‘Psychology is stealing our humanity’ fallout, radio show appearances, and thoughts on Mother Nature vs Man-made

Hey friends, back from the Nevada Desert and feeling cleansed and energized, only to have an earthquake rock the valley, 5.7 Friday night, which shook the hell outta the mountains nearby, too. Maybe Sleeping Mt. Lassen had a nightmare… Lots to get to, so let’s dive in: I’m set for a series of radio interviews … Continue reading

“Psychology is stealing our humanity,” Milt accused of arrogance, and learning to not care for the opinions of others

Greetings friends! Hope all are doing well and soaking in Spring’s Ambitious, Rejuvenating Energy. Odd, for whatever reasons, I have been bombarded with emails this week, some looking forward, some looking back, and everybody in an urgent, even demanding mood. Let’s take a look at what’s on your minds: Kevin O rather pointedly asks, “Milton, … Continue reading

Advice to a 17 year old, Greco-Roman differences, and “Anybody famous read your book?”

Friends, I hope you all enjoyed your week, because I sure did! It’s hot and dry out here in Northern California, and yes, we’re already into Fire Season, my beloved Deer Creek is ablaze, and it’s barely May! Lots to get to, so let me start with more of my conversation from last week with … Continue reading