The audiobook has arrived, reading Ancient Greek, and just how hot is Mia Matters?

Amazing, a few days from now and it’s Thanksgiving, hell, I was just enjoying the warm summer breeze and now it’s…almost December? Let me then begin my post today by announcing the Big News: My audiobook has arrived! Yes, I will be out promoting the audiobook and making sure everybody gets a chance to hear … Continue reading

Milt’s audiobook has arrived, and why God favors the Poet over the Priest

Wait a minute, it’s November? Where did June go, and July, and then…? Ah well, Time sits still for no one, so let’s enjoy what we have before us and that is, today! But, first off, the Big News: My audiobook has arrived! Yea! I am so stoked, to use a 70’s term, and believe … Continue reading

Radio shows and podcasting, a Cuckold Radio Interview, and a half hour with Sex Butter’s Bonnie Gayle

Friends, this has been another lovely week out here in Northern California! Fall weather, fall colors, fall magic in the air, ah! Let’s get to the weekly promotional: Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on the Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network, please join me for my half hour show, … Continue reading

A married man struggles to celebrate his hot-wife’s extra-marital adventures

Hello again everyone! I’ll ignore those who don’t celebrate this, my favorite holiday, and ask, how was your Halloween? I had a wonderful time, dressing up as a witch doctor and giving out a few home-made organic goodies rather than GMO candy. At any rate, up first, as every week, is a promo for my … Continue reading