Rhythm rather than Vibration, being consistently in-consistent, fear of criticizing women, and a little pre-judice is good for you

A nice week here at the Quibner Ranch, folks, wow, and I hope it was similar for all of you. Amazing weather, pleasant people, stimulating conversation and activity all around me, I am just blessed to be alive, I tell you!

I am pleased to report how well my radio show, The Sexual Symposium on Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network, is developing, and I have you readers -and now listeners- to thank for that. Seriously, the emails and messages have been excellent and timely, can’t thank you enough for taking the leap of faith and seein’ if ‘ol Milt has anything beyond a smart-ass reply to your more serious issues. No, I mean it, some strong emails of late and I am addressing most of your questions on my half-hour weekly show.

Let’s hope I have something of value to offer, of course, because the majority seem to think I’m only about humor and making glib comments, but I am not a humorist, I am an absurdist; huge difference, in that humorists generally aim at making one laugh, while an absurdist aims, if he aims at all, at creating understanding out of confusion and paradox.

Read my book for a demonstration of what that means, and in the meantime, please tune in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific to the PLV-Radio link below.

This week’s show:

Fear of criticizing women, and some pre-judice is good for you!

“Milt discusses the Feminist Revolution and Man’s inability and fear of criticizing women, Philosophy as the conversation of thinking with the soul, the necessity of making value judgments and why you must have some pre-judices, the rise of the Cuckold Movement and why, and are women superior to men?”


I was at a dinner party the other night with some very forward-thinking and relatively-balanced people, when the topic of Vibration came up. Guy at the end of the table held court and was waxing effusively over how we need to ‘raise our vibrations’ and how learning about vibrations were both the key to understanding and improving your life and that this concept was some newly-discovered gem that no one had ever noticed before except the new spiritual movement.

Now, I am generally not one to just confront people over what I feel may be poorly-thought out Thought, as I usually just let whatever pass, especially at an innocuous dinner event where it isn’t important to wage verbal warfare. However, I was not permitted my silence or absence from the conversation.

“Hey Milt,” Richy piped up, “Is this all over your head or what? You usually have something to say about everything.”

Mia, my wife, jabbed me and whispered, “Leave it alone…” so I just smiled and waved and kept eating, but not Richy; no, Richy saw blood.

“I can explain it to you in private, if you’re feeling a little embarrassed,” he quipped. All eyes fell on me, and yeah, damn it, I just couldn’t let it lay.

“Hey that’s great to see you’re exploring new themes, Richy, the idea of universal vibration at the core of all matter is an intriguing thought…”

Mia is jabbing her finger into my gut but away I go, “Personally I’m hoping the New Age Movement catches up to the Pre-Socratics one of these days and tosses out that term and replaces it with the more appropriate philosophical term, which has somehow gone out of vogue.”

Richy stood there blank-faced, wondering what I was up to, I suppose, but no amount of Mia’s jabbing could stop me now.

“No, can’t wait till you discover that Rhythm, not Vibration, is at the very core of all Being. Richy,” I said, the lecturer suddenly rising confidently, “Rhythm is what rules all matter, and thought, really, and this was recognized as far back as the Dionysian Rituals, the early dithyrambs in truth were all rhythmic and not melodic celebrations, which meant they celebrated the many waves and undulations, the many possibilities of the human experience, Richy, for rhythm brings ecstasy and joy, and crying too, right? Crying often emerges in waves that roll from you and that’s rhythm, and the early songs were purely rhythmic as well, I mean, look at our greatest music, the amazing rhythms of Flamenco music for instance, or cultural musics across the globe, all rhythm-based, ’cause the old cultures also knew that it was rhythm which lay behind everything, and…”

And on and on I went, people gradually slipping away from the table until at last there sat just the 3 of us. For his part, I will say that Richy was a good sport and later even thanked me for being ‘level-headed’. I actually disagree with him, though, for I wasn’t level-headed, I was in ‘passionate defense of my school‘ mode and, yeah, I stand by what I was preaching, I do wish the New Agers would move past Vibration and on into Rhythm, for Vibration leaves you wondering, “Uh, how do I do that?” but Rhythm is easily understood, for it is easily felt and produced, just bang on a drum or feel the waves roll and you will understand -well passed your reason- the meaning of Rhythm.

And yes, certainly more later on this essential concept…

Lots of emails again, both supportive and critical, which pleases me greatly; here’s one from Don L, a ‘smart guy’ who tosses me some rather cynical and even mean-spirited missives on a weekly basis and usually has nothing of merit from which to comment on, although this week he actually bypassed the invectives and left this for me:

“For an intellectual, you’re not very definitive. I find that odd.”

No, not odd, Don, evolved, which I suggest you do with your thinking, as it strikes me you’re stuck in the past, when intellectuals were expected to be precisely detailed and could only wear one hat at a time. I reject that ‘mono-thematic’ shrinking of my possible range of possibilities and refuse that burden and in fact, I seek greater heights of vagueness and metaphor!

Don, I don’t want to be exact, I want to soar and see the possibilities, not be narrowed down and restricted to some ‘definitive’ track where every thought must be referenced and approved by the Gate-Keepers.

Fuck the Gate-Keepers, fuck Knowing and Knowledge and being consistent, I am not tied to some chain of information nor do I feel compelled to be consistent, no, I am consistently in-consistent if anything, I am whatever the conditions call for, and this is poetry, this is philosophy!

This is Athens, dude, not Sparta!

Here’s a note from Martha S, in North Platte, Nebraska. Martha and I have been communicating all summer after she bought my book and was completely floored and confused by what she thought she was getting (guess she didn’t see the word ‘satirical’ on the cover…). No matter what I say, she keeps returning to her first -and quite ‘reasonable’- point:

“I just don’t really get it, are you trying to return us all to some long lost period when men ruled over women?”

No, Martha, I am mocking those who do yearn for the days of old, and I am mocking, too, those who cannot deal with today’s romantic conditions and I am mocking people like you -gently, mind you- who are so literal in their reading that they miss the ‘voice above the literal’ which is the metaphorical understanding I hope my more seasoned readers grasp with ease, whew!

No, Martha, I am not sending us back to the Stone Age; can’t go even if we wanted to and all we can do is understand and emulate the values and ethics of the period I unceasingly refer to, the Golden Age of Ancient Greece and all that came before it. Yeah, for those who ‘get it’, I am hearkening back to those dusty ‘ol Values of Antiquity to remind us, signpost-style, of where we are today and how far we have ranged from those lofty standards and for those who care, how to restore our metaphysical direction to us.

What I do say is, ‘adapt and adjust, guys, to the new landscape; take yourself less seriously and learn to support your wife or girlfriend, ’cause if you don’t…‘ well, again, read my book to see how the absurdities of demanding monogamous behavior in a non-monogamous age might play themselves out.

Nah, no returning, Martha, social equality now always, though not sexual equality, which, pardon me, is bullshit.

I want the security that only a woman can give to a man, called nurturing. I also understand that, by and large, today’s woman has rejected this instinctual trait, the very thing that men seek in women beyond sex, something we literally need. This will change in time, I believe women will re-embrace their instincts and again understand their essential roles.

…Problem is, men are little more than boot-lickers now, coming to their women for nurturing yet without a sense of self-worth, so really, why should a woman feel proud of her man if the guy himself doesn’t feel it?

How you gonna wanna nurture a boring, wimpy, insecure slob?

I’ll be signing off and posting quickly this morning, and if I appear a little irritated and impatient, it’s because I am, for my mother is not doing well after another back surgery she shouldn’t have ever had in the first place, surgery which again has not gone well and there she now lays, wallowing in misery and declining by the minute despite the best attempts of her so-called ‘doctors’. Criminals more like it, criminals who saw a fat insurance policy just sitting there and thought, ‘ah hell, we’re surgeons, we’re geniuses, and maybe our surgical wizardry will help and if not, we make a killing anyway, who cares?’ Some of us do care, though, Docs, and to see my mother, a faithful believer in you High Priests and all your magic, to see her languishing in agony yet doe-eyed whenever one of you Elitists deign to enter the room for a distasteful few minutes amongst the Heathens…boils my blood!

It is, however, far too late to change the situation or assign any useless blame, for there she is, ‘enjoying’ the fruits of her decision to put her entire Being in the hands of people who can barely remember her name.

Me and Cassandra have a lot in common, hell, I told my mom 8 years ago, ‘Do not have this surgery, you are too old and feeble to withstand it’, but like Cassandra, I was ignored and one unsuccessful and debilitating surgery after the next, there she is, stuck in Purgatory, and it ain’t pretty…

I’m off to the hospital in a few minutes, so I’ll leave off here with no pithy closing comments of any value and lots of mixed feelings. Take care.



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