“Lunatics with Purpose,” the greatest of all arts, latest reviews and interviews, and the difference between Reason and Meaning

Hey everybody, major busy week for the kid, including a massive case of poison oak, some media coverage and the usual emails, so let’s get to it.

(Yeah, poison oak, for us West Coasters, is the equivalent to you East Coasters’ poison ivy and in either case, it is a pain, or rather, an itch that I would rather do without, man! Insidious shit: starts with a small spot and of course you scratch it like mad and within a few minutes, boom! full-blown patch of nastiness! My dogs slathered themselves when they went on a walk and then leapt into my unsuspecting arms; 24 hours later…)

Oh well, it IS and thus, we move on…

I want to thank Diana Simon at TheAssGirl.com for her excellent review of my book, How High Should I Jump. Diana is a caustic, smart-ass wit of great depth, and her website is one you GOTTA see, filled with some very cool…er, rather, HOT products. The review itself is refreshing for her angle on my book, so take a look:


On Thursday night of this week, I had the great pleasure of being a guest on the very fun, insightful and increasingly famous TV Show in Toronto, Canada, RogersTV’s “Sex @ 11” with Rebecca Rosenblat.

This is a woman who really ‘gets it’, she’s fast, fun and very experienced, and with her lineup of great guests and equally intriguing callers, I was quite proud to put in an appearance. Look for the Quibner link on her page and take a listen:


Thank you, Rebecca!

Richard W asks an intriguing question:

“Milt, in your opinion, what is the greatest of all arts? Painting, sculpture, literature, music, dance?”

Richard, none of the above, in my view. Let me explain:

All of those forms in and of themselves are fine, but the greatest of all arts is the art of concealing art. Yes, to include real human expression of a profound depth in a form that is not recognized as such, this is the mark of the greatest of our artists, who look not for applause and approval but have only an internal standard that they alone, and perhaps a few peers, adhere to; applause is for the mass, satisfaction is the reward for the true artist.

Malcolm N asks:

“Milt, I been reading over some of your posts and you just SLAM Critical Thinking, and with it, Reason, it seems (!) This is confusing, since I just graduated from Long Beach State where I was pounded with the virtues of being reasonable, always. I mean, the whole thing was about improving your thinking, so what can be wrong with that?”

Malcolm, I am not here to offend, but judging from the depth of your message, I feel bad for you so-called ‘recipients of higher learning’, though in truth, many of us have real trouble distinguishing between Thinking and Thought, for they are not the same.

Thinking is a process, an activity leading to one conclusion, for Thinking limits the possibilities to only one, whereas Thought is the realm of possibilities; Thought is irrational, and Thought carries Feeling with it, along with Meaning. Indeed, in Thought, you FEEL the MEANING, and you are not limited as to where you can go, what you explore, or in the order of your exploration. Not see in Reason, where the elements are lined up and ordered.

Thinking is the realm of the Physical, the motion of the day-to-day; Thought is timeless, often flowing beyond where Time reaches, in the realm of Ideas, or the Metaphysical. Thought goes beyond the object itself into questions of purpose; Thinking confines itself to describing and explaining an object’s function, two entirely different levels. Thought is concerned with Meaning and thus, Opinion.

I may be getting confusing, so let’s get to the essence. In The Republic, Socrates asks, ‘How do we know what we know? If we reason things out, we may be wrong unless we plug into the meaning’, or, if we simply use reason, we exclude the broader metaphysical issues such as ideas and concepts which do have a bearing on our understanding. If we simply Think our way through life, we miss its Meaning, its Essence, that which lies beyond the physical; we are, in effect, no different than machines if Reason dictates our perspective.

I am not, however, an enemy of Reason; I am employing it here to make a point, which is, we are too top-heavy in our use of Reason; at the expense of our souls have we made the Cult of Reason, and with it, Science and Fact, the aims of our lives, and the cost has been a society now unable to navigate its individual and collective feelings without the help of experts.

Reason is a good, but it is not the be-all, end-all. Reason must be balanced by Meaning if one is to live a full, contented life. Reason without connecting to Meaning leaves one constantly disappointed and looking for externals to fill the void within.

In my view, we need more events of Meaning, but what exactly does that mean? Well, celebrations, both private and public, where we come together and acknowledge and celebrate who we ARE and what we DO, rather than events which criticize like the protests circulating the planet right now. I’d like to see millions of people out in the street CELEBRATING the wonderfulness of their lives and asking, no, demanding NOTHING in return, no threats of violence or any of that.

In that vein, I have been getting more and more interest in the Pataphysical Institute of Northern California and just what the hell it’s all about. Indeed, the Pataphysical Institute is the only School of Imagination on the planet devoted to the proper preparation of a person for the creative life. Our motto, “Lunatics with Purpose,” essentially is a call to action for all men and women to feel and exalt the God within by directing it purposefully.

This is the difference between Craziness and Madness; similar if not identical impulses with radically different results, for someone crazed is simply caught up by their divine sensations and those sensations lead to destruction, whereas one who is mad feels these impulses but DIRECTS THEM CREATIVELY, employing these impulses in expressive vehicles which, if trained may become art. Craziness is never artistic, but Madness marks our very best.

I shall be introducing, exploring and describing my beloved Pataphysical Institute as the summer goes along, and in the meantime, as an unusual summer rain starts to fall after a 100 degree Saturday, I must get outside and cover things then get ready for another Sunday afternoon barbecue with friends and family, this one under the awning in all likelihood.

Go celebrate, stop criticizing, and enjoy

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