Book reviews and radio shows, the need for the return of Shame, the Illusion of Choice, and a famous quote gets unraveled.

Greetings, friends, October is here and there’s magic in the air, can’t you feel it? All sorts of activity this week, so, let’s dive right in!

I want to thank America’s Love Guide, Hadley Finch, for her excellent 45 minute interview with yours truly and the author, Charles Rawlings, MD. Hadley took a long, hard look at both of our books and why each of our attitudes was the ‘better’ in terms of developing and maintaining strong, satisfying relationships. I felt great and thought my answers soared, but as I always suggest, you be the judge; you can catch the show at your leisure by hitting the link below:

I received a really spot-on review of my book, How High Should I Jump: The Satirical Guide to Pleasing Today’s Woman, this week from one of America’s top 1% book reviewers, Melanie Adkins at, and I am quite proud to say, she gave it 5 out of 5 stars and had nothing but good things to say about it, especially as a guide for unsure men. Nice; good to see we both agree on who should be reading this!

But again, don’t take my word for it, here’s her review:


I really want to thank everyone for the great emails I’ve been getting, both lately and since I began my journey. Yeah, I said this last week but, really, and as you’ll soon see, I am blessed with some thoughtful and very sharp readers. Let’s get to the stack:

Lance M wrote me a book this week, just voluminous; here’s the gist: “…and I see our nation as a group of disconnected mercenaries totally without honor. However, having read and fallen for your book, you may have another view. If you could put it in one word, what do you think our nation and its people are most in need of?”

Wow, there’s a question! Well, I don’t have to look too long, Lance, for the word is SHAME.

Yep, we suffer from a collective lack of shame, which is strong inhibitor to bad action. I’m not talking embarrassment or guilt; embarrassment is a mild but passing discomfort, and guilt is a legal term for responsibility which can be rehabilitated. No no, we need -and likely will not return to the state where we could foster- a sense of individual and national shame.

Not that we all need to experience shame; that I want to avoid, for true shame is unforgivable, unforgettable and permanent, a stain you carry the remainder of your life and something you do everything in your power to avoid, or should. In the old days, shame kept people in check; the fear of shaming yourself meant your shame would spill over onto your family, but today, since we have no collective, underlying ethos or emotional connection to each other based on shared values and ethics, hell, nobody kills themselves from shame like they used to, nobody stops himself before an act and says, ‘geez, if I do this, I will shame myself and all I value’.

Shame is gone today and we could surely use it again, for when you are shamed, your ability to think and to reason is shot and you’ll do anything to avoid it; once it happens, brother, it is irretrievable, look at the Tragedies, every single one of them is about shame and how the playwright dealt with it, it’s that big a concept.

On a personal level, fear of shaming myself and my family has long kept me from indulging in stupidity. Would that I magically pass this good fear on to all those in need…

An email from Gregor T: “I read your blog each week and some weeks it’s great, others not, I guess like anything, but you said something the other day about how Reality is all done for us now but that it’s all about Choice here. That doesn’t make sense; how could everything already be decided yet you can choose whatever you want?”

Ah, great insight and observation, Gregor, nice! Let’s dive below the surface of modern so-called reality with its daily, ephemeral quality: commuting, the job, economics, taxes, police, death, everything set in place and your task is to function and choose, ah, but it is an illusion of Choice, for your choices are constricted and narrowed by an advancing media that tells you how to react, think and feel. Truly, Gregor, the only thing we actually have any power of choice over…is our reactions.

Man, this is the essence, if you can get THIS, you won’t need anyone to lead you ever again, you’ll penetrate below The Lie that says you can be anything, do anything, experience anything, which are lies because you can’t, you can’t go the moon when you want to, you can’t play professional football just because you want to or decide to, and you can’t just call up Obama and have a nice chat with him. No, the only choices you are GIVEN is in terms of filling your shopping cart, BUT your ACTUAL choices, in my view, really boil down to how you react to each and every impulse, sensation, change and abrupt happening that you encounter within and without, THAT is where your freedom lies, to be free of nasty emotional debilitating reactions and habits of mind that keep you mired down low.

I shall have a great deal more to say in coming posts and on my radio show about the real Choices we face today, and those that are simply illusions

And, one from Nancy F. Nancy has been writing me for over a year, gradually developing an interest in philosophy and the Dead Old White Guys, even going back to school recently, which I applaud. Here’s her note:

“Can you explain the famous phrase by Protagoras, “Man is the measure of all things”? My philosophy teacher uses it but she can’t really explain it so I can understand, she says it means ‘subjective reality’ but I’m like, what?”

Well, she’s right but she didn’t give you much depth to fill in the rest of the open spaces there, Nancy. Protagoras meant that Reality is the world on Man only, what Man creates; it means, ‘If I don’t want it there, it isn’t, because I create it and I can deny it, even if evidence says otherwise’. It’s really a form of extreme individualism or an idealistic reality taught in schools today; rather than seeing the world as it is, that phrase really means, ‘I’ll see the world the way I want to see it’ or ‘I’ll dictate to the world what I says it is or isn’t’, which is ok until you have to actually deal with the world and its people, then it all falls apart, I mean, over 6 billion isolated, subjective realities believing in the validity of their own worlds? Really?

‘Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses’ is another popular way to view it, but ultimately, it’s Sophism and Sophism, which can construct some elaborate glass houses…well, one good Stoic rock tossed at a Sophistic edifice and down the facade shall come!

I alluded last week to a podcast in the works and I am very close -perhaps as soon as another week- from launching it; should be very cool and I am proud to say that I will be partnering with my lovely genius of a wife, Mia Matters, on what will be known as “Get Over Yourself!The Milt n Mia Show!

Yes, friends, Mia has a wide range of seasoned, funny, direct and well-reasoned opinions that will shock and startle you into action and understanding. I, for my part, will offer whatever insights I can, but the bulk of the work will land on Mia’s capable shoulders, and I can’t wait to announce the locations of the show. We’re in-studio all week cutting shows and getting our sh#t together, so stay tuned, and in the meantime, thanks for coming by, and please keep those emails and messages coming, I greatly appreciate and enjoy them!

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