The necessity of remembering who we are, Milt’s recent radio shows, the Clouds of Indecision and how to live a meaningful life

Hey friends, I can’t speak for anyone but myself but, my word, is Life wonderful! Every day, every moment seems a miracle, and I am absolutely blessed to be able to share my world with you, a readership that keeps me on my toes.

Witness a comment made the other day by Joseph D, who left a long yet very well-thought response to one of my blog posts and who essentially called us to remember how we got to where we are today, and that looking backwards sometimes, contrary to my assertion, can be equally as important as our present attempts to ‘live in the here and now’; that we must not look at the increasingly totalitarian world surrounding us and throw up our hands in resignation. I invite you to read over the comment but I will respond here only to say, Joseph, you have touched on yet another paradox, the necessity of remembering who we are and how we have arrived where we are with the need to continue to fight, no matter the costs, for our essential human freedoms which many believe ARE being stripped from us.

Thank you, Joseph, as the bulk of the email/comments I receive are asking for my advice rather than challenging my thoughts. Keep it comin’!

Speaking of feeling grateful for all that transpires, I want to thank Brian Shirley for his excellent interview with me this last week. Brian, a world renowned comic, gave me the floor of his show and I ran with it! Should you have a free half hour, take a listen to the show on the link below:

Brian Shirley show archive:

I would also like to thank Linda Strasburg, from K-Talk Radio in Salt Lake City, for her quite challenging interview of me yesterday. Linda had a ton of questions for me and I appreciated her not letting me wander too far off the mark; she gave me every opportunity to flesh out my thoughts, and believe me, that is rare in today’s “gotta get to the point and break for commercial” media focus.

On that note, please tune in every Monday, Wednesday and/or Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on the Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network to my half hour show, The Sexual Symposium, where I take on a wide array of issues relevant to today’s schizophrenic sexual relationships.

This next week, I talk a little more about the differences between Psychology and Philosophy as they relate to our relationships; I take on the Three Evil Sisters known as Should, Would and Could; I discuss learning to laugh at our ‘serious’ issues, and I offer some thoughts on the beginning of what I call “The Era of Women.” Take a listen:

Every week I get an array of emails from my readers; many of them are, as stated, questions or comments with reference to my book and my views on relationships, although this summer I have received quite a few letters ranging beyond the scope of my book, letters asking more broad meta-physical questions which, I admit, I am drawn to with enthusiasm. One such email came in this week, from Darian G:

“…but then I read your book, a girlfriend gave it to me and I read it liked it and then hated it and you know why? Because you reminded that I have not accomplished JACK SHIT in my life, not like my Dad or my Grandpa. My Dad fought with Patton in the Ardene forest, and my Grandpa helped build Hoover Dam. These were real meaningful accomplishments and now there’s me: what have I done? What am I GOING to do, too, you know, THAT’S what is getting to me lately Milton, I want to be a part of something significant, but WHAT? I want to leave my mark, so what do I do?”


Friends, in many respects, this is one of the most important emails I have ever received, for in my view, Darian captured the essential question of this period: with everything being done for me including how I am to think, feel and react, with all mountains having been climbed and all physical challenges essentially behind us, what does one do to contribute meaningfully and have any lasting impact? Or, reduced to its essence, ‘how do I live a life of meaning rather than just going through the material motions‘?

Let me first say that I will be taking this question with me for an upcoming radio show with my wife, Mia, and Intuitive Life Coach who I believe is one of the most profoundly clear people alive today. I am certain she will have a great deal to say about this, Darian, but for my part, yeah, I hear ya, big-time!

This is a question perhaps best left to the rhetoricians in some respects, because it is so speculative, although equally fraught with personal urgency, of which I once shared Darian’s angst, wandering around looking for something beyond myself to attach to in order to invest my considerable energy meaningfully. I was fortunate to find and take the road I am now firmly upon, a meaningful and richly rewarding Life Road of my choosing, again for which I am deeply grateful.

But what of the Average Joe who, like Darian, yearns to contribute on a level of his forefathers yet, looking around our society, a society where all you have before you, since it’s all been done, is what you can choose, well, what does a person longing for a meaningful life do? What choices doe he make to ensure that?

It is my contention, beyond physical challenges which any normal young person is initially drawn to, that the real challenges remaining today are the ethical challenges, in that we have and are identifying the various extant problems littered about the planet that should be dealt with, all the waste of resources and the general wasting of all that we have been given. Our attitude towards reality must now shift, Darian, if we are to evolve, and there are so many meaningful ethical challenges before us now that…well, use your imagination and you can point almost anywhere across our planet to find conflicts and situations begging for change.

So let me respond in another way and that is, I think you need to get out and see the world, Darian, and see that not everybody ascribes to the same Paradigms of Thought as we 1st World Americans. Go travel and see how the world IS, and many of the Clouds of Indecision will rapidly peel away to reveal an altogether new and wondrous world before you. Stuck in your home town, stuck in your hometown MIND-SET (with friends and family who really don’t want to see you fly too high, you know), stuck there, you will never fly, too many leaden weights called the Past all draggin’ and weighin’ on you, so, leave, go, travel, buy a ticket to somewhere in South America, say, and after taking a few Spanish or Portuguese lessons, get the hell out!

But a word of caution, should you have an itch for war in order to fulfill you: believe me, you do not want to get involved in any of the present or coming wars, wars which are being designed not to liberate people but essentially to enslave them, or to defend corporate interests, hell no, forget those kind of challenges. The killing is over, friend, or will be soon enough, and now, we need life affirmations, peaceful events of affirmation and the celebration of Life and people committed to seeing them occur, this is what the planet is calling for now.

I would get out, Darian, and go see the world and you’ll begin filling up that empty bag within. You’ve had enough of our ‘culture’ and its hyper-competitive, deeply cynical attitude towards damn near everything, now go see how the rest of the world operates. Only by doing so, in my opinion, will you understand what you and it, the planet, then needs, and if you’re any kind of student of mine, you’ll know that I believe we are souls having a human incarnation, eternal beings having physical experiences here and now.

As the brilliant David Icke reminds us, “Remember who you are!” One way to do so is get some perspective on who you’ve been, and that takes some distance and perspective for most of us, got it?

This issue, again, will not so easily be disposed, oh no, friends, we’ll be revisiting this one very soon; in the meantime, please get outside and enjoy the wondrous last few days of summer, and make sure you breathe!

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