Back from Brasil! Milt recounts his battle with Sergio, and other tidbits from Brasil

Hey everybody, I’m back from Brasil and feeling great, though I probably need a vacation from my vacation! You end up running around and not eating or sleeping and when you finally realize you’re there to relax, it’s time to head home and you haven’t relaxed! Oh well, my wife and I had a great time, so let’s run down some details and take care of some housecleaning.

Right off the bat, I want to thank Brian White over at for his outstanding review of my book, How High Should I Jump. Brian is even using some of the techniques he discovered in the book on his unsuspecting, long-neglected wife, claiming the discoveries as his own inventions but hey, who cares for the source if it works, right? Besides, we all got our info somewhere other than the recesses of our minds, so no issues with me. Here’s the link to the review:

I have to say ‘thank you’ to the many emailers who dropped notes and questions to me but I just can’t even begin to answer them. I’ll paraphrase the essence and, save for one emailer, they were all encouraging me to be at my best in Brasil and to keep doing what I’m doing while making sure to report about it here. Alright, friends, I will, I am and I was! As to the lone emailer that was not so encouraging, here is her note, from Stella K:

“Milt, I can’t figure you out, one minute you’re serious about your message like your YouTube videos that I love so much, the next you’re a buffoon and making jokes about issues that I take very seriously! Which is it?”

It’s both, Stella. Yes, I have a serious message underneath the spoof, and yes, I AM a buffoon who routinely lampoons my own boorish behavior so I can understand both my own life and the lives of the boorish, buffoonish men of this world. Takes one to know one.

Alright, “And how was the conference in Brasil, Milt?” you ask? Wow, excellent, over quickly and quite energetic. Here’s an overview:

We arrived in Sao Paulo and spent a couple days with some dear friends out at their situ in the countryside, then boarded another plane for Itajai in Santa Catarina, where we were met by the staff Clinica Nova Sexualogica de Santa Catarina, including the clinic’s director, Dr. Waldir Bleyer and his lovely wife, Sofia. These two exuberant, ever-chatting Brasilian geniuses served as our hosts and guides for the next 2 weeks as we trekked about Southern Brasil, and I can’t thank them enough for opening their hearts and doors to us.


Dr. Waldir Flavio Bleyer, Director, Clinica Nova Sexualogica de Santa Catarina

My speech was set for Thursday eve but I attended all the events that week and came away impressed with how far Brasilians have come in their acceptance and understanding of all things related to sex but particularly in their acceptance of alternative forms of sexual expression. It seems nothing is too far out for the Brasilian and his/her expanding array of sexual flavors. Among the many people I encountered over my stay was one young couple, Hilda and Edmundo, who routinely experiment in threesomes and other wild combinations on sexual release, including homosexual contact, and neither reported any lasting issues from finding themselves intimate with members of their own sex or being used as sex toys in a stranger’s wild, thrusting fantasy.

“It was uncomfortable at first to share Edmundo with others but now, I am accustomed to it and we remain faithful to each other. Our love is even stronger and more passionate because of this,” Hilda reports, and watching them almost pawing at each other wherever I saw them together confirmed that there doesn’t seem to be any passion lost from their play with others. I heard this or a similar story from all sorts of Brasilian couples who are actively experimenting with and expanding their sexual horizons.

I did find it funny that my message of supporting your wife/girlfriend to explore the world of her choosing is enthusiastically accepted amongst most of the men I spoke with, IF they are allowed their share of extra-relationship exploits as well. To the idea that men must curtail their appetites while releasing their women to explore theirs, I received quite a bit of grief and confusion, though most of it good-natured.

That is, until my Friday afternoon face-off with Sergio Bittincourt.


The ‘Serial Monogamist’, Sergio Bittincourt de Oliviera Santos

Wow. Now, I’ll preface my ‘wow’ comment by saying my speech Thursday night, on ‘The Crisis of Self-Confidence in Modern Men’ was enthusiastically received and which saw maybe 20 people come to me after the evening had ended with questions and comments of their own, including the rather aggressive Sergio, who, having made a list of the issues he planned to confront me about, wanted to get into it right then and there. Luckily, Dr. Bleyer intervened and made sure any fireworks were a part of the next day’s round-table session, which saw Sergio and myself along with Adriana Calcinha and Maderieros De Luna, local sex workers, all engaged in a feisty 2 hour-long back and forth.

I’m hoping to be able to post the entire session, as well as my speech, here as soon as Dr. Bleyer sends it to me. I just think the whole interplay, with its mix of English, Portuguese and Spanish, was so lively that, even with some language problems… well, you just have to hear it. I will say that both Sergio and I grew heated several times, and I did my best to keep it as funny and self-deprecating as possible, which was lost in translation upon my friend Sergio.

In effect, Sergio accused me, in my work, of enslaving men AND creating a world of unchained ‘female sexual libertines‘. He had sat through my speech the night before jotting notes in the front row and snorting and making all sorts of noises, which I could tell were meant as distractions, but I took it in good humor and had kept that spirit as our round table begin, until he quickly accused my wife of being a whore. Now, friend, you just crossed the line there, and yes, I will admit to losing my cool more than once as Sergio kept up his attacks and failed to acknowledge any of my carefully-reasoned counterpoints.

Bittincourt was determined to show that sexual freedom granted to women has been the sole reason for the demise of Western Civilization, a charge that I don’t think anyone was convinced of by the seminar’s close that Saturday night. Still, he budged not an inch from his position (rigidly- enforced monogamy for women, complete sexual freedom for men), and even claimed that, after Friday’s event was over, he was heading over to see one of his girlfriend’s for a rousing bout of sexual release. You should have heard the catcalls and outrage from the audience (comprised mostly of women), though Sergio never batted an eye.

milt and jamaica

Milt Quibner with his antagonist, Sergio Bittincourt de Oliviera Santos

Dr. Bleyer is a genius at keeping people focused on the topic at hand and not letting emotions spill too far, and I am grateful for his benign though sturdy hand on the proceedings. I held my ground and defended my view that it is Woman’s time now and that we Men must support any and all of their attempts to enjoy their freedoms, including sexual, a view that met with, again, almost unanimous agreement from the enthusiastic audience. Hell, I may have even sold a few books, too.

(As soon as I receive it, I’ll be posting the entire audio from both days here.)

I want to thank Dr. Bleyer and his wife, Sofia, along with the staff at Clinica Nova Sexualogica and all the participants in the seminar. It was a week I won’t forget, and I made some lasting friends and in truth, I can’t wait to return!

(A short comment on Brasil: it has changed so much since the last time I visited, and sadly, not for the good, as every square inch of open space near the beaches has been developed, and the prices of nearly everything have risen drastically. Worse, I was shocked to see so many Brasilian women, heirs to the most lovely asses and legs on the planet, suddenly sporting soft bellies and loads of -egads!- cellulite! Yes, it seems Globalization has struck hard in Brasil, people now sitting or driving cars where they once walked or rode bicycles, and everyone just can’t get enough of the latest fast food. Yeah, sad to see obesity and diabetes now at the top of the health charts in Brasil. Welcome to America…)

At any rate, I had a lovely time, and we spent the remaining few days after the seminar visiting friends and sightseeing, which I’ll speak of at more length in my next post. For now, I’m glad to be back and have hit the ground runnin’! I’ll do my best to address the salient emails that I’ve ignored, and in the meantime, the 2013 MLB season has begun, so it’s once again GO GIANTS!!!

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