The True Meaning of Christmas, and Milt’s End-of-the-Year reflections

Merry Christmas everyone! This will be my ‘end of the year’ message, as I will be traveling and resting until my return here Sunday January 5th. In the meantime, we have lots to get to, including my LAST SALES PITCH OF THE YEAR…yea!

But first, I would like to reflect on what I feel to be The True Meaning of Christmas, especially at this time of year, when everybody’s running around shopping and doing errands and generally getting caught up consumerism; Christmas’ true meaning is so often over-looked that I feel compelled to offer my thoughts here, such that we do not forget the intent of this ancient and traditional seasonal date.

I refuse to engage, however, in any Christianity-bashing; oh, I am no fan of religion, but I respect the social and cultural traditions which have arisen here in the US and throughout the world related to Christmas and, along with my fond childhood memories, have nothing but good thoughts and feelings when I consider the meaning of Christmas. That said, Christmas has morphed in my household -though we still give presents and enjoy the many rituals- into more of an attitude coupled with a period of reflection.

That attitude is what is so often forgotten, the attitude that we must re-create who we are each and every day; that we have this amazing opportunity every day to begin anew and to create what it is we want from our lives by imagining and believing in it.

Christmas, to me, is the idea that YOU are Christ and that YOU can be reborn every day, that you have the opportunity within you to live the life you want every day. No one else can imagine your life for you, that alone is your role, and that is the miracle which has been given you and I, and THAT must never be forgotten!


Yes, once again, I will plug my audiobook, as I’m convinced it’s an excellent Christmas gift, and beyond!

If you haven’t already, make sure you get a chance to hear at least the minute-and-a-half sample, linked below:

For those ready to take the leap and purchase the entire 7-and-a half-hour recording ($8.99) or single chapters ($0.99/ea), you can do so at the CDBaby link below:

I have every confidence you will enjoy my work; it may upset you in places, but I assure you, IT WILL NEVER BORE YOU!


I want to thank everyone who, even once, tuned in to my show on PLV Radio, The Sexual Symposium. I have now officially resigned and, coming in January, my lovely wife, Mia, and I will be launching our long-awaited podcast, Get Over Yourself! The MiltnMia Show!

We’ve been having a lot of fun in the studio recording our first series of shows. While I have extensive experience behind the mike, this is all-new to Mia, who is learning ‘mike etiquette’ and increasingly enjoying herself.

Different than our PLV shows, ‘Get Over Yourself!‘ will take in a broader expanse of subjects and allow me the ability to stretch my Classical muscles while giving Mia the opportunity to express her views on a far-ranging expanse of topics. Listeners get the chance to hear us in an uncensored, total free-thought environment, and judging by the first 6 shows, I think we are on to something VERY cool!

Of course, you’ll be the ultimate arbiters, but I am pleased and excited with our work so far, and can’t wait to get this launched. Details when I return January 5th…


This has been an amazing year for me, my family and my book. I have had the great fortune to be a keynote speaker at an amazing sexuality conference in Brasil, where I was treated like a god; I have been interviewed throughout the year by men and women who have really taken the time to drill me on the inner supporting structures of my book, How High Should I Jump, and I have never felt more blessed; I have had a 4 month Internet radio which has shown me very clearly that I need to develop an Internet presence for my voice; I have had the great pleasure of introducing the world to my wife, Mia, and her amazing philosophical abilities, which I am on the verge of capturing for our weekly podcasts; I have traveled and spoken with a great many people about my book, from large groups to little 8-person library meetings, and have received overwhelmingly-favorable remarks; I have performed and shaped an audiobook version of my book, which I believe is the ONLY version to buy if you can only buy one; and I have seen my boys flourish as young men and enter into their respective careers and endeavors this year, for which I am deeply proud.

So much has happened this year, it is almost hard to recall it all, but recall and reflect I will surely do in the coming few days of rest over the New Years. I am tired and will be enjoying some time off from the promotional grind, AND, I will be returning with a few surprises for one and all, so, I urge you to take my Christmas Message to heart, and to share it with everyone you love, especially YOURSELF, because it is YOU -and I- that needs it most.

Take care, my friends, readers and listeners, and we shall connect and continue in 2014. Please continue to write to me with whatever springs to mind, and I shall do my very best to respond with the full weight of the Quibner Genius!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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