Book reviews and radio shows, my wife joins me on-air, ‘thank you’ to my emailers, and does Evil ‘exist’?

Well, hello again everyone, all is well in your world I trust? Yeah, there are varying degrees of ‘well’, I know, but for my part, I am feeling well-er lately, not as irritable as I was last week, as my mother is out of the hospital and doing much better, thank you, despite all the … Continue reading

Rhythm rather than Vibration, being consistently in-consistent, fear of criticizing women, and a little pre-judice is good for you

A nice week here at the Quibner Ranch, folks, wow, and I hope it was similar for all of you. Amazing weather, pleasant people, stimulating conversation and activity all around me, I am just blessed to be alive, I tell you! I am pleased to report how well my radio show, The Sexual Symposium on … Continue reading

The necessity of remembering who we are, Milt’s recent radio shows, the Clouds of Indecision and how to live a meaningful life

Hey friends, I can’t speak for anyone but myself but, my word, is Life wonderful! Every day, every moment seems a miracle, and I am absolutely blessed to be able to share my world with you, a readership that keeps me on my toes. Witness a comment made the other day by Joseph D, who … Continue reading

Quibner hits the radio, a nice ‘review’ of the book, and the Art of Exaggeration in Philosophical Applications

Hey everybody, I hope you’ve had an excellent and invigorating summer, as I have! And now, with Fall looming, I am kicking in my Media Push with some rather exciting news, at least for me: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 8 pm Pacific please join me for my half hour radio show, The … Continue reading

My new radio show, thoughts on the Death of Burning Man, and what makes Great Art?

Happy and relaxing Labor Day Weekend to one and all! Fire up that barbecue, toss some corn, ribs and a couple eggplants on there -thinly cut please- and I’ll be over shortly. In the meantime, we have some business to attend to: Yes, the Big News is that tomorrow at 8pm Pacific on The Positive … Continue reading