The Death of Burning Man, my radio show on PLV Radio, killing Time, and ‘expressing yourself’ means getting angry?

Hey friends, how’s your summer been? Mine has been fantastic and continues to be, lots of friends and family coming and going, trips here and there, health and attitude good and getting better, golly, nothing to complain about in my corner of the universe!

In fact, there’s so much to celebrate I hardly know where to start. Let’s begin with the news that, coming in September, yours truly will be one of 18 new ‘guest hosts’ on the Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network. That’s right, I, along with my colleagues, will be producing weekly ½ hour shows for this exciting new Internet radio network. The subject matter is amazingly diverse and I’ll spend some time checking out the range of experts this network will feature.

As for me, I’ll be hosting The Sexual Symposium, a show where we will, at least initially, look at the problems associated with Sexual Betrayal and Jealousy/Possessiveness from a non-psychological point of view, meaning, I’ll be using Philosophy as it was originally intended in order to penetrate this issue, the most profound challenge facing men of every era and still today: when you wife has sex with another man!

Indeed, and I say ‘initially’ as I have a ton of subjects relatively connected to Sexual Betrayal which I am interested in reviewing, subjects included but certainly not limited to:

Freeing Woman to explore the world of her choosing

The Dating Dilemma facing Women: who really is Modern Man and why is he such a wimp

The Absurdity of Monogamy and making judgments on each other’s behavior

The End of Male Dominance and the Beginning of the Era of Women

Perspectives on the Feminist Revolution and Man’s lack of response

The Effortlessness of Pornography and the Internet Revolution

Modern Woman’s Obsession with Perfection

Yeah, we’ll start there and see where things go, I’ll of course be over-seeing the action but I plan to bring in all sorts of experts including my wife, Mia, an Intuitive Life Coach with profoundly clairvoyant skills, so you won’t just be listening to me wandering around the Inner Forest of my Imagination, no no, this show will be interesting and we kick off soon, next couple weeks and I’ll keep posted as things develop.

In the meantime, head over to Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network and take a look at what I and my colleagues will soon be doing:

Now, I have stated that I won’t be attending Burning Man this year, my first absence in I-dunno-how- many years of attendance, and I would like to share with you now the real reason you will not see ‘ol Milt and Mia gaily flitting across the playa:

The Police State presence descending upon the Black Rock Desert.

Let me just say that I saw this coming more than a couple years ago, the oh-so-free festival I have come to adore having swelled from its quaint little intimate family of a few thousand friends to the massive city of wannabe-hippies and Johnny-come-latelies it has now become, a city with increasing lawlessness and criminal activity gradually eroding the integrity of the event. I remember a few years ago telling my wife, after seeing a guy steal a woman’s bag right from under her (while we were, uh, unavailable to assist due the device we were ensnared in), “Mia, one of these days there’ll be cops all over the place out here and then it’ll be over.”

“No, the Burning Man Spirit will never die!” she countered.

“Oh, the spirit may live on, but this event, with it’s celebration of human liberty, is too tempting for the cops, you watch.”

Well, friends, various reports have surfaced that the cops are, indeed, headed to Gerlach this year in force and they will be writing tickets and harassing people and doing everything they can to kill it. Kill it dead, crush it forever, put a ‘caution’ tape around it and tell everybody to keep out.


Had a little get-together the other day, where an ugly -if common- event took place before me. Guy I know suddenly started shouting and name-calling another guy, details aren’t important, but this guy just let the other guy have it, and publicly, too. Now, I am not against public display of emotion nor am I so constrained by politeness or political correctness that I can’t/don’t/won’t “express myself” before other people, but not only is there a time and place for public rebuke, but the whole idea of ‘getting in someone’s face‘ seems to be misguided.

Later that night, after things calmed down, the Offender came over to my table and I asked him what had been the problem, only to learn it was a long-standing beef they’d been waging. I listened to his explanation of why he chose then to explode, and was amused by his final words, “I have every right to express myself, don’t I?”

“Yeah, you do,” I said, “But you don’t have to get angry to express yourself.”

He stared in disbelief, then, “But I’m pissed off at the guy and finally got the courage up to say something, what’s wrong with that?”

“Well, lots really, you should have said something to him well before the point of anger, since keeping shit in is not only not good for you, but expressing yourself doesn’t have to just mean getting angry, there are a lot of ways to express yourself that don’t involve anger, ’cause just venting anger is self-indulgent AND it short-circuits your ability to be observant and see the other guy’s point.”

Not sure how much he got but here’s the point, friends: you don’t have to get angry to say what you feel.

Unfortunately, we have been trained to think that ‘getting in someone’s face’ is somehow the right way to deal with our frustrations. It rarely is, in my view, again because you should be honest far earlier in the process and by exploding thusly, after you’ve kept your true feelings all clamped down, you act like a spoiled child not getting their way rather than a mature adult looking to be treated equitably.

Learn to be honest at every stage of the game, with whomever and mostly yourself, so you avoid the Poison which is Anger.

Way too many emails these last week to deal with now, sorry but I’m still in summer-mode, though I will address one I found relevant; from Gerry T:

“So how do you kill time, Milton? What do you do for fun?”:

Gerry, at the risk of sounding like some pompously critical ass, I never “kill time,” ever. In fact I strongly dis-like that concept; as if Time is there to be spent/killed and not used wisely. No, I invest my time, Gerry, like I invest my thoughts and energies in the activities, thoughts and feelings I desire in my life.

Here’s the fundamental difference: if you’re ‘bored’ and looking to ‘kill time’, you are not directing your life but being led by Life and its events and usually randomly, going from impulse to impulse, passively reacting to whatever takes place and not directing the life you want to live. “Killing time” suggests that you’re simply some Viewer of Life with large gaps of un-spent ‘Time’ that needs to be dealt with or ‘filled’ with some distraction to keep your mind from doing what it should be doing: observing All, and not worrying.

Truthfully, most of us need a screen before us now with engaging images, sounds and/or text or we immediately “become bored.” Meaning, the stream of attractive imagery has ceased keeping you distracted and you need soemthin’ stronger!

Nah, stay with me, Gerry, get my book and read the entire blog and you’ll soon enough see another road to the one of just being a passive Receiver of Life. The possibility exists of becoming the Director and Agent of your own reality, a possibility which has no room for “killing time” but DOES have room for investment OF your time in things meaningful.

As for fun, brother, I have fun all day long, in so many little and big events, thoughts and feelings, hell, I’ve trained myself to enjoy just about everything, and that which I’ve yet to learn to enjoy I am working on doing so right now, and that includes wrapping up this blog, grabbing a couple of cigars and some cold Sierra Nevada Old Chico’s and heading over to my Dad’s for another fine Sunday barbecue amongst loved ones.

There I shall invest my every waking moment in what I enjoy. You go do the same, and get my book if you haven’t already:

How High Should I Jump: The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman


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