The true meaning of Thanksgiving vs. fraudulent ‘Hallmark Holidays’, and an interview with recent UC Berkeley Grad, Priam Roberts

Hello again everyone, I trust your Thanksgiving Holiday was splendid and all is well in your world!

With Christmas just around the corner, I hope you don’t mind if I plug my audiobook; hell, mind all you want, I AM gonna plug it, for no other reason than I’m convinced it is excellent!

If you haven’t already, make sure you get a chance to hear at least the minute-and-a-half sample, linked below:

For those bold enough to take the leap and want to simply purchase the entire 7-and-a half-hour recording ($8.99) or single chapters ($0.99/ea), you can do so at the CDBaby link below:

I am receiving some very encouraging emails from listeners, of which I am greatly appreciative! And in truth, I think people will get more out of the audiobook than they would from simply reading it, as I do my very best to make the images and thoughts…spring to life!

And now, this week’s radio show!

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on the Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network, please join me for my half hour show, The Sexual Symposium!

In this week’s show:

Dating and sexuality as a 20-something with Priam Roberts

“Milt interviews recent UC Berkeley Grad, Priam Roberts, on the current state of dating, romance and sexuality amongst today’s 20-somethings. Priam reveals eye-opening ‘inside information’ on the Hookup Generation from his perspective, comparing and contrasting today’s sexual conditions with preceding generations. Must-hear radio!”

(Yeah, I know, I posted this in last week’s blog and got the dates mixed up, so sue me for inaccuracy but do please listen to the show!)

Now, here’s an email that ties right into the holiday seasons; from Jerod H:

“Got your book in March and now my whole family has read it; some thumbs up, some down, just like life, and I been reading your blog since then too but I noticed you never really say, “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Happy Holidays” or anything like that, why is that?”

Very astute observation, Jerod, yes, I do not, or very rarely, make mention of our overly-commercialized holidays for a very simple reason:…oh, um, I just said it, commercialization, all these Hallmark Card made-up holidays which, yes, give our working class a day or two of respite but make cherished family gatherings little more than a couple hours of meaningless gift exchanges and way too much holiday-style hyper-fattening food indulging.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I am a middle-class American raised on the magic of Christmas and the football games of Thanksgiving and hell, every major holiday, I loved them when I was young, not only Christmas but every holiday of the year, a chance to escape school -maybe- for a bit, BUT, now that I’m a little older, I see the cynical mechanisms behind our holidays and I do my best to participate as little as possible in any ‘buying spree’ guilt-induced rush to go out and by flowers, candy and meaningless pieces of material.

Oh, I love to get together with my friends and family, of course, but I hate that it is mandated by these holidays. Case in point: Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude, right? for the abundance which we all enjoy. Well, hell, people, every day for me is Thanksgiving, I thank God daily for the richness of my life, and I could give a shit about any fictitious and mythical Pilgrims rubbing elbows with the natives, which is really just more propaganda bullshit shoved down our throats in an attempt to make us feel proud of our purported -and highly disputed- origins.

No, I celebrate the meaning, the intent of some of our holidays, but I refuse to feel guilty over not buying enough things which are so very soon forgotten; rather, I like putting together great events which soon become memorable events where music, food, laughter and talk replace football games, boredom, TV and device watching.

Be thankful for all that you enjoy and have enjoyed, celebrate the bounty that is your life every day, show appreciation and a generous spirit towards one and all, LIVE the meaning of our great holidays and you will find me with you in full agreement, but force me to buy a bunch of meaningless items and you will get my barest participation, and little of my legendary enthusiasm.

And thus, I am off to my Dad‘s for cigars and barbecue. My Dad is winding down, friends, he is 85 and has lived a rich, full life but this year I have seen his energy and will to continue diminish markedly. I don’t think he’ll make it through winter; of course, that is not in my hands, but what is in my hands is the ability and desire to make every moment I can with him memorable, meaningful and enjoyable.

Keep those email questions/comments coming, and take care!

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