Quibner hits the radio, a nice ‘review’ of the book, and the Art of Exaggeration in Philosophical Applications

Hey everybody, I hope you’ve had an excellent and invigorating summer, as I have! And now, with Fall looming, I am kicking in my Media Push with some rather exciting news, at least for me:

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 8 pm Pacific please join me for my half hour radio show, The Sexual Symposium, on Positive Living Vibration Radio Network!

Yes, from here till whenever, I will be exploring the world of sexuality and my own unique views on how to go about navigating the unruly waters of the modern heterosexual relationship. My focus (as it is in my book, How High Should I Jump: The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman) is on some of the more difficult issues one faces in a relationship, from sexual betrayal and jealousy/possessiveness to simply learning how to keep pace with a demanding, independent partner. If you know anything about me, you know my work skirts the edges of the psycho-philosophical and my views are always magnified and exaggerated, to such a degree than even lunkheads and ignoramuses can get what I’m pointing at…I hope!

The shows are a lot of fun, they run a half hour and I’ve got a couple guests for some upcoming shows that will blow your mind with their clarity and honesty, specifically my gorgeous wife, Mia, an Intuitive Life Coach with the most extraordinary ability to penetrate to the essence of one’s “issues” more quickly than anyone I have ever met. Mia will rock you to the core, especially if you’re hiding something or in denial

The shows are repeated throughout the week and are, like my book, a labor of love, so bookmark the link below and tune in this Monday/Wednesday/Friday nights at 8 pm pst:
Speaking of radio, I will be a guest on Brian Shirley’s The BTS Show this coming Tuesday, September 11 at 5:15 pm Eastern.

Brian is a legendary comic and really funny interviewer who I have been looking forward to connecting with some for time. Should be a lively and entertaining 20 minutes of wild radio, so check in with Brian and me this Tuesday afternoon for something damn interesting:


Later in the week, I will be appearing on Linda Strasburg’s show at WWW.K-Talk.com in Salt Lake City, UT, 630 AM, at 5pm mountain time, 4pm on the West Coast, for a half hour interview.

Her show, “InterViews and InterActions” is famous for having some of the most profound and progressive visionaries from today’s ‘Thought Leaders’, and Linda is engaging and charismatic and I can’t wait to talk with her and her audience. Please tune in!


Alright, several emails this week begging for replies; from Harold K in Carmichael, CA:

“Hey Milto, congrats on 1st show. I thought you were a little exaggerated in places but I guess you’re trying to make a point.”

True, Harold, and as I said above, philosophy MUST magnify and exaggerate in order to understand clearly, we blow shit up so we can see it vividly, we inflate whatever beyond normal proportions so that, yes, even the dimmest amongst us can -or should- grasp the essence.

Tommy R writes, “I bought your book this year and read only about half and got pissed off in away because it was too much the same pounding at my mistakes. I just felt it was too much, so I put it away then my G/F started reading the Seminar part and asking me all these nutty questions and I decided to finish the book to shut her up and now I am glad I did!!! Total change, like 2 different books really and the second part was the best by far, it made it all come to life, all your advice and criticizing, and me and my G/F just started laughing at all the crazy scenes and at some places that were almost like us, in some ways. Good book.”

Oh, outstanding, Tommy! I am so glad you returned to it and muscled through to the end, ’cause if you just go half-way, you do not have a chance to ‘get’ the underlying meaning of the book, which it sounds like you did. Nice job, and thank you!

Glenn H aks, “Will you please write a book next on how to spot it if your wife is screwing around? I’m not a big fan of your latest book and its theme to become all mushy and devoted, which just isn’t me at all, but I damn straight would like to turn your intellect and skills on to some advice for guys like me who will Never accept my wife with another man and who, ok, its true, who fear becoming betrayed.”

Glenn, that’s an odd suggestion in some respects, judging as my book is all about removing suspicion and fear and learning to both trust and free your woman. You’re asking for a ‘how to detect if she’s cheating manual’, which after I think about it for a moment, IS a funny idea but counter to what I’m about. Might be a fun read, though, if you could fill it with all the paranoia and fear that snooping around breeds in you.

OK, I’ll consider it; just maybe not right now…

I must cut this post short, as my Mother just returned home from a gruelling stint of surgery and recovery for a long-standing back issue and, at 80 years, she is not exactly sprinting -yet- so we’ll be headed over to her house soon to do what we can and make light of all difficulty, a special skill given to me from Creator, who wishes to advise us that all things pass, including pain and discomfort; indeed, all things change and all things…are good, IF you let them BE!

Tune in this week to one or more of the shows, and we’ll talk soon!



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