Kind words from strangers on my Father’s passing, Mia has “surprising depth”, and the Tyranny of Being Consistent

Greetings again, friends! Kinda weird weather we’re having, eh? 80 degrees on my back porch in California, and my friends in Jersey are freezing their asses off… I want to start today with a word of thanks for the several kind emails sent in regarding my Father’s recent death; I really appreciate it. Funny, all … Continue reading

Reflections on my Father’s death, and the MiltnMia Show podcast is now live, hooray!

Hey everybody, I am officially back after a few week’s absence. I had the dual difficulty, if you will, of dealing with the death of my father while struggling with a nasty bladder infection; if my wife, Mia, an RN, hadn’t caught it, it coulda been me everybody was visiting in the mortuary this week, … Continue reading

My Father has passed on

I must announce the passing of a giant, my father, John as he was known to his friends and colleagues. He was 85 and died on Jan. 8th. My father straddled two worlds and did it better than anyone I have ever met. He was a successful salesman and local entrepreneur, and was actively involved … Continue reading