The audiobook has arrived, reading Ancient Greek, and just how hot is Mia Matters?

Amazing, a few days from now and it’s Thanksgiving, hell, I was just enjoying the warm summer breeze and now it’s…almost December?

Let me then begin my post today by announcing the Big News:

My audiobook has arrived! Yes, I will be out promoting the audiobook and making sure everybody gets a chance to hear at least the minute-and-a-half sample, linked below:

For those bold enough to take the leap and want to simply purchase the entire 7-and-a half-hour recording ($8.99) or single chapters ($0.99/ea), you can do so at the CDBaby link below:

I have already received some very encouraging emails from listeners, of which I am greatly appreciative!

And now, this week’s radio show!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on the Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network, please join me for my half hour show, The Sexual Symposium!

In this week’s show:

Dating and sexuality as a 20-something with Priam Roberts

“Milt interviews recent UC Berkeley Grad, Priam Roberts, on the current state of dating, romance and sexuality amongst today’s 20-somethings. Priam reveals eye-opening ‘inside information’ on the Hookup Generation from his perspective, comparing and contrasting today’s sexual conditions with preceding generations. Must-hear radio!”

Lots of emails this week, wow, ranging all over the map, and most of them I will save for my show and upcoming, still-in-production podcast. There is one, however, that caught my eye; from Darnell F:

“You said the Greeks gave us ‘truth without adornment‘, but are we really reading them properly? What if your interpretations are wrong? Would that change your work?”

Darnell, Greek is such a subtle language, with its modifiers giving the language an amazing distinctive quality. It takes years of study just to read it and get any sort of feeling from it, and while I have many years of such study, I am by no means the ‘final say’ on all things Ancient Greek. Hardly!

That said, I am little more than a hobbyist when it comes to translating the literary works of the Golden Age, and that which precedes it. Yet I refuse to get into debates with scholars or those looking to pick fights over interpretations. Better we present the work which we’ve drawn from our interpretations and let than stand, rather than get caught up quibbling over trivia.

But as for being wrong, why, it never crosses my mind!

And one more, from Terrence D:

“Milt, I don’t know how you did it but you have great fortune, you have one of the hottest and most intelligent women I have ever seen and now heard. Not only is Mia a total babe but she’s fucking brilliant! You should clone her, because I’d like one, too!”

Thank you, Terrence, Mia IS a total babe and yes, one of the most intelligent and intuitive people I have ever met, so I’ll pass on the compliment then get ready for a lovely afternoon with Mia and my parents. Keep your questions and comments coming, and take care!

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