The heat wave passes, another radio interview, fallout from Eastern Europe, more controversy over Milt’s American vs. Latin Women comparison, and a Fluid Web Experience on the horizon!

Whew! We’ve survived this latest heat wave, somehow! 7 straight days over 110, and humid, too, and 90 at midnight but yesterday the Delta Breeze returned, ahhhhhh! Things are calming down to a reasonable mid-90’s here on the Quibner ranch, and with all the crazed friends and family here for the next week, it’s non-stop fun!

Alright, let’s see what’s been -and about to be- happening this week:

I want to thank Heather Jones at The Dating Revolution Radio Show, hosted by VoiceAmerica, for our upcoming interview on Wednesday the 9th of this week. Here is a funny, intelligent and gorgeous casual dating expert not out aching for Mr. Right but content in who and what she is, and all the while, she’s having a wonderful time with her life, with or without Mr. Perfect (look, there’s only 1 Mr. Perfect, and I’m taken!)

We’ll be exploring just what Modern Woman is facing in Today’s Dating Game, and what, if anything, she can do about it. Should be a lot of fun, so you can tune in at 8AM Pacific at the link below to catch it live, or just check it out on-line at your convenience:

Some odd fallout from my refusal to head to Eastern Europe to make a movie/reality show from my book (see last week’s blog for more details). Seems these guys thought it was a done deal and have already got the press involved, splashing the news of the upcoming film all about and creating quite the hubbub for this non-event! Got a request from a local TV station to do a Skype interview this next week and it looks like they think I speak Russian. Now I gotta return to the issue and clear things up without hurting feelings. Oh joy…

Yep, they didn’t seem to understand my objections, owing largely to our language differences, I’d guess. No problems, I will sort this out but I wanted to share this with you to show, in an odd stroke of braggadocio perhaps, that people, even as far away as the border of Russia, have found and are in love with How High Should I Jump.

Now that I like!

Boy, you can’t please everybody (and that’s why I don’t even try). Witness this email about last week’s differences between American and Latin Women, from Emily P, an…yeah, an American Woman:

“…so THAT’s what you think of us, that we’re not basically good mothers because we want to have careers? I hate you for staining that, you sound just like my husband, my EX husband by the way, he was always going on about how my time at the office and my travels to develop my career were hurting our family. He didn’t have a good job like me so why shouldn’t he stay at home and do what women used to do, right? I know, things are upside down now but I mean, COME ON, it isn’t women’s fault, Milton!”

Now, as I prefaced in last week’s blog, I knew that by posting the initial question and my response I’d be risking somebody’s ire, but you know what? I do not give a damn any longer, nope, cuz if you can’t handle Truths -or my version of Truths- that’s on you, and hell, Emily, as outraged as you are, you essentially proved my point, didn’t you? Not that I said, by the way, that ALL American Women are bad mothers, or that having a career makes you a bad mother, BUT Latin Women are not AS career-driven as American Women AND they understand family on an emotional/spiritual/intuitive level, where American Woman admittedly struggle to balance career with home life. For Latin Women, there is no struggle: family comes first, always.

Emily, you divorced your husband because he was nagging you about not being involved enough in your family, correct? What kind of shape is your family in now?

I have stated how I came down on the issue by noting I am married -and quite happily- to a vivacious Latin Woman, but I never judged you, and won’t. My sister is a model mother, doting devotedly on her kids while capably maintaining her career. For many American Women, though…oh hell, you either get my point and accept it, or you never will, as I am not here for polarizing argumentation over an irresolvable issue…

I’m taking this summer to begin preparing materials for my next series of campaigns, both my own and a huge project in coordination with the Pataphysical Institute of Northern California, the “Lunatics with Purpose” whom I am proud to be affiliated with and am quite looking forward to participating in their their upcoming collective website experience. Looks to be very cool; some of the most progressive, far-seeing Gentle Beings in the world today will be coming together to produce this Fluid Web Experience filled with both live/currently produced and archived medias.

Details as they develop, but work from poets, musicians and artists across a wide array of disciplines here in Northern California will soon become available for your perusal. Damn cool!

And finally, I apologize if I’m a bit surly lately, poison oak itch is irritating me and my Giants are in the midst of a nasty, pernicious slump, we can’t win a game to save us, and it’s killing me.

I know, “Why, how absurd, Milton, you should be ashamed of yourself, a grown man somehow being emotionally affected by the collective inabilities of a group of spoiled millionaires to perform their over-paid jobs? You should be beyond that, shouldn’t you? Hasn’t your years of lofty study bent over dusty manuscripts brought you to an understanding of the ridiculousness of having some nebulous allegiance to a sports franchise, actually having its ups and downs somehow steer and colour your day?”

Uh, well, apparently not, cuz if the Giants win, life is good; if not, out of my effing way!

…OK, so we won last night, but I’m still a little grumpy, still worried about the starting pitching but my son is on his way over to let me know why I must not jump from the bridge just yet, so while I’m struggling to maintain sanity today (untested pitcher facing the Dodger’s best, Kershaw), you go be productive and enjoy your summer!

One Response to “The heat wave passes, another radio interview, fallout from Eastern Europe, more controversy over Milt’s American vs. Latin Women comparison, and a Fluid Web Experience on the horizon!”
  1. positivesara says:

    Love your blog Miton, we need to talk about you having your own show on PLV Radio Network, lets talk.

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