“Psychology is stealing our humanity,” Milt accused of arrogance, and learning to not care for the opinions of others

Greetings friends! Hope all are doing well and soaking in Spring’s Ambitious, Rejuvenating Energy.

Odd, for whatever reasons, I have been bombarded with emails this week, some looking forward, some looking back, and everybody in an urgent, even demanding mood. Let’s take a look at what’s on your minds:

Kevin O rather pointedly asks, “Milton, where the hell do you get your authority? I know, from some school, but really, you have quite the confident tone, bordering on arrogance, so what makes you feel you understand so much?”

Well, Kevin, because I DO understand ‘so much’, I have been trained to believe that it is possible to understand everything, and as for my sense of authority and where it comes from, why, it comes from God/Source/Creator et al, friend, for I am a Poet, which is essentially a Tool for God’s Understanding. Much like our European Monarchies who, when challenged over the source of their authority, invoked The Divine Right of Kings (“God wants me to be King”), I too, employ this defense shamelessly.

Feeling my connection to God/Source et al as a constant in my life, knowing I AM a poet, I stand between God and Humanity and translate messages and information back and forth. You may be offended by my arrogance, but I care not for anyone else’s opinion of me, for my arrogance is earned.

Rita E asks, “You didn’t really finish your thought about Roman v. Greek Theater. So what’s the truth, and which is better, and why?”

‘Better’ is a word heavily dependent on context and the person making the opinion. I believe, however, that the Romans ultimately did not accept nor feel a need for a Greek-styled ‘Theater of Emotions’, principally because they were vastly different people than the earlier Greeks, who allowed and cultivated artistic sensitivities, where the Romans did not. Indeed, a Roman couldn’t cry like a Greek, they were trained otherwise and focused on outward action and inner emotional control. Their audiences wanted spectacle over principles, much like our audiences today, sadly.

I like Greek Theater better, for there, I can explore ME without some expert peering over my shoulder, grading my responses. Which leads to our next email…

Harry U asks, “I was reading some of your old posts and you said something like ‘psychology is stealing our humanity‘. I am puzzled, I thought psychology was about bringing peace to disturbed people through the use of reason. Care to comment?”

Oh hell yeah I’ll comment, Harry, for I believe that. Now, I know there are many well-intended souls employing psychological precepts in order to understand our behavior and help those particularly adrift, but I see Psychology as an attempt to make people predictable and, ultimately, constricted, by making us speak and think in terms of a Language of Fact rather than one of Emotion. We are forced to identify and define what is going on within, using the terms and standards which The Experts set before us, rather than be allowed to simply feel what we feel on our own terms and timetables.

Look at, for example, what happens immediately after a tragedy, say, like Sandy Hook: the ‘Grief Counselors‘ come racing in to separate and contain everybody and do everything they can to offer reasonable word salves to place across our emotions in order to keep our reactions mollified and in check. Again, this is done to avoid messy outbursts of uncontrolled emotion, which is our natural response to catastrophe and, in my view, must not be ‘reigned in’ but freed, allowed out and not sealed in. ‘Let people grieve as they see and feel fit‘, I proclaim, but oh no, the Grief Counselor must focus the emotions and thoughts in manageable, predictable ways so there are no ugly scenes which might upset the Status Quo of Conformity.

In other words, don’t tell me how to feel and how I will feel and should feel and especially, shouldn’t feel, FUCK YOU! Don’t predict and thus strip me of my possibilities, out of my way, Psycho-babbling Lunatics, I reject your Psychology and employ instead Philosophical Principle to navigate my own emotions, thank you!

Personally, I want a poetic understanding of self and reality rather than a factual one. A poetic understanding is holistic, taking into account all of what makes my world, instead of fragmenting and separating Life into its pieces of fact, which kills Life and its magic and is, again, a theft of what makes us human.

Further, I don’t really care what is taking place in the ‘outside world’ or with the opinions of others, frankly; I am more concerned with looking inward and forming my own opinions based on my intuition and my feelings, using a generalized, poetic language to apprehend my world, a language which frees me from the rigors of always having to be logical and reasonable, and allows me to explore my flights of fancy, along with whatever else I choose.

Franklin Y asks, “Which of your philosophy systems do you use before all others?”

I am a student of many schools, Franklin, but my foundation rests upon the tenets of the Stoics, who held the principle of Ataraxia first and foremost. Ataraxia: the sense of truly not caring what goes on around you, a total insensitivity towards sensitivity with a respect for all living things. We will explore at length in a later post this crucial concept, but in essence, Ataraxia keeps one cool when shit happens while allowing one to feel and experience all of Life and its myriad possibilities. Often mis-understood as indifference, even coldness, the true Stoic feels all as it passes through her, yet never loses her center, her balance, her ability to understand.

Another key Stoic precept is the idea that when a person has done anything wrong, it is incumbent upon us to show him his error, or, if you aren’t able, to blame yourself for not being able, or, to NOT blame yourself for anything at all! I love this idea, and our Stoic fathers insist on never blaming or criticizing yourself for anything, to only pay attention to and learn from whatever takes place and never yield to Feelings of Insecurity, Resentment or Remorse, all emotions useless to Being.

Enough beating yourself over your head for your actions, just shut the hell up and change them and move on; be prepared for everything that happens in your life by facing it with tranquillity, for everything that happens is a part of the Whole and there is nothing that we cannot handle. Besides, you’ll be dead soon and all those you look up to, or down at, will be dead soon, too, and what will it matter, all those who stood in judgment over your deeds? Their memory, like yours, will soon be scattered, and with it, all those condemning criticisms, so live well, simply, modestly; forgive those in your world and, more importantly, forgive yourself for your reactions to everything that has happened in and without. Yes, forgive yourself and your reactions, learn what you gotta learn and let it go.

Can’t take anything with you anyway, so why are you dragging all that shit around with you, all your self-criticisms, guilts and shames? Drop ’em, become less sensitive to sensitivity and reject the language of Fact which threatens to kill the magic of your world. Feel, believe, and shut the hell up with all this complaining!

I will be leaving later this week for some time out in the Nevada Desert. Every Spring, along with some friends and family, I take some time to balance myself with clean desert sage and dry, high-altitude solace amongst the rocks and crags of the Northern Great Basin.

It is out there in Nevada that I am always and again reminded of how Creation is finished, everything has been done, that there is nothing new in this world, and that our task is to enjoy, and understand. Oh, we fool ourselves into believing the Font of Technology actually produces things new, but ‘the New’ is only a re-distribution of What Is, and I am not deceived, no, I have seen ‘the New’ before, the Latest New Thing Which Dazzles, and I am not dazzled, for I have learned to look at a thing for what it is and what it is not, and to leave it there where It Is…


4 Responses to ““Psychology is stealing our humanity,” Milt accused of arrogance, and learning to not care for the opinions of others”
  1. Susan Wooldridge says:


  2. I like the way you say things. Very enjoyable. Thanks.

  3. positivesara says:

    Keeping it real while awakening their spirit, like it Milt, our show is going to be an interesting one, look forward to it.


    Sara Troy

    (formally known as Towe)




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