Sophia My Security Team, Latest Radio Interview, and the need to chuck the Church of Critical Thinking

Friends, it is effing hot out here in Northern California! Saturday it hit 113 on my back porch, and it’s early June, ouch, just roasting, and yet beautiful; nothing like being flat baked when you step outside your house! 100 is plenty hot, but when you get passed 110…ah, but it’s a dry heat, yes, well, all the easier then…

I’d like first of all to introduce my new Security Chief, Sophia, a Chihuahua/Dachshund mix:


Sophia will be increasingly called upon to make secure my immediate environment, so you bad guys and evil doers, beware!

Bonus points for anyone who knows the meaning of the word ‘Sophia’ and why I might wish to be cloaked in Her Security.

I have the pleasure of announcing a recent radio interview with Sara Troy over at PositiveLivingVibrationsRadio. Sara and I spent an hour discussing…well, rather than me waxing faux-intellectually on all the various themes, memes, principles and concepts concerning the sexual relationship we touched upon, I invite you all to review it at your leisure and I’ll leave it to your judgment as to the recording’s merits.

The link to the various times the 1 hour streaming event goes/went be live can be found here:


I have to say ‘thank you’ to all the emailers over the last couple weeks for some very poignant and pointed questions. I love to see people not simply accepting though that comes to them but reacting to it, although the preponderance of questions in the ‘critical thinking realm’ are, pardon me, a pain in the ass and really, we need to chuck the Church of Critical Thinking and replace it with the School of Ethical Imagination.

Example, from Sheila H: “…and you were so wrong when you said that it was ok for men to spend a lot of time with sports and that I shouldn’t criticize him for it. NO WAY, he needs to be criticized and get off his ass, why should I be “soft” on him, why shouldn’t I demand reasonable actions and emotions from him? I live my life quite reasonably, and I was taught that everyone also should, right? It angers me to see him laying on the sofa when I go to work and he should be looking for work, too…I’m getting my life together and I don’t want to be married to a man who isn’t doing the same…I can’t help being critical of him, I just see all the things he does wrong and want to help him change his life for the BOTH of us…”

Yep and you keep standin’ over him shakin’ that Reasonable Finger and see how much change he’s willing to undergo.

Sheila, your language was just packed with all the demons I am on the lookout for: ‘needs to be criticized‘ (Oh? Says who? Definitely not your husband!); ‘I demand reasonable actions and emotions‘ (Look how far ‘demand’ will get you, and about those ‘reasonable emotions’, sister: emotions are NEVER reasonable, but man, you got some major mind-fucks working here); ‘I see all the things he does wrong‘ (What, you’re the Ultimate Judge of Human Behavior? Like you KNOW the way he SHOULD BE? Uh, yeah, I know a lot of women feel this way, but I wonder how often they look into the mirror of their own actions and emotions; sure, a woman is so very reasonable when she’s in PMS…)

I’ll leave the rest alone, but Sheila is an example of a critically-thinking woman who just doesn’t see her own shit, pardon me, while expecting her man to be striving towards her Standard of Perfection.

I, for my own part, refuse to simply return critical thinking towards Sheila and leave it at that; no, I’ll go farther and I believe that, while her intentions clearly are for the good of the relationship, she just hasn’t yet understood where her husband is actually at; that he doesn’t need her waggin’ a critical finger at him but, again in my view, she needs to back off and give him space and encouragement to grow in the direction she’d like to see him go but not attach time-lines and demanding expectations. Modern Men just wither under such conditions…

I’ll have more to say on this subject in a later post, believe me!

Lesley T asks, “I love you dearly but please, what the hell is Pan/Onto/Apeiron, Milt? God you are obscure sometimes!!!”

Lesley, ‘Pan‘ and ‘Onto‘ are Pre-Classical Greek words for ‘The All’, Reality, Life, God, the Universe, Existence, Our Physical Reality or whatever you wish to call the thing I’m trying to describe. The Apeiron was the place the Greeks felt where things come from and into our existence; it isn’t really discernible or tangibly apprehensible with our 5 sense, rather it is ‘the place without experience‘, a mind-numbing concept that explains where shit comes from, not reasonably but poetically, and I prefer poetic descriptions and explanations over reasonable ones, where all the fun, life and zest has been stripped away.

I mean, screw the facts, let fly your Intuitive Imagination!

Kevin L writes in, “Best fucking book I ever read, and I hate books! My girlfriend made me read it, I hated it at first cuz you just rip the shit out of men but I stayed with it (great toilet reading!) and then I got to the 50 Questions and it all came together and I could really laugh and GET what was going on. Going to read this again on my vacation, but anybody who says your book is no good probably actually didn’t read it OR is too stupid to understand, sorry but true.”

Thanks, Kevin (actually, it was DESIGNED to be just that, great toilet reading). I’m guessing those that didn’t ‘get it’ put the book down early, like you said, but I don’t like to think of ANY of my male readers as ‘stupid’, as ‘stupid’ is a terminal state, while ‘ignorance’ is one that can be changed…

How High Should I Jump: The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman. A must-read!
Marisella J writes in again, with reference to my thoughts on her recalcitrant husband’s unwillingness to change: “God, Milt, what you said about Death staring at you and not wasting time. Not only were you so right about that but when I showed Mel your post, he totally freaked out hugely, “I don’t want to think about Death!!” But you know what? It was a great thing to say to him because we have been wasting a lot of time not facing the important things, he just locks everything away and doesn’t want to face anything, me too actually, and yes, I have to agree with you, when you think about it, we all will die sooner than we realize and if we haven’t taken care of the important things, we don’t get a chance to go back, do we? That was really good for him and me to hear, so Thank you for that thoughtful reminder!!”

You got it, Marisella! Live each day in the spirit that it could be your last, so any emotional issues still lingering, hell, get to ’em, face ’em, what are you waiting for? That’s why you have emotions, friends; we ARE here to feel and learn.

Ultimately, we are Eternal Souls having a human, physical and short-termed existence. Make the most of it by letting your feelings, not your reason, lead you. Oh, your reason will always be there to lend a hand when it should, but less and less turn to how you think it SHOULD BE, and more and more turn to and enjoy THE WAY IT IS…

Now, me and Sophia gotta go outside and water the parched garden, you go hit the heat and enjoy THIS DAY, this moment…

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