The evils of making plans, a great radio interview, Justin Bieber, and clinging to your problems

Hey everybody, I trust your summer is going well. On my end, this is my favorite time of the year and there just isn’t enough ‘day’ each day to enjoy everything, yet I do my best not to miss what is important to me. On that note, let’s begin this week’s blog with an email, … Continue reading

‘Dreading’ Death, deflating “What if” fearful reactions, and the mind-f#ck known as Betrayal

Greetings again, friends! For those on the East Coast, and we Californians, this is one hot summer and not getting any better any time soon. Ah well, it IS and thus, since there’s little we can do but enjoy the heat -for all things pass, friends, both good and bad- get outside and groove a … Continue reading

Being Reasonable vs. Being Imaginative, Carelessness vs. Simplicity, Lincecum No-Hitter, and Justice for Trayvon?

Ugh. Ya get over one irritant only to have to deal with another… I had just ended a nasty bout of Poison Oak infection when a friend, in all innocence and ill, gave me a ‘hello’ kiss last weekend; by bed-time, the Plague was having its way with me! Oh, alright, not exactly the Plague … Continue reading

The heat wave passes, another radio interview, fallout from Eastern Europe, more controversy over Milt’s American vs. Latin Women comparison, and a Fluid Web Experience on the horizon!

Whew! We’ve survived this latest heat wave, somehow! 7 straight days over 110, and humid, too, and 90 at midnight but yesterday the Delta Breeze returned, ahhhhhh! Things are calming down to a reasonable mid-90’s here on the Quibner ranch, and with all the crazed friends and family here for the next week, it’s non-stop … Continue reading