The Essence of Temptation and Virtue, Slavery and the silent Christians, upcoming MiltnMiaShow podcast and latest interviews

Hello friends, did you survive the cold front? Man, out here in Northern California, we had 14 degrees at 5 am last Monday, and for us West Coasters, that is cold!

Alright, lots to get to, so lemme dive right in:

Email from Jack D:

“Milt, can you talk some time about temptation and virtue? It’s something my dad used to talk about before he died and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on those ideas.”

Ah, temptation. I am of the belief that in essence, the root of all our so-called ‘problems’ stems for us yielding to temptations. This means, yielding to certain mental and emotional habits that we’ve built up over a lifetime and which we now react out of without thought. Certain feelings and thoughts tempt us to react as we have programmed ourselves, and usually that means poorly, as Temptation has a way of bypassing Reason.

I am of the view that, if we can recognize when we are being tempted, and when we recognize that by yielding to that which tempts us, we end up feeling bad and/or guilty, then we now have the tools to deflate the power of our temptations. You don’t HAVE to give in to that which tempts you, it CAN be avoided and the best way is to set up your life so you can escape temptations. You cannot change your temptations, they ARE, but you can deflate the sway they hold over you.

Virtue is another terribly misunderstood concept. Virtue is not abstaining from good things, Jack, but avoiding the bad ones, again, the temptations that lead you into one or more of the 9 passions. You will be tempted, so when they come, you’ll ponder and feel the pull but the secret is to set your life up so you can, again, escape temptations in order to reach a degree of freedom that allows you to think, because yielding to temptation simply clouds and deceives you.

As I write this, I realize I haven’t even scratched the surface here; wow, these two powerhouse concepts certainly bear further investigation, hmmmm….


Edgar W writes in, “You NEED to read the Bible, you are chained to evil-inspired thoughts, come to Christ and free yourself from the slavery of Satan!!!”

Hmm, interesting you mention ‘slavery’ and ‘Christ’ in the same sentence, Edgar. By the way, if you assume I haven’t studied the Bible, your assumption -like so many, alas- would be incorrect, for I have read both Old and New Testaments carefully and one of the more interesting omissions in both texts is that nobody, including Christ, ever condemns the institution of slavery. Ever.

Alright, run to a concordance or your pastor if you don’t believe me, but slavery was such an integral part of every day existence -until recently- that it just didn’t raise eyes, including your Lord and Savior’s. No, He saw the order of the day and understood that, indeed, some men ARE born slaves, while others are born to rule over them. You can get mad at me or not, Edgar, but Christ never says a word about ‘tearing down this horrific institution’ or anything of the sort. Not that it isn’t inhuman and not that Christ didn’t surely note it, but it is interesting that it was loony recently, last couple hundred years really, that anybody really took the idea of abolish slavery seriously, including my beloved Greeks, who saw slavery as an absolute necessity and the clear and certain right of the conqueror in war.

Thank you for your concern, however…


Yes, once again, I hope you don’t mind if I plug my audiobook, as I’m convinced it’s excellent Christmas gift!

If you haven’t already, make sure you get a chance to hear at least the minute-and-a-half sample, linked below:

For those bold enough to take the leap and want to simply purchase the entire 7-and-a half-hour recording ($8.99) or single chapters ($0.99/ea), you can do so at the CDBaby link below:

I am receiving some very encouraging emails from listeners, of which I am greatly appreciative! And in truth, I think people will get more out of the audiobook than they would from simply reading it, as I do my best to make the images and thoughts…spring to life!


And now, this week’s radio show…which will be my last on PLV Radio.

Yes, I am moving on, Mia and I will be launching our podcast, ‘Get Over Yourself! The Milt n Mia Show‘ in the New Year, and while I have greatly enjoyed my time on PLV, greener pastures await! Here, then, is my last PLV weekly promo:

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights at 11 pm Eastern/8 pm Pacific on the Positive Living Vibrations Radio Network, please join me for my half hour show, The Sexual Symposium!

This week’s show:

Milt’s last show on PLV Radio: A review of where we’ve been

“In this, Milt’s last show on PLV Radio, the author and his wife, Mia Matters, look back on the 16 week progression of The Sexual Symposium and all the absurd and important themes that have been explored.


Also, a very cool -if a little rough- interview with my friend, Etiene Gibbs, on his show, In the Author’s Corner with Etiene, just went live; he really probes me on so many aspects of my work and book, which I greatly appreciate.

If you have an hour, take a listen; great philosophical discussion and some excellent and provocative thought:


Finally, hey, some good news:

My Dad is out of the hospital and is doing much better, thank you. He had a bad one, woke up one morning to find…well, I’ll spare the details, but he’s been suffering the assaults of advancing age and getting his ass kicked, poor guy. Hard to see this once rock of a man reduced to these indignities, yet, as They say, it is the way of all flesh.


Please keep those email questions coming, I promise to address your concerns large or small, and take care!



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