An excellent new book review, and more thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing

Hey friends, I hope everybody had a nice week and, for those out in Northern California, you’re somehow able to survive the allergy onslaught. Man, it is the worst year on record and in memory. I hear a lot of people complaining of headaches and many are suggesting the cause is the global shift and the change in our collective vibration, and I’ll buy that but, wow, one look out my window at the dusky, cloudless sky filled with pollen and I’d say, “There is the culprit.”

Enough whining, let’s move on to some good news.

The journalist and satirical aficionado, Mark Montaigne, recently penned a review of my book, How High Should I Jump, which, to my mind, is about the best review I’ve read to date. Now, I’ve been criticized for sub-titling my book ‘satirical’ without in turn making the book rip-roaringly humorous (as if Satire is supposed to be one joke after the next), but Montaigne, as have others, of course, penetrated to the essence of the work itself, brilliantly I might add.

But this is a case of you needing to read the review and not listen to closely to my gushing enthusiasm; here’s the link at Bookgasm:

An interesting tangent to this: I wrote Montaigne and thanked him for his review and suggested we strike up a dialogue, to which he agreed and sent me his number and we enjoyed a good hour of some very poignant thought. I was pleasantly surprised to find a guy who really saw into the underpinnings of my work, and I was even more pleased when he said, “You know Milt, you mis-labeled your book, it isn’t really satirical, it’s actually more in the vein of absurdity.”

Bingo! But wait, who the hell IS this guy? Yes, ‘How High…’ IS absurdity rather than satire but Americans don’t accept absurdity -yet- and thus my choice of label in the subtitle, but Mark had seen and understood this, and I was intrigued. Indeed, most journalists are essentially brain-dead when it comes to understanding the subtle differences between comedy, parody, satire and absurdity, unable to penetrate beyond surface slap-stick or mean-spirited humor, yet here was a guy who correctly placed my book in its perfect niche.

We made plans for an actual interview in the coming weeks. Again, very refreshing to connect to a real journalist, and I hope you all get a chance to read his review.

Lots of emails about my Boston Marathon Bombing post, mostly encouraging with one…well, not so encouraging. As is my habit, I generally say little about the positive comments and focus on the critical, though in this case I offer no defense, in truth, because I am increasingly offering no defense for what I do think or say.

Karthoum U. wrote this week, a long, severe ripping of yours truly. Heard most of this before, of course, but one salient thought should be shared here:

“…But you offended me by saying we should include those murderers in our prayers. You are wrong, they have already been excluded from God’s Kingdom by their acts, acts that no one can forgive except God Himself. Please apologize to all of us Christians, and please turn to your Bible for true enlightenment.”

I’m in a wonderful mood lately despite my struggles with allergies and thus I do not and am not upset with Karthoum’s remarks; he is similar to other members of closed religious systems who really can’t accept phenomena or thought which falls outside their religious beliefs and don’t seem able to accept those who do see beyond specified borders.

As such, hell no, Kart, I don’t apologize for anything I say or think or do. Those murderers are our brothers, like it, understand it or not, and they need love not condemnation or we will never rise as a people from where we are now mired. I believe YOU are wrong, as God, friend, is the God of all of us and there is no one excluded or damned from His Kingdom. A Father doesn’t turn his back on any of his children, and Our Father…well, I suggest you look a little deeper into your heart and check to see if what you say really reflects your beliefs OR what is written in your Bible.

I believe you need to be more generous and include these men, or, as I suggested, pray for no one.

I will shorten this post this week, as I have a barbecue to attend tonight and, more importantly, my wife wants to play with me NOW, so I drop all other concerns and race to her arms and in the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful week, as I am outta here!

One Response to “An excellent new book review, and more thoughts on the Boston Marathon Bombing”
  1. Susan Wooldridge says:

    LOVE the review, and don’t miss the comment below (another man who “effing loves” the book)….Great to see y’all last night. Lots of love, Susan xoxoxo

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