Radio shows and podcasting, a Cuckold Radio Interview, and a half hour with Sex Butter’s Bonnie Gayle

Friends, this has been another lovely week out here in Northern California! Fall weather, fall colors, fall magic in the air, ah!

Let’s get to the weekly promotional:

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on the Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network, please join me for my half hour show, The Sexual Symposium!

This week’s show:

Is intimacy and romance a myth or a possibility in today’s fast-paced, instant-hookup society?

Here’s the blurb:

Joining me for this week’s show is intimacy and relationship expert Bonnie Gayle, who examines the state of modern relationships and offers her insights into how best a couple can create intimacy and romance despite the odds against them.

Let’s take a look at Bonnie:

“Bonnie Gayle, Body Liberator, is an expert on how to connect intimately and step into sexual empowerment. After co-creating Sex Butter, a sexually empowering butter made from organic plant based oils and infused with messages of love and healing, her true mission came alive: “Body Liberation” – The process of stepping into personal intimacy and releasing yourself to experience sexual freedom in a whole new way! It starts with YOU!

“Bonnie’s personal experience with negative body image, low self esteem intimacy and sexual issues stems from a past filled with traumatic sexual experiences that led to hating and shutting down herself and her body by coping in all sorts of unhealthy ways, including: withdrawal, binging & purging, emotional eating, promiscuity and self-deprecation. After healing the negative body image, self worth and intimacy/sexual issues, Bonnie has successfully assisted, mentored, and taught both men and women the importance of taking charge of your intimacy and sex life while empowering your body.”

For more information about Bonnie Gayle, check out:
Facebook: or
Follow her on Twitter: @sexbutterbabe
Subscribe to her on YouTube: sexbutterbabe & bodyliberator
For Sex Butter product information, customer reviews, or to purchase, check out:

Great job, Bonnie, and thank you!

Still putting the final touches on both my audiobook and the upcoming podcast with my wife, Mia, ‘Get Over Yourself! The Milt n Mia Show!

Very much enjoying the process and both projects should be up and running…uh, soon, as the process is much more involved than I’d imagined, meaning much slower than I had hoped. Yet, we progress and soon, thing’s be live, so in the meantime, there’s a 7 minute sample of the audiobook on my website, so if you’d like to hear a little of what the audiobook is all about, take a listen here:

No emails this week; not that I didn’t receive any but that I think I’ll hold off for now; in truth, I have been saving most of them for my PLV show and the upcoming Milt n Mia Show podcast.

I did, however, recently take part in a really lively and fun interview on Sonya Chi‘s “Kinky News & Views with Sonya C” on

Sonya covers Adult Industry news and events and discusses fetish topics with her co-hosts and special guests, and we had a highly-provocative talk on the subject of Cuckoldry and its place in today’s rapidly-changing social dynamic.

The interview airs this Friday at 2pm Eastern on

And, with that, my son is due in from UC Berkeley to watch the Niner game in a little while, so I will be tuning out here and tuning in with him quite soon, enjoy!

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