Book reviews and radio shows, my wife joins me on-air, ‘thank you’ to my emailers, and does Evil ‘exist’?

Well, hello again everyone, all is well in your world I trust? Yeah, there are varying degrees of ‘well’, I know, but for my part, I am feeling well-er lately, not as irritable as I was last week, as my mother is out of the hospital and doing much better, thank you, despite all the doctor’s attempts to torture, burn and make her life miserable…

Very active week for the Kid, interviews, radio shows, upcoming podcast, wow, all packed into a very tough week for San Francisco Forty Niner fans -ouch- which I’ll get to, if I have the strength, even after a win on Thursday…

First off, I gotta thank the lovely and gracious Niina C. over at For The Love of Reading, a very well-done blog devoted to romance and sex novels. Niina did a great job interviewing me and laid out a fantastic spread, which I am proud to share here with you; take a look when you get the chance, (and you deadbeats, pick up my book you’ve been thinking about buying, nowztha time, come on!):


Lots of radio show activity of late, several fun interviews and my ongoing show, The Sexual Symposium, over at Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network.

This week, I am quite proud to have my wife, Life Wizard, Mia Matters, join me in the studio for my half hour show. Mia, as I hope you will take the time to hear, was fantastic, funny, direct and clear. On the show, we look modern man’s response to the Feminist Revolution, and we address some reader email questions, including how to overcome infidelity and whether or not depression is genetic, and we look at Mia’s tips for handling a very hot girlfriend and her thoughts on obtaining ‘the perfect life’ and becoming intuitive, whew, a full show indeed!

I had a lovely time peppering her with my own and reader questions, and you be the judge but I think she did a great job; take a listen this week every night at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on the link below to catch it live:

Now, if you haven’t had the chance to catch any of my shows live, just hit the link below and search for yours truly in the archives and you can listen in at any time to any of the past shows:


A word about emailing me:

As you know, I invite any and all comments, questions, rebuttals, praises and insults to come my way, and I do my best to address your inquiries honestly and directly, a practice I hope you enjoy as much as I do and for which I want to say “Thank you greatly” to all those who have been sending stuff in. I’m actually quite proud to have a readership -and now listenership- who responds to my work and feels I might have something of value to offer, especially as I’m known, right or wrong, as a ‘humorist’.

I owe a great deal of this, of course, to the ground work I have been doing the last couple years in anticipation of my book, How High Should I Jump: The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman, in that as you may remember, I spent a lot of time going from one small group to another, announcing my book’s impending arrival and explaining an describing what makes my viewpoint both unique and valid as a source of insight.

It was an odd experience, especially in the first days of heading out on the promotion trail with no book and no real product to hock, other than me and my absurdly enthusiastic mind. I attended and/or sat in via phone-Internet tiny book clubs in Susanville, California; a 5 person group on healing through humor; an Internet book club of maybe 10 people focused on the Classics; a group of librarians, maybe 20 in all, in Sacramento, CA; and my favorite, a group of 7 veterans of the Vietnam War, who I met randomly at a farmer’s market and who invited me to one of their meetings on a fishing boat in Bodega Bay, California, where I got horribly drunk on brandy yet stood my ground as one after the next old-world warrior told me I was full of shit for even attempting to challenge the way men think and react. I woke up that next morning in a pile of life preservers, and the first thing I saw was one of my new buddies urinating over the bow not 2 feet from my face! Oh joy!

6 of the 7 members of that group were amongst the first people to purchase my book when it came out, I am proud to say. The 7th? He died last summer before it reached print…

Back to the emails: I am very happy to report that this summer I have seen an entirely new group of readers writing in with their thoughts and concerns, people who have just recently discovered the book or heard about me. That tells me that the word is getting out there and that people are gradually warming to this very odd book with its very odd author. How cool, so I want to say again, “Thank you!” and to invite you all to write in with whatever is on your mind, hell, try me on any subject and if I can’t address, I will pass it on to Mia, who most certainly can!

Now, that being said, I have some very exciting news I’ll be revealing in the next week or so concerning a certain podcast that…well, we’ll get there, let’s cut now to some emails; here’s one from Joe N:

“…and the part in the book that just fucked with me was the part with Kevin keeping coming back (sic). Just fucking hilarious and a lot like a lot of guys like me. Great!!”

Ah, thanks, Joe; in truth, that’s my favorite part, too, as I think it gets to every man’s dilemma with women, or tries to; I appreciate it!

Another email, from Hank L, “I send you emails all the time and you never respond, why?

Well, Hank, I’ll put it to you this way: I get a lot of emails every week, mostly either praising or ripping me, but the emails I get where people make intelligent or interesting comments or ask a question which I might be able to handle, hey, I jump on those. I do not, as you have seen, reply privately unless it is important to do so; everything of importance gets addressed here on this blog and otherwise, if you’re just gonna call me a ‘jerk-ass idiot‘ as you have, then I’m just gonna ignore you, although, since you’ve been writing me damn near every week for the entire summer, I felt it time to address you here.

On that subject, here’s one I will respond to; Emma F asks, “You never speak about the existence of Evil in the world. It is real and I think you should be putting out the alert to people.”

Uh, Emma, I don’t believe in animate forces known as Good and Evil, I only see Love, Life’s essence, and Strife or Cruelty, which is the love of hurting others, a love of pain and destruction, but as to Evil and The Devil and all that, I don’t give those phantoms any credence; I trust The Light of Love and, right or wrong, refuse to acknowledge what you refer to as Evil.

Alright, I will be cutting this post short, as I have a couple events today which I simply must get to, and they are, in order:

The last game of the season for my beloved San Francisco Giants. Yeah, we didn’t get there again this season like we did last year, thanks in large part to an exhausted starting pitching staff and the shortened off-season due to winning the World Series, but things look very good for next year, we signed Hunter Pence and all we need is another starter -or two- and maybe a bat in left field and look out, NL West!

And, with my mother out of the hospital and recovering at home, I will be heading off soon to both see the game with her and prepare a nice Sunday dinner for all. Why don’t you do the same or similar, and in the meantime, drop me a line at me email address with any thoughts or concerns, and for those still sitting on the fence, GET my book:

I’m outta here!

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