we are and what we do, no, men and women shall forever BE different, and I for one seek to cherish these differences and exaggerate and applaud them, indeed, to learn to celebrate our magical differences such that we can appreciate one another and learn to compete less.

This is the crux now of a major issue facing women: they are battling against standards set up by men and have yet to step beyond them and establish their own. Everything women still do is in relation to how men see the issue (I say ‘everything’ in the general philosophical sense only).

This will change, in time; for now, as these two great tectonic plates grind against each other, there will be increasing tension but eventually, men will yield their untenable positions of authority and accept the Great Changes tasking place. This I believe!

One last email, from Carmelita O (alright, this one’s for my ego): “…and I like to look at your picture, Milton, you give a strong sense of confidence yet there is a trace of the gigolo there, too. I would imagine you are quite the satisfying lover, aren’t you?”

Wow, uh, thank you, Carmelita, I am a confident man but as to the ‘gigolo’ reference and me being a ‘satisfying lover’, well, you would have to ask my wife about that…

My Goodreads group has now advanced to the summer of 216 B.C. and we’ve spread our forces out across the Cannae plain and are awaiting the coming morning, August 2nd, when we shall cross the river Aufidius and wage war with the barbarian, Hannibal, and with 8 legions and accompanying allied troops, our force measures over 100,000 fighting men and there is no way Hannibal will survive the thrust from our phalanxes, for it’s an irresistible force than none can…what? Wait, you mean we didn’t crush Hannibal at Cannae, you mean Hannibal and his men, in less than 7 hours, destroyed over 80,000 Roman and allied lives? What? How can this be, what happened, what went wrong?

Friend, everything that could go wrong did, but I invite you to come on by the reading group and get a taste of this battle and the book for yourself; once there, you can begin to prepare for our next reading, Thucydides’ Peloponnesian War and the great civil war between Sparta and Athens.


And with that, I am shutting down the blog until my return here on April 7th. I hope you get out and soak up Spring’s explosive and creative energy, and in the meantime, please take care and I’ll be checking in soon!

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