The Death of Burning Man, my radio show on PLV Radio, killing Time, and ‘expressing yourself’ means getting angry?

Hey friends, how’s your summer been? Mine has been fantastic and continues to be, lots of friends and family coming and going, trips here and there, health and attitude good and getting better, golly, nothing to complain about in my corner of the universe! In fact, there’s so much to celebrate I hardly know where … Continue reading

Gone camping!

Friends, I’m taking some time off to head up to the high lakes, be back soon and in the meantime, enjoy!

The Hummingbirds of Summer, challenging The Sacred Cows of Belief, and learning to escape Temptation

Greetings again, friends! Are you getting out and enjoying the summer? As my musical mentor, Tommy Bolin, put it, “Summer flies by on impatient wings.” Ain’t it the truth; I find myself suddenly realizing, ‘Hey, September is almost here and that means Fall and then…’ Thus, let us wait for nothing and instead, fill our … Continue reading

Remarks to a naïve Cult of Gaia worshiper, how Milt deals with parasitical emotions, and the Burning Man Festival

Yo, friends! August and its hot nights are here and as such, my sex drive is crankin’ and I hope your is, too! Yeah, I’m feelin’ good and haven’t a problem in the world, or if I do, they really aren’t problems that disturb me, as I do my very best every moment not to … Continue reading