Radio, audiobook and podcasts, refusing to become a Jon Stewart-clone, and telling the UN to “Come and Take Them”

Greetings again to all, hope your October is as amazing as mine has been!

Yeah, another week packed with activity, so let’s dispense with the promotionals:

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on the Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network, please join me for my half hour show, The Sexual Symposium!

This week’s show: The Next Generation of Feminism, and if a woman dresses sexy, is she a slut?

“Milt’s wife, Mia Matters, joins Milt to discuss further thoughts on the Next Generation of Feminism, along with addressing a listener’s outrage over Mia’s comments on dressing sexy and her views about the so-called ‘victims of betrayal’ reversing their thinking and taking personal responsibility for what happened, and some provocative listener emails.”

Putting the final touches on both my audiobook and the upcoming podcast with my wife, Mia, ‘Get Over Yourself! The Milt n Mia Show!‘ Very much enjoying the process and both projects should be up and running in the next week or so.

I did place a 7 minute sample of the audiobook on my website, so if you’d like to hear a little of what the auidiobook is all about, take a listen here:

Molon Labe‘ or ‘Come and take them’, a famous phrase from Herodotus (in reference to the king of the Spartan’s, Leonidas, refusal to turn over their weapons to the Persians at the Hot Gates, or Thermopylae) is making the rounds again, I see. Good to occasionally remind us where we have come from, and how far we have strayed…

I have seen this phrase used by all sorts of people but most often by those who oppose gun control, a defiant stance that says, “I will not willingly yield up my guns!” With the recent news out of the UN that they are again seeking a worldwide ban and confiscation of all private weapons, the 2nd Amendment Crowd here in the States are all up in arms (OK, an intended pun) over this latest assault on individual liberties, and with good reason, in my view.

I rarely take political stances, as they are generally met with instant polarization, name-calling and labeling, but in this case, I will present my own thoughts to the world unapologetically and simply say that the gun-grabbers of the planet are, in essence, seeking their own destruction. Why? Well, it’s an old cliché but one that bears repeating: when there are no more guns in private hands, only the police/military and the bad guys will have them, and neither group can be trusted with you and your family’s safety.

Urbanites and city dwellers often have no clue what it actually means to own and use guns on a regular basis, nor do they understand the need for personal protection, UNTIL some bad guy robs, beats, rapes or murders them or someone they love.

Here’s an anecdote from my life; I know, only an anecdote, unsupported by any think-tank or pile of research, but it makes my point:

In the summer of 2012, a friend of my wife (urbanite, liberal, wealthy and visiting the ‘country’ for a few days) found me out back one day assisting some neighbor kids in dismantling and cleaning their rifles. She stood shocked and speechless; later when the kids had gone, she came into my office and simply ripped me for corrupting these mis-guided kids and endangering society with my ‘reckless teachings’ (cleaning a gun and instructing kids in their proper use is reckless? I know, she’s logically-impaired but let me move on). I said little, but I did say, “One day you may see gun ownership in a different light.”

“Never!” she defiantly boasted, “And I’m all for every gun taken and destroyed!”

“That leaves only the government and the bad guys with guns,” I countered.

“I’m fine with that,” she said, and we went on our ways.

Well, well, interesting how things change, isn’t it? Seems my wife’s trusting, myopic and altruistic ‘believer in the inherent good nature of all people’ was –what’s this?- robbed and beaten one evening this spring when she entered her safe and secluded apartment in San Francisco, to find thugs waiting for her. Violent thugs. I feel bad for what happened to her, and I’m not saying having a gun would have prevented the crime, BUT, what she did next proved quite telling:

Having recovered from her injuries, she called my wife, Mia, and asked if I knew anyone with a gun to sell her AND, would I be willing to instruct her in its use? According to Mia, the incident shook her to the core; understandably, for if you’ve ever been robbed or violently attacked, the memory lingers for a damn long time, and you scour your Being for ways in which it won’t be repeated…

We directed her to a local gun store in the City, of course, where she can still legally purchase a hand gun and learn its proper use. No, I am no ‘gun teacher’ or ‘2nd Amendment preacher’, just a life-long duck hunter who has used firearms since a child with never any issues, and plenty of enjoyment.

It ain’t the gun, people, it’s the fool holding the trigger we must worry about; removing guns from the populace only leaves US defenseless.

“Molon Labe, United Nations, Molon Labe…”

Email from Jerry T, in Omaha, NB: “Milt, I read your book and found it wild and imaginative, really good actually, and now I read your blog and you’re Mister Educator and all serious. I was hoping you would be funny and be making fun of all the stupid stuff going on, like the Daily Show and how he rips into the System, so why don’t you?”

Jerry, I thank you for reading my book and finding it ‘wild and imaginative’; it is. Yet my blog is too ‘serious’ for you and you’d prefer I became a Jon Stewart-clone with a smart-ass bite? Sorry, friend, not my style; I am not cynical nor do I have or want a platform like Stewart’s, who, while it may seem he ‘really rips into the System’, is yet another corporate tool whose entire show is scripted and cleaned by his handlers. He sounds like he’s championing freedom when, in truth, he’s just another government supporter.

For my part, Jerry, I prefer to work outside the lines where I remain free from all corporate and government influences, or I should say, relatively free, as none of us today truly have any of the old freedoms our grandfathers once enjoyed. Yeah, I may strike a rather ‘serious’ tone here on this blog, but it is here on this blog that you will encounter me, stripped of artifice and really not up to much more than spelling out my thoughts and experiences each week to a select few highly intelligent and progressively-illuminated spiritual beings who dig what I have to say.

And, with that, I have a Niners game in a few minutes and my Dad just pulled into the driveway, so friends, take care, keep sending in your comments and questions, and enjoy!

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