Remarks to a naïve Cult of Gaia worshiper, how Milt deals with parasitical emotions, and the Burning Man Festival

Yo, friends! August and its hot nights are here and as such, my sex drive is crankin’ and I hope your is, too!

Yeah, I’m feelin’ good and haven’t a problem in the world, or if I do, they really aren’t problems that disturb me, as I do my very best every moment not to allow the phenomena of our lives to disturb my bliss.

Now, with that said, some do not share my State of Calm, and some just can’t let shit go. Witness the gist of several emails this week, from Jennifer T, who just doesn’t buy my view -or, non-view- of ‘Mother Nature’:

“I mean, how dare you attack something so cherished, the idea that our planet is not alive and that She doesn’t love us? Where do you get off? Do you know how many people truly believe in this philosophy? It goes back thousand (sic) years and I thought you had studied the ancient writings, so you should know better. Maybe you don’t live with Her and simply don’t understand the differences between the gifts Gaia gives us and those we try to produce, but you need some severe education and stop attacking our Sacred Values.”

By now, friends, you must be aware that I simply do not go on the defensive and try to convince anyone of my views. Rather, I will explain where YOU, Jennifer, are sorely naïve and where, in fact, my understanding of ‘Life in toto’ actually is more profound than yours, and I mean that in all sincerity and not to offend but the modern ‘Cult of Gaia‘, while well-intended, is essentially a collection of emotional appeals to a half-baked, poorly understand partial deity.

Indeed, when you say ‘Gaia’ and do not include her husband, Ouranos, then you’re cherry-picking your myths for convenience’ sake and forgetting that the ‘ancient writings’ always depicted a unified couple in the image of man and woman who were the Father and Mother of Life. I know the modern feminist movement is eager to claim its mythology, but that mythology told of the God of Earth/Firmament and the God of the Sky/Heavens as a unified couple with their own responsibilities, again Gaia the firmament and Ouranos damn near everything else.

Now, as for ‘Mother Nature’ and Her Works as somehow separated from what humans do, again no offense but your full of naïve, well-intended but soft-headed shit.

Jennifer, there is no animate/inanimate. The Force of Creation is in all things, and this is Life/God/Nature, the sum total of All, and the ancient writings you refer to never separated the works of Nature from what Humanity does. Never. Nor was Gaia worshipped and Ouranos not, and I challenge you to show me where in any of the ‘ancient writings’ where the idea that there is separation between ‘Natural’ and ‘Un-Natural’. Sorry, there simply is no line that demarcates.

I am firm here, that we have mind-fucked ourselves, just like the Romans did, by deifying ‘Nature’ and denigrating what Humanity does. Everything is part of Life, Jennifer, our productions are just as ‘natural’ as those that spring from the wild, for both employ the same base ingredients, true? The same stuff exists everywhere; how it is arranged becomes the question, but we must cease with this ‘Nature Worship’ bullshit, for it separates and fragments us even more, when we are in such need of unification.

As for ‘living with Her’, I suspect that you are an urban environmentalist living some idealistic fantasy about Nature from afar. I, on the other hand, have lived the majority of my life in rural and wilderness environments -save my time in cities- and hold no illusions about some nebulous ‘Nature’, for I have never seen any line of separation, and I can’t tell you how many weeds ‘mysteriously emerge’ from my concrete walkways…

Another email, from Jimmy W: “Do you ever suffer from depression and despair or doubts? I read your stuff and you don’t ever seem to get down, are you even real?”

Yeah, Jimmy, I’m ‘real’ but that’s the difference between a person who is disciplined and lives purposefully, and those who simply wander about each day, allowing whatever comes to come. Sure I get depressed and feel despair, I’m human, but I don’t wallow and linger there for very long. I have set my life up to spend as little time and energy in the low emotions as I can, for I understand the traps that await you there when you give away your energy to those ‘parasitical emotions’.

Parasites take and give nothing in return, right?

Look, Jimmy, I like myself and my life, I respect myself and my efforts, and I accept depressive feelings as part of my experience, but I just don’t linger there, for what? I’m tired of giving over my energy to the low emotions and I’m even more tired of seeing how everybody accepts and even yields to depression, as if it is some force beyond us. More bullshit. And doubts? The active mind, examining the world of possibility before us, will of course encounter doubts, but again, doubts must not shut you down; doubts only mean your intuition is talking to you and you should listen AS you proceed along the course of your life. I never allow doubts to create a Wall of Fear and/or Indecision around me; I employ my doubts to scrape for further information, and once I’ve understood what my doubts are saying, I take the info and I move along confidently.

I always quietly laugh when hear someone say, ‘Oh , I could never do that/I can’t do that’ or ‘I’m just not sure so I won’t do anything’. My, how we are our own self-fulfilling prophets

But not me! No, I’m a bit of a nut-case, deliriously happy and content with my world and only eager to pass on what I can and have fun with what I can’t!

I will not be attending this year’s Burning Man Festival out on the Black Rock Desert in Nevada. Nope, probably no more for me; yes, I’ve enjoyed them immensely and I admire the enthusiasm of everybody who both participates and organizes this massive living art installation, but the downsides have become wearisome and, in truth, I like my desert solace and there just ain’t any at 3 AM on the playa with 50,000 people all stoned on X and wandering here and there, loudly.

As an alternative, my wife and I and a few choice friends will be heading out soon to our secret spot not too far from Gerlach but well away from the impending madness. In truth, those who do go will continue to enjoy some really amazing events and experiences, and I begrudge no one but, for me, I have had my fill.

I prefer a glass of Cognac around the campfire at 9,000 overlooking Pyramid Lake with a few good people beside me to the spectacle Burning Man has become.

OK, got some watering to do and a cigar calling me, see ya soon!

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