112 degree heat wave, American vs. Latin Women, the importance of Failure, Judeo/Christian vs. Greek God, and the Absurdity of Love

Wow, we talkin’ HOT here in Northern California, zounds, we did 112 degrees off the back porch yesterday; indeed, eye-ball frying weather… Crazy week. Some weeks for me go entirely different than I had them planned, which is the Magic of Living, right? No, you can’t PLAN what happens in Life, for Life simply happens; … Continue reading

“Lunatics with Purpose,” the greatest of all arts, latest reviews and interviews, and the difference between Reason and Meaning

Hey everybody, major busy week for the kid, including a massive case of poison oak, some media coverage and the usual emails, so let’s get to it. (Yeah, poison oak, for us West Coasters, is the equivalent to you East Coasters’ poison ivy and in either case, it is a pain, or rather, an itch … Continue reading

Summer Energy and the Light, the proper use of the Imagination, The Classics and Father’s Day

Hello friends! I trust everyone is getting out in the summer sun and bathing in the wonderfulness of the Light; if not, you need to, so after reading this post, get your butt outside for some Vitamin D and good, clean enthusiasm, oh and make sure you share it with your Father on this, our … Continue reading

Sophia My Security Team, Latest Radio Interview, and the need to chuck the Church of Critical Thinking

Friends, it is effing hot out here in Northern California! Saturday it hit 113 on my back porch, and it’s early June, ouch, just roasting, and yet beautiful; nothing like being flat baked when you step outside your house! 100 is plenty hot, but when you get passed 110…ah, but it’s a dry heat, yes, … Continue reading

Death is staring at you, becoming willing, and the problems of female Viagra

Hey everybody, hope your week went well, as mine was wonderful. Still enjoying the glow from my time out in the desert; there is nothing like that clean, soaring energy from becoming cleansed with sage and desert sand… Wow, tons of emails this week, too, which I’ll get to shortly. I want to thank Sara … Continue reading