112 degree heat wave, American vs. Latin Women, the importance of Failure, Judeo/Christian vs. Greek God, and the Absurdity of Love

Wow, we talkin’ HOT here in Northern California, zounds, we did 112 degrees off the back porch yesterday; indeed, eye-ball frying weather

Crazy week. Some weeks for me go entirely different than I had them planned, which is the Magic of Living, right? No, you can’t PLAN what happens in Life, for Life simply happens; at best, we can steer our ship through its currents…

At any rate, this week was an irritating one, a ton of petty incidents from petty people coupled with the heat and you get…well, irritated! You have your mind set on accomplishing something and all the detailia comes to distract and waylay one’s intentions. Ah well, let’s get to the week’s activities, shall we?

I decided to formally turn down an offer to visit Eastern Europe in October for a possible adaptation of my book. I’ve been in discussions with a few crazed and enthusiastic budding filmmakers who just love the book and think it would make a great movie or reality show (I think so, too). I was actually becoming interested after a slew of encouraging emails, until I received a phone call essentially turning me off entirely; I’ll spare the details but I learned that, while this group has funding, wow, they have no idea what they are doing!

I mean no offense, but long ago I determined I wouldn’t waste my time on ‘fishing trips’ with wild, idealistic though inexperienced people, and lo and behold…well, their hearts are in the right place, I will say!

Got a funny email from Gregor T: “I’ve got 2 girls I’m seeing now, American and Columbian. Both are good, both are insane!! I’d like your view: do you prefer American or Latin Women, and why?”

Uh, at the risk of stepping into it big-time, I will only state what I feel are the significant differences between the two. American Women, and these are generalities, ok? but they are generally self-conscious to the point of insecurity, where Latin Women are free of this oft-debilitating quality, and Latin Women are strongly focused on and really understand the workings of family, where American Women generally don’t place family above their ambitions.

On the other hand, I have had sparkling and robust philosophical conversations with American Women, whereas Latin Women generally are more dogmatic and fixed in their social/philosophical views, and could care less for speculations. Then again, several Latin Women I know are amongst the deepest, most imaginative visionaries on the planet today, while here in the States, I know mothers, my sister for instance, who is the living embodiment of what a mother should be, so…

As a man married to a Latin Woman going on 25 years, you can pretty much tell on what I side I came down on…


Mortimer G asks, “Listening to one of your radio shows, you mentioned the importance of Failure. I’m like, what? I don’t understand, failure is better than success? Huh?”

Let’s not measure things either/or, Mortimer; this is the trap of Reason, of linear Critical Thinking, one or the other, when in fact, they are poorly-understood terms which ultimately mind-fuck us badly. Good/bad, white/black, right/wrong/success/failure. NOT! Life does not conform itself to such simple boxes of explanation and judgment.

Failure, however, can be more beneficial than success, in that when you fail, you have the opportunity to learn, grow and improve. In success, there is little-to-no introspection; you sail along status-quo all insulated and buoyed by your ‘successful’ feelings and then you slam into a mountain eventually, since you haven’t really been watching where you’re going.

Failure, properly examined, can yield rich rewards to the patient Being intent on personal growth. Failure is –or should be– a great teacher; hell, it has been for me, I’ve failed so many times, I’m a blithering genius!

And then Gretchen H shows up, wants to know about God; ok, here we go:

“What is the difference between the Greek God(s) and the Judeo/Christian God?”

Let’s side-step definitions please, for it isn’t the difference between their definitions of God that’s important, Gretchen, it’s how they each viewed their relationship to God, that’s the key.

Essentially, the Judeo/Christians and their concept of Original Sin puts them in a subservient relationship to God, asking for permission and instructions to go from one state (sin) to the other (redemption), but this was not true of the Greeks, who saw God participating with them rather than standing over them in judgment. The Greeks did not believe in Original Sin; sin was when you had a choice, and you made the wrong one.

Further, the Judeo/Christians believe God punishes you, but not so the Greeks. The Judeo/Christians believe God sets the rules, ‘Yes sir!’ but the Greeks say, ‘Bullshit, why the fuck should I do it?’ The Judeo/Christians cannot break from God, but the Greeks had no problem with doing their own thing, they were freed but respectful, acknowledging the existence of God/the gods but for the most part ignoring their behavior, or purported commands.

I kinda side with the Greeks, if you haven’t figured that out by now…

Got a very sweet comment about the book I just have to share; from Elizabeth Y:

“Milton Quibner, I am so in love with and thankful for your mind, you have healed my husband or at least helped him heal himself! I am not lying when I say he is FINALLY getting over his insane jealousy, and your book is doing it!! You are teaching him the stupidity of his jealousy, he has read the Hans Carvel story I don’t know how many times to me and just really GETS IT!! Thank you, you lovely quirky Quibner!!!”

Ah, now THAT is nice to hear, huh? Someone seeing through the veils and into the essence of the book, why, you are quite welcome, dear Elizabeth!

And let me just add, really, it isn’t your husband’s stupidity I enlarge and then poke at -oh, I suppose I do that, too- but the absurdity of the condition and situation we all share as men and women known as Love!

Love is absurd, or rather, irrational, it is not meant to be thinked-out, but felt-out, experienced, lived, this is what your husband is now getting from the pages of my book, and I am honored to have pointed out a few things he, like many of my modern brothers, may be in need of encountering.

Later this next week, we will celebrate our nation’s Declaration of Independence, our beloved Fourth of July. Friends are visiting from far away and it will be a special time on the Quibner ranch, for the 4th is a time when we must shed for at least the moment our criticisms and resentments and instead hold dear our Nation and what it still means across the world, the only nation like it anywhere, that shining city on the hill, New Athens, where a person matters, where his or her word has meaning, where opportunity is still available for one and all, if we keep its flame alight.

Go celebrate what we stand on, this rock of human liberty, America, and never forget its meaning and why there are still those who will protect it at any cost


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  1. Hooray dear friend Milton Q

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