An excellent new book review, and more thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Hey friends, I hope everybody had a nice week and, for those out in Northern California, you’re somehow able to survive the allergy onslaught. Man, it is the worst year on record and in memory. I hear a lot of people complaining of headaches and many are suggesting the cause is the global shift and … Continue reading

The Boston Marathon Bombing, the Forces of Fear and a Happy 4-20 to all!

Hey friends, happy 4-20 amidst a week of sadness, heartache and confusion at the Boston Marathon. Like anyone, I suppose, I’m tempted to add my opinion into the mix of why these two seemingly well-educated and balanced young men would do the unthinkable and place bombs at the feet of innocent people, but not only … Continue reading

More reflections from Brasil

Hey everybody, what a wonderful week, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves like I did! It is great to be back in the states but the contrasts between here and the 3rd World are so marked that I will be commenting here today and making a YouTube piece in addition on the subject. The emails … Continue reading

Back from Brasil! Milt recounts his battle with Sergio, and other tidbits from Brasil

Hey everybody, I’m back from Brasil and feeling great, though I probably need a vacation from my vacation! You end up running around and not eating or sleeping and when you finally realize you’re there to relax, it’s time to head home and you haven’t relaxed! Oh well, my wife and I had a great … Continue reading