‘Psychology is stealing our humanity’ fallout, radio show appearances, and thoughts on Mother Nature vs Man-made

Hey friends, back from the Nevada Desert and feeling cleansed and energized, only to have an earthquake rock the valley, 5.7 Friday night, which shook the hell outta the mountains nearby, too. Maybe Sleeping Mt. Lassen had a nightmare…

Lots to get to, so let’s dive in:

I’m set for a series of radio interviews over the next couple weeks, events I’m really looking forward to, believe me, great opportunities to get the word out about my book and what I believe it. I’ll be doing interviews with Sara Troy at PositiveLivingRadio, Mike Reese at AbsurdSatireStrikes and Griell and Fran Garland’s really cool LoversOnlyRadio in Victoria, BC. LoversOnly will be a live call-in, 1 hour event and these 2 nut-ball hosts are so unpredictable, I’m in for some real fun; and of course, as soon as I have the links, I’ll post ’em. Very cool.

I would like to pause for a moment to recognize the significance of this, our annual Memorial Day Holiday Weekend. We ‘celebrate’ this weekend by gathering with friends and family for barbecues and family events meant to remember the sacrifice of those who gave their lives in war for our freedoms, yet as so often happens, we tend to forget the meaning of the day and focus instead on simply taking time away from our stressors.

While neither my father or his brothers, thankfully, died in warfare, all served our country in WW11 and all saw dear friends taken from them, and all have carried the scars of those experiences deep within. Rare is the moment when my father, for instance, will verbally express what took place back then, and rarer still those moments when he will allow those memories loose reign in his emotions, but I have seen the great pain he carries, and what it means to him, and I, Dad, if no one else, I remember and will keep alive the spirit and essence of this great sacrifice…

As you raise a glass this weekend, make sure at least a moment of thought is given to all those who have paved the way to what we enjoy today.

Many emails about my last blog post and various forms of confusion over my definitions and explanations, especially my comment that ‘psychology is stealing our humanity’. Now, while many agreed (Steve B says, “That is so true, they want to make people smaller and more easily manageable so we can be controlled better”), not everyone fell in line with my thinking. Here’s Gunther O:

“…Secondly, the idea that psychology is somehow not attempting to heal people is absurd, of course we are healing people and of course we are not attempting to reduce the scope of what Humanity can experience…you don’t really understand the systems we employ, clearly, but if you did, you would realize that psychology has at its core the concept that emotions can be understood and can be directed…”

Oh boy, in typical close-minded, elitist fashion, Gunther, you side-stepped what I actually said, as I never said ‘psychology doesn’t attempt to heal.’ Of course you’re trying to heal, but I don’t want my emotions healed, I want to experience them in the full bloom of where they take me. And you essentially agreed with me that psychology wants to ‘direct’ our emotions, again making them manageable and thus, predictable and controlled. That, Gunther, is emotional theft and why your profession is becoming hollow and out-of-step with what people need.

When psychology recognizes the Soul, then let’s talk, but until then, I find your profession to be fraudulent and anti-human.

Out in the Northern Nevada Desert, maybe an hour from Winnemucca, is a very special campsite set high in the rocky bluffs overlooking the vast Black Rock Desert, home of the annual Burning Man Festival. This secret campsite has become almost a second home to us, and I can sit overlooking the vista for hours and never feel the urge to move. Horned lizards climb my leg and I let them sit there as I gaze into Eternity, content and at peace.

We’d invited a few friends along, Bill and his wife Regina as well as another couple, Larry and Clarissa, friends who share so many of the same traits and interests as my wife and I. On the third night out, dusty and tired and enjoying a few adult beverages around the campfire, Bill made a comment I couldn’t let pass, on a theme I’d been really thinking about lately:

“Man, I love Mother Nature,” he sighed, “It’s so good to get away from the city and everything that’s so unnatural there.”

“Uh, isn’t a city just as natural as a beach or a mountain?” I asked. Clarissa laughed, “Milt, you’re not serious, of course a city and buildings are not natural..”

“Wait a minute,” I countered, “I assume, by city, you mean, ‘things made by Mankind’, right?” She nodded. “OK, so if everything Is, as we were just talking about, if there is no Past or Future only the Eternal Present with everything that exists, where is the line of separation between the works of Mother Nature and Mankind? Aren’t they all the works of Creation? Isn’t what Mankind takes just the same material found everywhere and we simply re-shape the What Is into our fancy? How is what we do different than some nebulous, benevolent Mother Nature? Take a piece of road for instance; ever see blades of grass coming up between the cracks? We say, ‘oh look, Nature is fighting for life’, but I like to see the whole thing as simply Life, and not one for the other.”

“That doesn’t make sense,” Clarissa said, “Look at the poisons we create and then dump in the rivers.”

“We don’t create anything, everything already Is and we just re-arrange it. There are very toxic chemicals to be found on this very mountain here in the desert, in this so-called ‘natural environment’, toxins which would kill you instantly. That doesn’t sound like the creation of some kindly, sweet Mother Nature, does it? I reject the idea, Clarissa, that we and what we do is somehow separated from the ‘state of Nature.’ I believe everything is Life, and that there is no separation anywhere between Creation and what we create.”

Well, my much-reasoned, clearly-controversial views fell upon deaf ears, and for the remaining few nights, we would return to this point for endless, oft-times intoxicated debate with no resolve. The idea that Nature and what Nature does is somehow different than what mankind does did not sit well with my enviro-spiritual friends, who try to see the Deity in every blade of grass yet feel revulsion for anything resembling ‘man-made’ is a tough mental paradigm to crack, but what the hell, that’s why I am here: to challenge entrenched, dogmatic opinion. The Cult of Nature has become dogmatic, and it’s in my gun-sights…

I will be exploring this in greater detail, be assured!

And with that, I am heading over to my Dad’s for, yes, a barbecue and some cold local, probably Sierra Nevada Old Chico’s. Please reflect on the meaning of this weekend while giving thanks for all that Is…


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  1. hi friends, this is an awesome place and i learnt a lot so far. Please keep on the good work

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