The True Meaning of Christmas, and Milt’s End-of-the-Year reflections

Merry Christmas everyone! This will be my ‘end of the year’ message, as I will be traveling and resting until my return here Sunday January 5th. In the meantime, we have lots to get to, including my LAST SALES PITCH OF THE YEAR…yea! But first, I would like to reflect on what I feel to … Continue reading

The Essence of Temptation and Virtue, Slavery and the silent Christians, upcoming MiltnMiaShow podcast and latest interviews

Hello friends, did you survive the cold front? Man, out here in Northern California, we had 14 degrees at 5 am last Monday, and for us West Coasters, that is cold! Alright, lots to get to, so lemme dive right in: Email from Jack D: “Milt, can you talk some time about temptation and virtue? … Continue reading

Friendly foreigners in your face, ignoring psycho-babblers in favor of our podcast, the downside of Smart Tech, and a radio show all about my book

Wow is it cold, friends, whew! Hope you’re taking precautions and snuggling with a loved one by the fire, cuz I am! Yes, once again, I hope you don’t mind if I plug my audiobook, as I’m convinced it’s excellent Christmas gift! If you haven’t already, make sure you get a chance to hear at … Continue reading

The true meaning of Thanksgiving vs. fraudulent ‘Hallmark Holidays’, and an interview with recent UC Berkeley Grad, Priam Roberts

Hello again everyone, I trust your Thanksgiving Holiday was splendid and all is well in your world! With Christmas just around the corner, I hope you don’t mind if I plug my audiobook; hell, mind all you want, I AM gonna plug it, for no other reason than I’m convinced it is excellent! If you … Continue reading