Summer Energy and the Light, the proper use of the Imagination, The Classics and Father’s Day

Hello friends! I trust everyone is getting out in the summer sun and bathing in the wonderfulness of the Light; if not, you need to, so after reading this post, get your butt outside for some Vitamin D and good, clean enthusiasm, oh and make sure you share it with your Father on this, our Father’s Day!

Personally, summer is a time when I rejoice, rejuvenate and reflect. I generally re-read the Greek Myths in the summer, which I do to remind me of the cyclical nature of our Eternal Moment and my role as a poet who translates that which I feel/receive from God and sends it on to those who have yet to develop their own Divine Intuitive Receptors.

In the summer I absolutely reject defense mechanisms and cynical/critical thinking, and turn to my instincts and insights of a non-linear, oft-irrational nature. Ah, to be irrational, to be moved by my ever-disciplined Imagination, for there is no better investment of my time and energy than my principled flights of fancy where I illumine myself with the Light while moving the internal images around to my satisfaction.

This is the proper use of the imagination, by the way: not idle day-dreaming about a subject, but learning to feel what it is to BE the subject, to look out at from the feeling of being what I want to Be and enjoying the movement of images that it brings.

I shall be exploring at length the ‘proper use of the imagination‘ as the summer unfolds, as I am now in talks with some of the senior members of the Pataphysical Institute concerning the development of a website dedicated to what will soon be known as the School of Imagination, truly the only one of its kind on the planet. Until then, well, I’m luxuriating and lingering in the delicious summer energy, when one feels that pull for change and improvement, when the Light calls for all of us to become open, both externally and within; open to change, open to things new, and open to who one actually IS beyond the devices and illusions we cover ourselves with. Summer energy, the Light, demands we inspect ourselves and inventory all that Is and Is Not, and I take to the task with brisk enthusiasm and a feeling of doing something very important.

This personal inventorying, this radically honest self-assessment, is another Act of Self-Love which I do without fail, as I, like many people today, am on a course to heal myself from myself and to fulfill as best I can my Sense of Purpose.

And I am learning to train and discipline my imagination as a tool to change my consciousness, for Consciousness is at the core of all things, and we CAN learn to manipulate and steer Consciousness by training our imaginations AND altering our self-conceptions. You can’t steer and elevate your mind if you feel bad about yourself, or you’re clinging to your past with guilt, worry or fear, or are always losing your mental and emotional balance with the next new stimulus that comes around; this is what it means to monitor your reactions so that nothing knocks you off your center. This technique is the essence of Classical Greek Thinking, by the way: that all we actually have control of is our opinion, and if we change our opinion about whatever is taking place, be it fear, worry or pain, it no longer IS fearful, worrisome or painful. Indeed, the secret is to learn to control our reactions, and summer is the best time to do so, with the encouragement of the Light and its power to heal all that is revealed.

So be an agent for change and reveal to yourself all that you are and are not. Celebrate this time of year by dedicating a portion of your day to YOU…

One email in particular this week, from Sam P, ties directly into that last thought:

“Milt, you talk a lot about the ‘classics’ but what does that really mean, ‘classical’ and ‘the classics’?”

Thanks, Sam, great question. When I say ‘classics‘ and ‘classical’, I am referring to that period in the development of Western Civilization when the early Greeks first threw off the chains of the old agrarian aristocracy and moved into the cities and became merchants. This period in Greece lasted about 200 years and has been known since as The Golden Age, when so much of what would become Western Civilization and its standards and systems was first constructed. This period became known as The Classical Period because the Greek Aim in everything they did was both to achieve excellence and to strike a balance but only at the highest point they could attain: not too much of anything or it falls over. No, balance was the measure, some of this, some of that so it all holds together at the peak of Excellence. This was reflected in their poetry and drama, when the idea was to think AND feel, not one for the other.

‘Classical’ meant ‘Balanced’, and Balance was the key for the old Greeks, as it remains today, and Balance is attained by striving for the best and seeing things clearly, as they are and are not; by not deluding ourselves with the illusion of what we think we see but learning to penetrate to the essence of things as they are, and then taking a moderate view, which means seeing things critically but not cynically or with a mean-spirit but with the sense of a child, with eyes wide and senses alive and open.

Yes, I keep pounding on Critical Thinking but I am convinced it is an anti-humanistic device which robs us of our essence by insisting on one answer to any question or problem, when Life shows us repeatedly any number of possibilities to our dilemmas. Critical Thinking, like Psychology, reduces our possibilities to one and ultimately limits and shrinks us; by the way, why the hell do they call it ‘going to the Shrink’? Well, cuz the Shrink shrinks you, and I, for one, will not be shrinked, shrunk or shrunked, fuck ’em, I’m a Classicist and I’m out living as large as I can be, balanced, of course, not too much of anything, no defensive arguments, no having to explain and define and defend myself, bull-shit!

You want a definition of who I am? Here ya go: I AM!

That, friends, IS enough…

Couple housekeeping notes:

Kudos again to Sara Troy at PositiveLivingVibrationsRadio for her excellent 1 hour interview with me, posted below for your review. We really hit the mark, I think, and Sara was great at steering me back towards the thread we’d started. For those who missed it, you can listen in whenever you’d like:

And this Thursday at 11 pm Eastern, I’ll be a guest on RogersTV‘s “Sex @ 11” with Rebecca Rosenblatt, a live TV event I am really looking forward to, so if you have some time, tune in to hear yours truly dive deep into the Waters of Sexuality:

And with that, I am headed over to my Dad’s for a Father’s Day barbecue, beer drinking and cigar-chumming afternoon. My dad is on his last legs, running low on energy and desire, so I’ll buck him up as best I can and make sure we focus on that which is Good and Light while ignoring that which seeks to drag us down.

I suggest you do the same!

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