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Milt at the Mendocino Men’s Conference, the Fraud that is Authority, and The ‘Get Over Yourself” Handbook nears completion

Well hello again, friends! Everybody thoroughly saturated with the Winter Olympics? Yep, thought so… Me, I’m hanging in till Opening Day of the MLB season; until then, we do have some work to get to, including some thoughts on a very enlightening experience I had this week; so, why screw around, let’s get to it! … Continue reading

The Website Has Arrived!

The Website Has Arrived!.

“Screw the EU or Full Steam Ahead for the One World Government!”, Kathie Lee T. wins our Valentine’s Contest, and how did Milt know about those Spiritual Elders?

Hey there, one and all! Happy Valentine’s Day! Hope you all have had a chance to listen to our Milt n Mia Show Special Valentine’s Day episode, and if you haven’t, for shame! (Yes, still having issues with my blog template, so forgive the confusion, this WILL get resolved…) Craig asks, “Milt, you seem really … Continue reading

First Nation elders bring the rain, differences between modern and Greek gymnasiums, and the Milt n Mia Show ‘Get Over Yourself’ Handbook

How lovely! The rain has returned to Northern California, at last! (Still having some issues with formatting my new blog template, so bear with me please…) I heard a rumor that a whole bunch of spiritual elders from several of the First Nation tribes had gotten together a couple weeks ago and “influenced” the high … Continue reading

Reflections on hardcore pornography’s influence on men, great early support for the MiltnMia Show podcast, and Redemption through God or through yourself

Well, hello one and all! Hey, we actually had a few drops of rain in Northern California this week, imagine that! Looks like we’re in for a long drought, unless Zeus the Thunderer decides otherwise… (I’m updating my blog to a new look and have yet to make my completions, so please bear with me … Continue reading