Milt’s audiobook has arrived, and why God favors the Poet over the Priest

Wait a minute, it’s November? Where did June go, and July, and then…?

Ah well, Time sits still for no one, so let’s enjoy what we have before us and that is, today!

But, first off, the Big News:

My audiobook has arrived! Yea! I am so stoked, to use a 70’s term, and believe I did a pretty fair reading of the text, with a few miscues of course, which is my style: rough around the edges but oh so deep!

I will be out promoting the audiobook and making sure everybody and I mean everybody gets a chance to hear at least the minute-and-a-half sample, linked below:

For those bold enough to take the leap and want to simply purchase the entire 7-and-a half-hour recording ($8.99) or single chapters ($0.99/ea), you can do so at the CDBaby link below:

I am eager to hear how I did, so feel free to rip or praise or anything in between, I can take it!

And, as I do every week, I need to announce my ongoing radio show at PLV:

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on the Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network, please join me for my half hour show, The Sexual Symposium!

This week’s show:

Fallout from my PMS remarks, and learning to participate in -and not fear- your hot wife’s sexuality!

“In this week’s show, Milt addresses the fallout from his remarks on the PMS Syndrome, which upset several women but which a few brave men responded positively to, then counsels emailers with hot wives and how best to participate in -and not live in fear of- their sexual freedoms.”

Had a very fun and informative 45 minute interview recently (now archived) on Sonya Chi‘s “Kinky News & Views with Sonya C” on

Sonya covers Adult Industry news and events and discusses fetish topics with her co-hosts and special guests, and we had a highly-provocative talk on the subject of Cuckoldry and its place in today’s rapidly-changing social dynamic. Take a listen at the link below at your leisure:

And now, an email, in reference to my Men’s Conference appearance over in Marin County a few weekends back; from Henry S:

“At the conference, you spoke a lot about the Greeks and how different they were from us. One thing you said really got my attention, that the Greeks didn’t really trust priests but they were religious. I wanted to ask you about that, aren’t priests and religious leaders a necessary part of God’s Plan to bring people to Christ?”

Well, you may not like my answer, Henry, but yes, priests are a necessary part of God’s plan, but they’re important mostly because their inherent hypocritical self-righteousness shows us oh so clearly how NOT to be Godly! So sure, maybe when people get a real taste of what actually lies behind the collar, they’ll run for safety into the arms of Christ, but, on a serious note, the Greeks severely limited the influence and power of the priests upon their actions and attitudes. They paid respect to the gods in the temples and at the appropriate seasonal moments, but they never went to a priest for guidance or counsel, other than to interpret the offerings before going to war.

The real problem for the Greeks was that the despotic, tyrannical priest class in Greece -and throughout the ancient world- flatly stated, as they do today, “You shall only go so far into understanding Reality and God but no farther.” This was unacceptable to the Greeks, a people who felt there should be no set limits on the range of human knowledge, and further, they understood the priest class used fear rather than love and enlightenment, and this was insulting to the spirit of Man. Rituals were the priest’s domain, and very little beyond that.

Philosophy is the endeavor to understand everything there is, and anyone standing in the way of and/or barring the Door of Knowledge could not be trusted or given authority over men’s lives. There is no clearer evidence of this attitude than in Homer:

In the Odyssey, Odysseus, home at last and within the banquet hall and, after stringing his bow and taking out the disgusting, parasitic suitors sucking dry the resources of his estate, came upon a priest and a poet and, without hesitation, drove a shaft into the chest of the priest before turning to the poet and saying, “I can’t kill the man who stands between God and Man,” and spared him.

The poet, a true poet, unites Reason with Feeling in his participatory observations of Reality. It was the poet who understood the language and the mind of God, not the nefarious, power-seeking priests.

This is an attitude I would restore here in a heartbeat, given the ability to do so, of course…

Two short emails about my show on PMS; the first from Dave: “Thanks for saying what all of us guys feel but don’t always know how to put in words: stop enjoying tormenting us during your PMS!”

And, from Emily in Vacaville: “…and you lumped every woman into 1 category? How unfair is that? My husband has never once complained of how I treat him during PMS, and I know that while I may feel differently, I still am capable of maintaining an even emotional keel, so you owe me an apology”

Hmm, probably because the poor shlepp has been brow-beaten into submission, but no, I do not owe anyone an apology, Emily, and no, I do not believe you do ‘maintain an even emotional keel’ during PMS, but this is a debate that will only form endless circles, and in the meantime, my wife and I are about to go enjoy ourselves on a long-awaited romantic date, so take care, friends, and write me with your questions and comments!

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  1. Ângela Melo says:

    Congratulations, this is wonderful!!!

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