Radio shows and interviews with Milt, visiting the Grotto of the Nymph and the Temple of Delphi, and Milt’s hot babe, Mia Matters

Wow, huge week, friends, all sorts of fun activity!

As usual, I will begin by inviting you to my weekly half-hour radio show, The Sexual Symposium, airing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network.

Here’s this week’s promo:

“In this week’s show, Milt goes off on several long tangents after first showing gratitude to his readers; he then fields some positive comments about his wife, Mia Matters, and her appearance on the show; he answers an email asking if Women have ever been more lascivious (“oh yes!”), and addresses complaints from men who feel the focus of the relationship should remain on them.”

Now, if you haven’t had the chance to catch any of my shows live, just hit the link below and search for yours truly in the archives and you can listen in at any time to any of the past shows:

On Friday, I was interviewed by Rich Keppler of Renegade FM fame, along with his co-hosts, the alluring Marla and my new friend, Leah Tate (come to find out, Leah and I have a great deal in common and became instant pals this week; a great woman). We had a blast, it was so much fun and, though the salty language was not what one normally engages in on live radio, I, for one, enjoyed the loose candor that Rich has created, and the interplay between us all was intense and solid.

Here’s the link to the show’s player, which you can listen to whenever you feel like it. A warning, though: there’s some rather adult language from beginning to end, so keep the little ones out of earshot; just click to open the link:

Speaking of my new friend, Leah Tate over at AuthorTeaseReadings just released a very fun interview with me. Got some questions I have never been asked, and made anew friend in the process. Great job, Leah!
OK, time for some emails; here is one quite dear to my heart, from Veronica B:

“Hey Milton I am going to Naples, Italy, for a month, any recommendations on special out-of-the-way places to visit?”

Sure, though I’m no travel guide, but if you’re headed to Naples, then you gotta go west out to the little town of Pozzuoli. Take a full day and go visit the Grotto of the Nymph, where legend has it that a white stone jar contained ‘spontaneous water‘ or water that never flowed over the lid nor was depleted if you removed any.

Don’t believe me? Read The Life of Appolonius, where Demetrius looks at this mystery at length. The jar is, of course, gone now, but within that grotto is such a magic, ethereal feeling of empowerment and enthusiasm that you will know what it means…to be enthused!

Speaking of travel, I would like to recommend to anyone who wants to really get a feel for the raw magic of the Classical Era to visit to the Omphalos, or the belly-button of our planet, the Temple of Delphi, 100 miles or so northwest of Athens, high above the beautiful Gulf of Corinth at the foot of Mt. Parnassus in the Phocis valley. Give yourself several days to languish and lay about the region, because you may experience something amazing there, if you ‘check’ your reason, and open your soul.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with the Temple of Delphi. Go to Wikepedia if you’re clueless, or Plutarch’s Lives for the clued-in. One thing is certain, though: Delphi can be -and often is- a life-changing experience. Indeed, the Ancients had many phrases to describe what took place within its sacred chambers: pneuma enthusiastika (‘to be inspired’), spirutus (‘a breathing’) and atmos entheas (‘possessed by a God’).

I have to agree with all the descriptions, for what you feel there is unlike anything anywhere, a mysterious transformation of spirit and thought, and I urge those who go to simply go and Be, breathe and feel, and you may, like so many before you, experience the magic of Delphi, oh, and buy an extra ticket for me, as I am in great need of the hallucinatory fumes which emanate from the Cthonics, who dwell below!
One more email, from Jeremy T:

“…so I was listening to your show with Mia, whose totally hot, man, what a babe you got, and that woman really gets it, doesn’t she? You guys make a good combination, is she doing more shows with you? I think she should.”

Jeremy, I think she should, too, and yes, next weekend I’ll be posting the link to our 2nd show. And yes, I am ALMOST ready to launch our podcast, ‘Get Over Yourself!’ The Milt n Mia Show!, though I’m having minor issues with one of the, uh, show’s celebrities who is rather demanding as to how she…I mean, they think things should proceed, no, not gonna mention names, Mia, but some of the cast is a bit picky about the…

Oh, never mind! I was gonna mention the audiobook that I’m almost finished recording, but I’ll hold off for now, got a Niners game in a few minutes but don’t you be stuck inside, go catch some Fall weather, hug your loved ones, never miss a moment, and keep those emails coming, I greatly appreciate them!

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